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(R4) MidRange Hunter

  • Last updated Dec 13, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 2200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/8/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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Update: +2 Corridor Creeper,  +1 Unleash the Hounds  , +1 Hunter's Mark -1 Savannah Highmane , -1 Wandering Monster , -2 Explosive Trap

Hey Guys currently checking in! Have no fear I'm rank 4 and climbing, so you guys got this.

Update: +1 Savannah Highmane +1 Houndmaster +1 Tracking  -1 Professor Putricide -1 Cat Trick -1 Cloaked Huntress

Update: +1 Professor Putricide -1 Tundra Rhino

Update: Hit rank (5) from rank (10) with this deck!

Update: +1 Explosive Trap +1 Flare +1 Tundra Rhino -2 Houndmaster -1 Savannah Highmane

Update: +2 Dire Mole +1 Explosive Trap -2 Scavenging Hyena -1 Tracking

Update: MA! Get the camera! We made it to the hot tab!

I hope Toast will notice me one day. Please Senpai I do this for you. (I've always wanted to meet him).



Hunter is back! With multiple facets, Hunter is able to control board fairly early and finish the game in a low amount of time. For a guide, I'll require 5 likes.

For Class Mulligans and Cards choices 20 likes would be nice.

Oh boy, you know your favourite class is back: Hunter! 

Hopeless  Shameless Begging you all Plug In

Take some time and follow me! I would appreciate it so much!



Thanks so much kiwiiNBacon for showcasing my deck! I didn't think this deck would get the attention it is getting now. Here's a video of him rocking out the deck.


Check out Kadak's video on him playing this deck! I'm happy that people are liking this deck.



The basics of this deck follow a more aggressive tendency than your average midrange hunter. When we have to smorc, we will smorc. In the case of this deck, you want to take control of the board early because there is a lack late game minions (More often than not, you're going to be smorc-ing face). Using your hero power can be pivotal.


You should always keep: Dire Mole and Alleycat

These two cards are basically the foundation for your victory or your loss.

Without Coin: Dire Mole, Alleycat, Crackling Razormaw or Kindly Grandmother, Animal Companion or Eaglehorn Bow.

Without a coin, you're unable to quickly coin out a Cat Trick play or Kindly Grandmother. Your main focus is to be the first one to get a minion on board, so you can take care of their minions. Crackling Razormaw helps to eliminate any pesky early game minions with adapt function that can draw poisonous or +1/+1. Animal Companion and Eaglehorn Bow are good curve cards that can help you clear the even stickier minions, but at that point it you have to ask yourself is smorc-ing just that much juicier.

With Coin: Dire Mole, Alleycat, Crackling Razormaw or Kindly Grandmother, Cloaked Huntress or Animal Companion.

With a coin, the same idea here is applied to try to get down those early game minions as quickly as possible to have your board presence be immediate otherwise you lose the board early on and it becomes difficult to come back. The only difference here is you may want to coin out an early Kindly Grandmother or Cat Trick or Cloaked Huntress + Cat Trick.


(T1) Coin + Cat Trick

(T2) Coin +Cloaked Huntress + Cat Trick or Wandering Monster

The problem with playing Wandering Monster with Cloaked Huntress is that the enemy will try to focus on your Cloaked Huntress and Wandering Monster becomes a secondary objective that may not help you if you have board control.


Class Mulligan

Vs Spell Hunter (Good)

Without coin: FlareDire Mole, Alleycat

With coin: FlareCat TrickAnimal Companion

Vs Big Priest (Easy Game)

With coin:  Dire Mole , Alleycat , Crackling Razormaw

Without coin: Dire Mole , Alleycat , Crackling Razormaw

Same Mulligan because you're trying to get Dire Mole down and using Crackling Razormaw to get that +3 attack so they can't do anything to it.

Vs Secret Mage (Hard)

With Coin: Kindly GrandmotherCat Trick

Without coin: Dire Mole  , Crackling Razormaw

Vs Kingsbane (Medium)

With Coin: Kindly GrandmotherCat Trick

Without coin: Dire Mole  , Crackling Razormaw

Vs Recruit Paladin (Medium)

Without coin: Alleycat Crackling Razormaw

With coin: Dire MoleKindly Grandmother

Vs Murloc Paladin (Hard)

Without coin:  Dire MoleKindly Grandmother

With coin: Alleycat Crackling Razormaw