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Criss`s EZ legend EZ rexxar 73% wr to legend!

  • Last updated Dec 9, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secrets Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 7000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/8/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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Heeeeya guys we are back ! Hunter is back ! i just made this deck this morning and climbed like crazy to legend with a 73% wr.Unfortunatelly this time i haven`t recorded a video during my run , but have no worries i`ll try to do it later and update the post so you guys can see exactly the game play and correct mulligan ; i could also write one if the deck get`s enough interest( upvotes / comm below if u really want a full guide) 

I also stream daily on twitch and usually i start around 5pm CET and today for sure i`m going to play this deck and build other decks since we reached legend already :) drop by and ask me anything about this deck , new cards , game play , mulligans or whatever else : https://www.twitch.tv/crissgold

some screenshots with the proof below :



youtube video hopefully incoming soon ! have fun and hurry up before they find a counter :)

Update : small thing , Snipe seems to work a little bit better then Misdirection esp if you don`t face a lot of decks that are playing the pirate package ;) and btw tomorrow morning i`ll upload a video with game play ! have fun and gl laddering

2 videos down below , first one against aggro paly and new miracle rogue while the second one is against 3 different types of priest decks ( sorry for the quality as it was recorded from my live stream and 1st video is muted for the first minute )

Ok let`s talk a little bit about mulligans and card selection because everyone wants that :) i want to apologize for any grammar mistakes in advance,english is not my first language :)

Secrets : i choosed to go for different secrets because it is better to not get stucked with 2 of the same type in your hand (except for Cat Trick wich i think it`s by far the best one against every single class) .

Now what you are looking for in your starting hand with this deck is deff Lesser Emerald Spellstone ,Cloaked Huntress and secret keeper and possibly Eaglehorn Bow if you have the The Coin , no better option or you know you are facing an aggro deck . You may also consider keeping Barnes esp with The Coin since as you can see it has a lot of potential to highroll in this deck. 

So let`s recap , ALWAYS keep Lesser Emerald Spellstone even if you don`t have a secret because you are most likely to get one until turn 5 and it`s probably the best win condition esp against aggro decks (they can`t handle that pressure with no aoe removal) Keep secret keeper with any secrets preferable with Cat Trick against control decks (priest/mage/druid) and deffensive against aggro (Explosive Trap and Snake Trap really good against pirate package ).Same goes for Cloaked Huntress, just keep it with any secret because you wanna play her on turn 3 with or without coin if u have a secret.

Now the big things :) Kathrena Winterwisp oh man what a card ...usually when you play her you know you are close to a victory .U should only be careful to play her around Anduin on turn 8 but even so since i chose to go for big deathrattle cards if you have to do it just do it :) even if you "lowroll" wich it will be Corpse Widow that is a 4 atack minion and doesn`t die to dragon fire potion so you still have some upsides . The best case scenario and an insta game winner it`s obviously to play Corpse Widow on turn 5 followed by Kathrena Winterwisp on 6

General tips : this deck it is not super aggressive but you need to know when to start racing your opponents(when facing aggros) or when to start pushing that lethal(when facing control decks).Like if you get a Kill Command you should start counting as you might be closer to lethal then you think.Also try to use your hero power as much as you can against decks that you know they cannot heal themselves and try to think ahead with 2 turns to know exactly how much damage you can push and how much damage you can take in the worst case scenario if you just ignore their board.Do smart trades , the new spell from k&c Flanking Strike can really help with that when you are trying to get that board control wich is very important.Also don`t cut Deadly Shot from the deck since you are going to face a lot of big and/or taunt minions and it does help a lot :) If you have any other questions just type them in comm section and i will try to get back at ya`;) Also WATCH the videos i uploaded as you can find gameplay against different classes there or find me daily starting around 5pm CET https://www.twitch.tv/crissgold as i will deff play a lot of hunter this season !