General Drakkisath Boss Guide

General Drakkisath Boss Guide

Welcome to our General Drakkisath Blackrock Mountain Boss Guide. Below you can find more information on the General Drakkisath Fight.

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Boss Overview

General Drakkisath is the second boss in the Blackrock Spire wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure.

Heroic Difficulty Strategy

If you're playing on normal difficulty, the same strategy can be applied, it's just an easier fight!

  • Cards which have mana-cost changing effects do not work on this fight.
  • You want to come equipped with strong minions, and control oriented spells.
    • All the Giants can be quite helpful, and are budget alternatives to using a deck full of legendaries.
    • Anything that can Freeze, Steal, and Remove his minions is highly valuable - control!
  • He drops two minions per turn since he gets 2 mana on Heroic while you only get one.
  • Kel'Thuzad can help you retain board control by trading super efficiently.
    • Bonus points if you get Kel'Thuzad and a Taunt minion out - he doesn't want to kill the taunt since it will get revived.
  • Alexstrasza can help end the fight very quickly if you mulligan for her.

Boss Card List

These are the cards that General Drakkisath uses in his decks.

Winning Deck Lists

Having trouble taking down General Drakkisath? These decks have been proven to work against him on Heroic Difficulty.


Upon defeating General Drakkisath for the first time, you will receive two copies of Dragon Consort.

Once you have earned the regular version of Dragon Consort, you can craft the golden version for 800 Arcane Dust.

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