Blood Queen Lana'thel Boss Guide - Upper Reaches

Blood Queen Lana'thel Boss Guide - Upper Reaches

The first boss of the Upper Reaches wing in the Frozen Throne adventure is Blood Queen Lana'thel.



Fight Details

The fight begins with Lana'thel having two 0/10 Sleeping Acolyte on her side of the field. On her first turn, she will turn you into a vampire! As a Vampire, your hero power changes to Vampiric Bite which must be used each turn or you will die. Once used on a minion, it cannot be used on that same minion since you've already turned it into a vampire. Having lots of cheap targets for your side of the field is a must on this fight, otherwise, you'll be forced to buff her minions (or die).

The fight is easily defeated by including cheap charge minions in your deck. Just go to face for the most part. Check out the hilarious deck below which only uses Basic cards and will make her drop easy.


Unlike previous adventures, this boss does not reward you with a new card. Instead, you will receive a Frozen Throne card pack upon completion of the Upper Reaches wing.

Boss Deck

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Minion (16) Ability (15)

Decks to Try

Looking for a community built deck to take on Blood Queen Lana'thel? We've got you covered! Find one of our favourite picks below or check out all Blood Queen Lana'thel decks.

Fight Video

Check out Neon's guide to the fight.

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