Baron Rivendare Boss Guide

Baron Rivendare Boss Guide

Baron Rivendare is the ninth boss in the Curse of Naxxramas adventure and the last boss of the Military Quarter.


Heroic Difficulty Strategy

  • Important: Doomsayer and Equality cannot be used on this fight! No cheating.
  • Mass Dispel does work against the horsemen.
  • Hunter's Mark can make quick work of one of the horsemen.
  • Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones are incredibly useful to disarm Rivendare. Especially important after the horsemen are dead.
  • Rivendare's deck is filled to the top with spells. If you have minions which can avoid being targeted by spells, like Faerie Dragon, they can be very useful.

Card List


Need some help defeating Baron Rivendare? Here's some community created decks!


Upon defeating Baron Rivendare for the first time, you will receive Deathlord and Baron Rivendare. Additionally, you will also gain the ability to craft the Golden versions of both cards.


Check out these Youtubers who have defeated Baron Rivendare to learn more about the fight.

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