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Maly Barnes Miracle

  • Last updated Oct 12, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 6 Minions
  • 23 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Miracle Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 7640
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/22/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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Edit3: Updated list for wild here: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1188813-maly-barnes-miracle-jade

Hello, everyone. I'm a consistent rank 5 player hitting legend for the first time in August with Tempo Rogue. Last month and this month, as much as I love zoo warlock and rogue in general, I have been feeling pretty burned out from the meta. From the machine gunning to the Keleseth turn 1 nightmares, I wanted to play something else that I would have fun with and would enjoy my time with. Druid has always been my favorite class in the game (my first golden hero portrait) and, no matter how the much the meta changes, I always find myself playing some form of druid deck. Much like the other meta decks, I became very bored of Jade Druid and Big Druid, and never was much of a fan of the Aggro Druid variants. While playing this month, I remembered the fun times when Old Gods first came out and the meme train that was Miracle Yogg Druid, so I decided to bring that deck back and just enjoy myself this month. It underperformed as expected, but I really wanted to make a Miracle Druid deck work again, which lead to the current list. I haven't tracked my stats because I'm terrible, but went undefeated rank 8 no stars to rank 5 with this version of the deck. I also played in a small tournament this past weekend using this as one of my decks (best part of the day hearing people say, "What the hell is this?" and then milling a Big Druids Deathwing Dragonlord and Ultimate Infestation). Before the new expansion drops, I wanted to share this deck to see if anyone else would enjoy it as much as I have! I am not a pro, but I will give some insights to what I've learned playing this so far.

This deck has multiple win conditions and the one you should go for really depends on the matchup/what is happening during the game. 

Win Condition 1: Malygos and burning with spells
Win Condition 2: Free Arcane Giants
Win Condition 3: Infinite Jade Golems
Win Condition 4: Fatigue

Innervate: The one copy allows for a free draw from Auctioneer. It also comes in handy if you get it with Ultimate and have a full hand. Just drop it so you don't mill your next draw. Honestly, this card could possibly be cut for something else, but I do not really recommend running two as it is nowhere near as good as it used to be and it really isn't all that important.

Moonfire: With Maly, 0 mana 6 damage is great surprise burst. Allows for free draws from Auctioneer. Also comes in handy more than you'd think to quickly ping off a minion or even pop an Ice Block against Mage. Along with Innervate, can drop it if you have a full hand from Ultimate.

Earthen Scales: Solid spell. Your game is gonna be a lot of survival/stall until you can get your miracle going so eventually you will need some armor gain. Very valuable late game but is also very solid to just drop onto your Auctioneer for a free draw and 5 armor (just not against Priest since 4 attack is really rough for them).

Jade Idols: This card is insane with how much cycle you have in this deck. If able, having an Auctioneer at the very very end game and only have Idols in deck and consistently refilling your hand and deck and board with Idols/Golems is ridiculous.

Naturalize: This looks goofy, but it is incredibly good. Hard removal against threatening boards/minions since Druid has a huge issue with removing big minions (give me Mulch back please). Easy draw from Auctioneer. Also, don't under estimate this card against Quest Mage, Razakus Priest, and Big/Jade Druid. You can easily mill key cards against these heavy draw decks, especially because they don't expect this card. 

Wild Growth: Ramp. If you draw late game, don't ramp unless you want to next turn Ultimate. Otherwise, hold with Auctioneer for 3 draws.

Wrath: In this version, don't be afraid to use this to actually remove a minion. There is so much cycle you can blow a copy on removal if need be. 

Jade Blossom: Ramp and gets our Jades building.

Barnes: Super solid. You have 5 other minions in the deck, 3 of which you actually want to pull. 60% chance of Barnes ripping something good so you can turn 4 or 5 start your miracle (ONLY IF YOU HAVE CHEAP SPELLS) or even pull a Malygos and get off some heavy Moonfires. There are times too where you will have all your other minions in your hand late game and only have Malygos in your deck for an easy Barnes into Maly into huge Swipe. Just keep in mind which minions you've already played/are in your hand. Barnes is best NOT as a 4 drop unless you have the miracle condition mentioned before.

Swipe: Removal. With Maly, insane damage.

Nourish: Ramp is definitely most important with this card. If you have a great proactive curve in hand, then drawing can be more effective. Holding a Nourish for end game with your Jade Idols is also really great.

Gadgetzan Auctioneer: Mr Miracle. Get's through your deck super fast and holding one for Jade Idol in the end game can get your a ridiculous board state.

Spreading Plague: Card is just great to stall with. Stop aggro in its tracks while you get the rest of your deck drawn.

Malfurion: Gives you that extra armor to survive longer, can create more stall or hard removal against bigger threats and the hero power is amazing to regain some life if your low or to remove minions on board to help give you more time.

Malygos: This card feels really good in the meta right now with the only real threat being Vilespine Slayer against Rogue. Priest's main removal is the Pintsize>Horror combo, but usually by the time you get Maly out, that has already been wasted on something else. If you can ramp quick and drop an early Maly out against another Druid you will be so far ahead as they can't effectively remove her (unless they also run Naturalize, but the odds of that...).

Ultimate Infestation: Card is just stupid good. Against another Druid while you have Maly on board is devastating. Late game, try to set up your Infestation to draw you multiple Jade Idols if you can.

Arcane Giant: So many spells, so easy to get these to 0 mana incredibly fast. Don't have your Jades ramped up yet? Opponent still has a couple 8/8s to deal with. By the time they are dealt with, your Jades will be about as big, if not bigger. 


For the cards below, I suggest removing the Innervate or one of the Jade Idols as everything else feels very important to the deck.

Aya: She is a solid 6 drop since we do not have one in this deck beside Auctioneer (which we really do not just want to drop on turn 6 just cuz we can). Aya boosts our Jades further and is another solid option for Barnes to pull.

Bloodmage Thalnos: I really like this card and it will always be good in my opinion. More cycle, gives you some additional spell power when you need it (really powerful with Swipe). Another good Barnes pull.

Y'shaarj: He could be really fun in this deck. Pull this off of Barnes turn four for more minions is incredibly powerful and way to close out the game early. Y'shaarj into Y'shaarj or into Maly is a powerful board they will have to deal with immediately.

Fandral: In my opinion, the best and coolest Druid card created. He can definitely be beneficial to this deck. However, if you drop 1 Jade Idol, only 5 cards actually combo with him. Granted, when combo-ed, the effect is powerful and he is basically a soft taunt, but I'm not sure if I would sacrifice a Barnes option for a hopeful combo.

Starfire: A card no one expects. A way to remove a relatively healthy minion midgame additionally giving you a card draw. 10 damage with Maly is a great play as well.


Always keep your ramp. I don't like keeping Nourish unless i have Wild Growth and Jade Blossom already in hand (or have Wild Growth and Coin) or unless I know I'm going against a slow matchup. Jade Idol is not a great keep in my opinion in this deck. If you are playing against Mage, Priest, Paladin, or any form of aggro/tempo, keeping a Wrath is good to help keep the board under control to take out key minions (Mana Wyrm, Cleric, Warleader, Malchezar's Imp). If you have great ramp already and a Spreading Plague, keep the Plague because it is super solid against these aggro matchups (as mentioned above with Plague, feel free to play a little risky with this so you can drop it against a wider board, you will be able to armor later with big Earthen Scales). Knowing when to use your resources wisely is very key with this deck and you can almost never go into a matchup going "This is my win condition." With the amount of outs/conditions this deck has, the best way to win is constantly evolving and you will need to keep track of this.


You want to ramp into your late game as soon as you can much like Big Druid and keep the board under control when able. Feel free to play a little more on the risky side since you have some really solid armor gain in this deck. For example, against an aggro deck, feel free to wait an additional turn before dropping your Plague to gain an extra 1/5 or two. The extra walls will help you more than dropping it too early.

Barnes is a great card to play, just not always on your turn 4. There are only 6 (maybe 7 if you add something) so it is very easy to keep track of what you have left. Ideally, you can drop an early Auctioneer and get a ridiculous early miracle going. Turn 4 Barnes drop is great if you have a bunch of cheap spells and you rip that Auctioneer. Otherwise, dropping him later and getting an Auctioneer or even Maly is much better than dropping on turn 4 and not being able to do anything.

If you are facing another Druid or a Priest, feel free to just drop your Maly as soon as possible since more than likely they cannot remove it. A turn 9 Maly into a turn 10 Ultimate is insane. Along with that, always keep an eye out for lethal. There have been quite a few games where I have Ultimate in hand and just don't want to play it cuz I don't want to burn cards. But then I remember I have Maly on board and a Moonfire, having a surprise burst lethal. Always mind the potential top deck from Ultimate.

The Jade package is insane with the late game. This a deck where holding your Idol can be better than just dropping it early/shuffling early. It is incredibly easy to get through your whole deck fairly quickly. Holding an Auctioneer for end game with and Idol to infinite loop is amazing. Having a late game Ultimate is even better. Keep in mind when to start filling your deck up with Idols. If you have lots of draw in hand for the following turn, go ahead and shuffle 6 Idols in.

If there is enough interest, I would gladly add a mulligan guide and some matchup details. I know this deck has probably been very effective for me mostly because of the surprise factor, but it is still incredibly fun to play. Let me know if you have any suggestions or would like to discuss this further!