League of Explorers Mage Class Challenge

League of Explorers Mage Class Challenge

In the Mage League of Explorers class challenge, you will be fighting The Steel Sentinel with a pre-constructed deck of cards. This fight becomes available after defeating The Hall of Explorers wing on Normal Difficulty. The challenge must be completed using a deck that is predefined by the game.

Should you be successful in completing the challenge, you will receive two copies of Animated Armor.

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  • Your deck is made up of Mechs, Spells, and Flamewakers.
  • Most of your cards aim to deal damage in chunks of 1, this is to synergize with his hero power which prevents him from taking more than 1 damage per attack.
  • Hold onto your Flamewakers until later on when you can play them plus a bunch of spells! Spare Parts and Arcane Missiles FTW!
  • Dropping a Rhonin on turn 8 and following up with double Flamewaker + 3 Arcane Missiles if you can get Rhonin immediately killed is a fantastic way to take him out.

Your Deck

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Upon completing the Mage Class Challenge you will receive 2x Animated Armor. You will also unlock the ability to craft the golden version.

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