Nefarian Boss Guide

Nefarian Boss Guide

Welcome to our Nefarian Blackrock Mountain Boss Guide. Below you can find more information on the Nefarian Fight.

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Boss Overview

Nefarian is the fourth and final boss in the Hidden Laboratory wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure. He is the final boss of the adventure.

Heroic Difficulty Strategy

If you're playing on normal difficulty, the same strategy can be applied, it's just an easier fight!

  • There are three phases to this fight - Nefarian's Armor, Onyxia, and finally, Nefarian again.
    1. Nefarian starts on the field with 30 Armor and 30 Health.
    2. Once all of his armor is removed, Onyxia replaces Nefarian as the active hero. Nefarian sits in the sky and throws fire at you.
    3. Nefarian comes back down once Onyxia dies, with however much Health he had when he went up.
  • You can cheese this fight by killing first phase Nefarian in one turn.

Boss Card List

These are the cards that Nefarian uses in his decks.

Winning Deck Lists

Having trouble taking down Nefarian? These decks have been proven to work against him on Heroic Difficulty.


Upon defeating Nefarian for the first time, you will receive two copies of Drakonid Sorcerer.

Once you have earned the regular version of Drakonid Sorcerer, you can craft the golden version for 400 Arcane Dust.

Drakonid Sorcerer Drakonid Sorcerer

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