Shade of Aran Boss Guide - One Night in Karazhan

Shade of Aran Boss Guide

Welcome to our Shade of Aran boss guide for the One Night in Karazhan adventure. Below you can find more information on this fight including tips to fight against the boss, successful deck lists, and the rewards!

Table of Contents

Boss Overview

Shade of Aran is the first boss in The Spire wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure.


Pro Tips and Strategy

  • His deck is all spells! (At least to our initial knowledge)
  • Don't go too crazy with your board, Flame Wreath can wipe out anything early on.
  • Low cost spells which deal damage will deal crazy damage thanks to Ley Lines. Include some!

Winning Deck Lists


Defeating Shade of Aran for the first time will reward you with cards!

Once the regular version of the card(s) is unlocked, you can craft the golden versions.

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