Prince Malchezaar Finale Boss Guide - One Night in Karazhan

Prince Malchezaar Boss Boss Guide

Welcome to our Prince Malchezaar boss guide for the One Night in Karazhan adventure. Below you can find more information on this fight including tips to fight against the boss, successful deck lists, and the rewards!

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Boss Overview

Prince Malchezaar is the third and final boss in The Spire wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure. This is the final fight in the adventure and details about who we will be fighting are currently unknown. We will likely have to wait for the patch to hit to find out.

  • Nazra Wildaxe is the first boss you fight. Moroes has opened the wrong portal!

Pro Tips and Strategy

This fight has a couple of phases you must fight through.

Nazra Wildaxe

  • Control the board as best you can until you have a solid hand and can make quick work of Malchezaar.
  • Card draw during this phase is super helpful to get that hand filled with goodies.
  • Taunt minions will help prevent damage done to your hero and if she is low, will prevent her from attacking into you to with weapons, killing herself.
  • Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones can dismantle her arsenal of weapons quickly.
  • Do not flood the board when you are ready to kill her. Everything will die thanks to Twisting Nether once she dies.

Prince Malchezaar

  • 30 health and 30 armor, oh no!
  • He starts at 10 Mana and you will start at whatever your mana cost was during the Nazra fight. Two 6/6 Abyssal will drop from his hero power after Twisting Nether.
  • Your want to kill him fairly quickly, or be a super control masta. There's a few good strats:
    • Murloc Zergrush: Anyfin can happen yo!
    • Kel'Thuzad Can't Die: Ancestral Spirit on KT keeps him out of removal's way and lets us use our minions to slay those abyssals.
    • C'Thun OTK: Super rude damage to the face. Build up C'Thun before Malchezaar pops out and then unleash hell with the Priest essentials of Divine Spirit + Inner Fire.
  • Medivh gives us Atiesh at the start. A high-cost spell played when coming into the second part of the fight is filled with value.

Winning Deck Lists


Defeating Unknown Boss for the first time will reward you with cards!

Once the regular version of the card(s) is unlocked, you can craft the golden versions.


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