Patchwerk Boss Guide

Patchwerk Boss Guide

Patchwerk is the tenth boss in the Curse of Naxxramas adventure. He resides in the Construct Quarter.


Heroic Difficulty Strategy

Patchwerk is incredibly vicious on Heroic. If you thought it was hard keeping a minion on the field during the normal fight, think again. Patchwerk can swing his weapon twice on Heroic difficulty, but only for 4 damage. His hero power can still instantly kill one of your minions, so you're going to want to stock up on Faerie Dragon and Spectral Knights to avoid it.

Keep your defences high, Patchwerk controlled (Freeze!), and the spells hitting his face.

Card List

Patchwerk may be Kel'Thuzad's avatar of war, but he didn't come equipped with any cards! Patchwerk has Hook on normal difficulty and Hook on Heroic.



Upon defeating Patchwerk for the first time, you will receive Undertaker. Additionally, you will also gain the ability to craft a Golden version of the card.


Check out these Youtubers who have defeated Patchwerk to learn more about the fight.

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