League of Explorers Paladin Class Challenge

League of Explorers Paladin Class Challenge

In the Paladin League of Explorers class challenge, you will be fighting Archaedas with a pre-constructed deck of cards. This fight becomes available after defeating Archaedas from Uldaman on Normal Difficulty. The challenge must be completed using a deck that is predefined by the game.

Should you be successful in completing the challenge, you will receive two copies of Keeper of Uldaman.

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  • Your entire deck is filled with cards that buff your minions up, making the statues Archaedas summons for you effective.
  • Mulligan for buffs spells to make use of the statues. The minions which buff your stuff are better later on once you actually have more of a board.
  • Try not to over-buff your statues though, Archaedas has a tool available to destroy them - Shattering Spree.
  • Take out his statues to make sure he doesn't build too much board presence, and to keep his Shattering Spree from dealing too much direct damage, which could kill other buffed minions.
  • The fight is ultimately very simple. Good luck, have buffs.

Your Deck

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Minion (16) Ability (12) Weapon (2)
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Completing the League of Explorers Warrior class challenge will give you two Keeper of Uldaman.

It will also allow you to craft, with Arcane Dust, the golden version.

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