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DemonRush (86% WR from 10 to 5)

  • Last updated Dec 5, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Zoolock
  • Crafting Cost: 6780
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/1/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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Update: Thanks so much for all the support guys, I didn't expect this to blow up at all, and to reach front page for the first time is an absolute blessing! :D

Also, yall make this deck look good, flexing a strong 60.6% win rate on HSReplay, keep it up!


Just a quick demon-based zoolock deck I threw together in order to charge up the ranks with ease. Incredibly consistent deck as long as you mulligan well, and a blast to play. Took me from 10 to 5 in about 2 hours of playtime.


I'm pretty sure all of you have seen how zoo decks play out, but just in case, you just maintain constant board pressure, and shove damage to the face when necessary to win the game.


Always Keep: Prince Keleseth, Voidwalker, Malchezaar's Imp, Flame Imp

These 4 cards can almost never steer you wrong if you have them at the start. Low cost, high value minions, especially Keleseth, which makes the deck run. You will typically mill with the aim of having those cards in hand, with a few exceptions.

1) Bloodfury Potion: With the coin, if your initial mulligan has a 1 mana demon in it (Imps/Voidwalker), this card is perfectly fine to keep for a t2 4/6 or 6/5, which is hard for a lot of decks to answer. This can also be kept if your hand curves to it nicely without the coin.

2) Southsea Captain: Also a viable keep on coin in order to get Patches the Pirate out the deck sooner, as well as playing 5/5 of stats on turn 2.

Card Choices

In the comments a couple people have asked why I chose to include a certain card or not to include a certain card, or even if I think a card I excluded could fit in here well. So, here's my explanation for some of my more out there choices.


Mortal Coil: Seems like a weird card to run in a zoo deck, especially one that doesn't even run what many consider to be the best neutral 1 drop in the game right now (Fire Fly), but I chose it to make it easier to get through my deck, set up Despicable Dreadlord kills even behind taunts, and win out on very specific trades, in matches versus other zoo/tempo decks.

Not Included

Blood Imp: For people who have seen other variants of this deck that do run this card, I'm sorry that you like low tempo cards. :P In all seriousness though, I felt that Blood Imp offered so little to the deck besides that tiny boost in health that I could still just get from Crystalweaver or Bloodfury Potion

Cairne Bloodhoof and The Lich King: Both of these cards are absolutely phenomenal in decks like this. My reasoning for not including them in this specific list is because I built this list to be dominant early and to never let up, while Cairne and The Lich King are more oriented to win in the mid-game and make sure you don't lose value. I'd consider teching both of them in (-2 Mortal Coil) if you run into too many midrange/control decks and find yourself losing to being outvalued not something else.


Patches the Pirate: Not gonna lie, I don't think Patches can be replaced. He's very high tempo, especially out of a Southsea Captain and/or buffed by Prince Keleseth. If you really want to try replacing this, I'd suggest adding 1x Saronite Chain Gang and 2x Fire Fly.

Prince Keleseth: Given the structure of the deck is built around having him in here, you'd be adjusting a lot more than just not having this card.

Bloodreaver Gul'dan: Unique hgih tempo card that also doesn't really have a direct replaement, but you always attempt to swap him out with another high value legendary (such as The Lich King), or just add a second Bonemare to the deck.

Southsea Captain: Subbing this card out will hurt the power of the Patches swing (also Keleseth boosted Captains screw Priests over), but you can replace this with Bloodsail Corsair to get a similar effect.

Malchezaar's Imp: Well, not having this card is going to suck a ton. You lose a bit of early demon power as well as the ability to draw while playing Soulfire/Doomguard, but it's manageable. Play Fire Fly or Bloodsail Corsair in its stead.

Change Notes

  • 12/01/2017: Posted
  • 12/04/2017: Cards, Mulligans, and replacements done
  • 12/05/2017: Added more replacements