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Freeze Shaman - Void Singularity Tavern Brawl

  • Last updated Dec 2, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Tavern Brawl
  • Deck Archetype: Freeze Shaman
  • Brawl: The Void Singularity
  • Crafting Cost: 3120
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/2/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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Hi all! After seeing a lot of freeze cards being played in the current tavern brawl, I built a Freeze Shaman deck that has been really effective against nearly every match-up so far.

The main point of this deck is stalling your opponent's biggest minion while continually drawing and going face.


Hard mulligan for one of the cheaper freezes (Frost Shock, Glacial Shard, Brrrloc) and one of the cheaper draws (Runic Egg, Novice Engineer, Ice Fishing). Anything else is fine though Devilsaur Egg is the preferred card. If you have a Brrrloc, Ice Fishing, and either Frost Shock or Glacial Shard, give up the Brrrloc so you can get the best value out of Ice Fishing.

General Tips:

Don't ever freeze your opponent. With the way this tavern brawl works, with one exception, your opponent is not likely to come even close to the damage output of their minion as it grows. The one exception is a mirror match with this deck. If they've got a Doomhammer out and either no minion or a very small one, it may be better to freeze them in case they pull one or both Rockbiter Weapon. Especially if you happen to be low health.

Play as few minions as possible. Even though this deck offers the most stall options I've seen so far (with Mage coming in a close second), the interaction with deathrattle minions that generate other minions can leave you open to trades favorable to your opponent. But if you stall their big guy and they use their other minions to trade into what you have and lose their board, this leaves you with plenty more minions to play that combine and get bigger.

Same goes with your draw cards. Unless they have a huge minion that can OTK you and you don't have a freeze or removal, only use one a turn and always play cheapest first whenever possible.

Doomhammer + Rockbiter Weapon is 50/50 Finisher/Win More. If you can cast both Rockbiters at once with the Doomhammer out, that's 16 to the face. Also, with the way this tavern brawl works, it can be really, really difficult to get taunt minions to stick so that tends to not be a problem.

Lastly, save Big Game Hunter for as long as you can. If your opponent has only one or two cards in hand, then he's usually a safe play, with the best value coming in at around 10+ attack.

Specific Match-ups:

Against Hunter, there are three additions to the overall strategy against what I've come up against most often in Hunter decks.
The first is if they've dropped a secret, do everything you can to test it with Bluegill Warrior because it is most likely going to be Freezing Trap. If you match up a minion with something like an 8/9 or bigger body against it, you'll likely end up with a 12 cost minion in your hand.
The second is, if they have one big minion and one or two small minions created off of a deathrattle, freezing the big one is fine, but save the actual removal until the small ones have been absorbed in. This cuts down on them having a base for rebuilding their big minion.
Lastly, since Hex produces a beast, try to wait until you can Frost Shock it too (which is the preferred method rather than trading into it), in case they are running beast buff cards.

Since I haven't faced consistent decks from the other classes, I don't have anything for them other than to just follow the general strategy.

Thanks and have fun!