Grobbulus Boss Guide

Grobbulus Boss Guide

Grobbulus is the eleventh boss in the Curse of Naxxramas adventure. He resides in the Construct Quarter.


Heroic Difficulty Strategy

Grobbulus turns your life into a living hell with his Hero Power which deals aoe damage to all minions on the field and summons Slimes on his side for each minion that is killed. 

The easiest way of dealing with Heroic Grobbulus is to cheese the fight with a combination of FreezeAlexstrasza, and no minions. Focus on keeping yourself alive rather than dealing damage until it actually matters in the late game.

Card List



Upon defeating Grobbulus for the first time, you will receive Mad Scientist. Additionally, you will also gain the ability to craft a Golden version of the card.


Check out these Youtubers who have defeated Grobbulus to learn more about the fight.

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