Silverware Golem Boss Guide - One Night in Karazhan

Silverware Golem Boss Guide

Welcome to our Silverware Golem boss guide for the One Night in Karazhan adventure. Below you can find more information on this fight including tips to fight against the boss, successful deck lists, and the rewards!

Table of Contents

Boss Overview

Silverware Golem is the first boss in The Parlor wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure.

Pro Tips and Strategy

  • Double the Dishes! The Silverware Golem can summon 2 Plates through hero power each turn instead of the 1 it summons on normal difficulty.
  • You want to clear plates as quickly as possible. They get buffed through several cards: 
    • Pour a Round is one the best reasons to destroy his plates. Don't let him draw a fresh new hand.
    • Set the Table turns those little 1/1 minions into brutal 3/3s.
    • Cup it easily dealt with and should be a priority.
    • Knife is rude. You'll be forced to attack the plates.
  • Grim Patron makes this fight a breeze. You always have little guys to slam into which will bring all the boys to the inn.

Winning Deck Lists


Defeating Silverware Golem for the first time will reward you with cards!

Once the regular version of the card(s) is unlocked, you can craft the golden versions.

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