League of Explorers Warlock Class Challenge

League of Explorers Warlock Class Challenge

In the Warlock League of Explorers class challenge, you will be fighting Sun Raider Phaerix with a pre-constructed deck of cards. This fight becomes available after defeating Sun Raider Phaerix from Temple of Orsis on Normal Difficulty. The challenge must be completed using a deck that is predefined by the game.

Should you be successful in completing the challenge, you will receive two copies of Dark Peddler.

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  • Like Sun Raider Phaerix on Normal and Heroic difficulty, you need to control the Rod of the Sun on your side of the field in order to attack him.
  • Your deck has lots of cards which hurt you in order to deal damage. Only use these when you control the Rod.
  • Demonheart may be useful later on to regain control of the Rod in a pinch, but don't forget it can also buff one of your lesser demons to accomplish the same goal.
  • Becoming Lord Jaraxxus will let you abuse the immunity powers of the Rod to attack into his minions, and more importantly, summon infernals which are beefy and can take out the rod in a single hit.
  • Wilfred Fizzlebang, if drawn early on, will allow you to flood the board to gain easier control over the Rod. Bonus points if you already control the Rod.
  • Watch out for Phaerix's two Flamestrikes.

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Completing the League of Explorers Warlock class challenge will give you two Dark Peddler.

It will also allow you to craft, with Arcane Dust, the golden version.


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