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Hold my beer, Azari!

  • Last updated Dec 8, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Theorycraft
  • Deck Archetype: Fatigue Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 6360
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/25/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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Update 1: We made it! More than 50 Upvotes and Frontpage it is, you memers!
Update 2: Added Doomsayer to the deck. Combos nice with Dirty Rat as always.
Update 3: Did you know, King Togwaggle swapped this deck with the #1 Frontpage deck? More than 150 Upvotes. What is wrong with you guys? But I feel honored, thank you for the support.
Update 4: Added FAQ, as we hit the 200 Upvote milestone.
Update 5: 300 Upvotes. THIS! IS! MADNESS!
Update 6: I removed Primordial Drake which could work as a benefit for the opponent after switching decks.
Update 7: 400... How long can this go on?
Update 8: Five freakin' hundred... I am speechless and I actually think, we will break the meta. At least for day 1 of the new expansion. Trolden, you are welcome. You will probably owe me half of your YouTube money after the KaC launch. Kek
Update 9: 666 Upvotes. I guess, you've left me no choice but to do this... I will stream playing this deck, starting on thursday (or friday, whenever the expansion launches on the EU-servers) at 2pm CET. Catch me @ twitch.tv/envyhey

Hey guys,

so over at the King Togwaggle release page, this guy CarneDeLamba (credit where credit is due) had a wonderful idea, that makes Azari, the Devourer look like a tame kitty crying in the corner.

It is a combo around King Togwaggle, Explore Un'Goro and Skulking Geist.


General Gameplan

1) Draw and survive until you have those 3 cards in hand.
2) On 10 mana you play King Togwaggle to switch decks and Explore Un'Goro so their deck becomes Choose Your Path only, which happen to also be 1-Mana spells.
3) If they decide to switch decks again with King's Ransom you stand up, jump in the air, yell: "Hold my beer, Azari, and let me show you how it's done!" But actually you just play Skulking Geist to destroy their deck.


Fun facts

  • Even without destroying their deck, this counters any deck, that relys on a Combo or a specific card - namely Highlander Priest, Quest Mage, Jade Druid and many more. Even in the mirror match.
  • If your opponent decides to NOT switch back, he has a deck with no threats at all. Only card draw and removal - if any is left.
  • There is a possibility to not let them have King's Ransom by a comboing Coldlight Oracle, The Coin and King Togwaggle. Be careful with that and only use it, when they are deeper into fatigue and you are sure you can outlast them. Otherwise the original Combo is way more reliable.



  1. Isn't your opponing running Skulking Geist a total hard counter for this deck?
    If your opponent manages to play Skulking Geist after you play King Togwaggle and Explore Un'Goro you are pretty much screwed, yes. However keep the following in mind:
    - Your opponent has to run Geist, which is not very common nowadays (but happens occasionally).
    - Your opponent needs to keep it in his hand until you pull of the first part of your combo. If he does that, you can potentially pull it out by playing Dirty Rat, which - if Skulking Geist becomes the meta - can be teched in a second time.

  2. Why not also run Dead Man's Hand?
    The answer to this one needs a lot of explenation, so brace yourselves:
    - DMH can only be played after the combo, otherwise it would make your draws to inconsistens.
    - You need to assemble 5 cards instead of 3 before you can pull off your combo or you would give DMH together with your deck to your opponent, which would screw with the intention of this deck to either destroy their deck or giving them nothing playable. With this, he suddenly has a totally viable DMH Warrior and a skilled player could still win or at least make the game a draw.
    - If you want to outlast your opponent in a DMH style, you are probably better of without the Togwaggle shenanigans. This version focuses on destroying your opponent's deck before it gets to fatigue.

  3. Wait. Isn't it better to play Explore Un'Goro first and King Togwaggle after?
    I know the reasoning behind your thought, but since you give your opponent King's Ransom into his hand he could always just get his deck back. Think about it just a little bit more. The ordering in the description is the right one. :)

  4. Why not add a secong Explore Un'Goro and Skulking Geist to make the combo more consistent?
    I know it sounds odd, but it actually makes it more inconsistent. Why? You can't leave either of those in your deck, because your opponent has the chance to draw them after you switch decks - if they draw Skulking Geist they can destroy your deck before you can. If they draw Explore Un'Goro your Skulking Geist would destroy both decks. So you would have to draw 5 instead of 3 cards = more inconsistency.


Deck Showcase

See Kiwii N Bacon play the deck on his YouTube Channel