Professor Putricide Boss Guide - Upper Reaches

Professor Putricide Boss Guide - Upper Reaches  

Good news everyone! The second boss of the Upper Reaches you will encounter is Professor Putricide.



Fight Details

Professor Putricide is a multi-phase fight which cycles through his different hero powers. Each one of them provides a unique challenge and you won't want to stick in some for long.


The First Phase - Mad Science

The fight starts out with a 15 Armor and 30 Health Putricide and is all about secrets! He has plenty of annoying secrets in his deck from all the secret-wielding classes which you're going to need to play around to the best of your ability. Once you get rid of his armor, he will enter the second phase.

Ideally you want to only end this phase when you've exhausted his secrets (hey there Eater of Secrets) and have good control. You're also going to want to have drawn removal to nuke Festergut as that will become a threat once the next phase begins.

Important: Do not let him enter the second phase while it is still his turn. Festergut will deal devastating damage.

The Second Phase - Madder Science

Putricide swaps over to his weapon cost-reducing hero power, gains 15 armor, and drops a Festergut onto the field; things start to get really ugly! Use removal on Festergut, play a weapon-breaking minion when he pulls out his weapons, and get rid of that armor to push him into the third phase.

Be warned: Don't push him over the edge until you have a good way of getting rid of Rotface, who is summoned at the start of the next phase.

The Third Phase - Maddest Science

Rotface joins the board and the professor no longer gives himself armor. Everything is also now going to cost 5 mana to play which means you're only able to play two cards per turn now. Once Rotface is dead (hopefully instantly), it's almost a free win. Continue controlling the oozes hes spawning and have fun.

Cool Story Bro

  • Eater of Secrets is a requirement for this fight. You want it ASAP! Duplicate combo'd with it is disgustingly good.
  • It's actually fairly easy to exhaust his deck and put him into fatigue if you want to try that route.

Watch Out for These Cards

  • Growing Ooze - Super annoying if you don't get rid of them as they're played.
  • Tentacles - He has two of these in his deck and he'll play them during any phase.
  • Festergut - This guy drops on the second phase. You want to make sure you have removal available before pushing him into that phase.



Unlike previous adventures, this boss does not reward you with a new card. Instead, you will receive a Frozen Throne card pack upon completion of the Upper Reaches wing.

Boss Deck

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Minion (13) Ability (14) Weapon (3)

Decks to Try

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  • Good News Everyone! Sound familiar? This comes from Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth of Futurama fame - It's his catchphrase!
  • After you defeat Putricide, The Lich King states that the professor belongs in a Hunter deck due to being pathetic.
  • Professor Putricide is the final boss in the Plague Wing in WoW's Icecrown Citadel.
  • Like the Hearthstone fight, the WoW fight also had three phases.
    • The first phase required raiders to slay monsters as soon as possible and run away from the explosions they left behind.
    • The second phase has gas bombs drop on melee characters and a goo ball on ranged. Getting hit by these were almost certain death.
    • In the final phase, Putricide goes crazy and needs to be killed as soon as humanly possible. He fills the room up with pools of slime that kill players. The pools grew over time until the entire raid died or succeeded in killing the professor.

Fight Video

Check out Neon's guide to the fight.

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