Blackrock Mountain Hunter Class Challenge Guide

Blackrock Mountain Hunter Class Challenge Guide

The Hunter class challenge is unlocked after defeating Emperor Thaurissan from Blackrock Depths on Normal Difficulty.

  • Completing this challenge gives you Quick Shot.
  • You must use a deck given to you by the game to complete the challenge.
  • You will fight Coren Direbrew during the class challenge.

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Credits to Hazem, our Hunter moderator.

  • Mulligan most minions (specially the big ones) back to your deck, you want them to be summoned with Pile On!. Only keep Webspinner, Haunted Creeper, Scavenging Hyena, and spells in your starting hand (excluding Explosive Shot).
  • Keep destruction damaging minions (Emperor Cobra & Maexxna) alive on board, and only completely sacrifice them to get rid of Coren's real huge minions.
  • Try to avoid overwhelming your side of the board in an attempt to play around Brawl.
  • Try to efficiently control the board to some extent, his heropower is going to make up for any trade or minion loss anyways. But once you have the chance to tremendously burst him down, do so without much hesitation.
  • It's a fun fight and shouldn't really be that hard by any means, and you will find out that it sometimes can easily be concluded in just few turns.

Your Deck

Class challenges have a specially crafted deck that you must use to complete them. The deck is temporarily given to you, so you don't need to cards to complete the challenge. Below you can find the contents of your deck for this challenge.

Hunter BRM Class Challenge Deck
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Minion (20) Ability (10)
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Completing this class challenge will reward you with two of the class exclusive card, Quick Shot.

After obtaining Quick Shot, you can craft the golden version for 400 Arcane Dust.

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