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Discarding Gul'dan turn 2!

  • Last updated Nov 22, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Discardlock
  • Crafting Cost: 8000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/18/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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Hi everyone!

Since the warlock quest was announced i was intrigued about crafting and playing it, but since im a f2p player i always was too scared to invest that much dust in a not really working mechanic.

Two day ago i got really bored of the decks i was currently playing and i finally crafted everything needed for a Questlock Deck.
I had to dust a lot of Legendaries to gather the needed dust, but, boy, it was worth it!

I haven't had so much fun playing Hearthstone in quiet a while.

The first day playing i tinkered around a bit, the core of the deck is from Kibler's Questlock, but i swapped out quiet some cards.

When i thought it won't get better i  started playing ranked.
I managed to climb from Rang 10 to Rang 5.

I will continue playing and update where i get to .

So here's my list for everyone who is interested and in case you have questions and or this gets enough attention, ill try and write a detailed guide.

(Not too detailed, because one of the strengths of this deck is to really surprise your opponent ) :D

Lets get it straight guys, if you dont have a vast amount of dust and or are reeeeeeeally hyped to play a discardlock, it's probably not worth crafting all the cards for it, youre better of with zoolock and or control, like some commenters said.

And yes, i use crawlers because everyone, their mothers and their  pets uses pirates.
If they use pirates its a goddamn strong card, if they don't, youre happy to discard them :P

My hopes are that the next expansion brings some more support to discard, like the last ones.
I'd like a card that says: 'Recruit a Minion you discarded this game' or 'Discover a Card you discarded this game'

This got way more attention than i anticipated, thank you guys for the advice, videos and so on :)

Here are my thoughts about the deck and it's variations:

The whole Package:

Basically just like you see it here, the quest, gul'dan, both legendaries, heavy discard focussed with some control tools.
It's the most  'complicated' and you can be heavily punished by discarding the wrong stuff.
You will lose tempo because you play the quest on turn one instead of a 1-drop.
The Board can be won back by playing heavy minions like lakkaries, discarding golems, or by defiling the enemy board (e.g. vs shaman or rogue).
If you want to utilize the quest you need to be careful when you play howlfiends!
I only play the quest if i really are able too, because, here again you will lose tempo.
So, if youre behind on the board and you have something better to play, just risk discarding it :)
Same goes for Gul'dan, discarding him in the early turns doesnt matter, but if i draw him on turn 7 or 8 i try to keep him until 10 and just discard him when i really need to.
Bloodueen is similar again, shes really great if you can play her and keep in mind, she still gains attack (heal) if she's on board and you discard stuff.

The Package with 1-Drops:

I took out stuff like Drain Soul and put it Flame Imps and Voidvalkers, so turn one you can decide if you want to play the quest or hold it back for some time.

Take out the expensive stuff :)
No Bloodqueen, no quest, a lot of  oneand two drops, you want the board, you get it and you stay there.
Gul'dan is optional here, really strong if you can play him.

For this you should check out JackieChans deck he played in the GameGune Tournament 2017 ;)

The whole discard staff is pretty whacky and i think everyone whos interested in playing it/has the cards anyway needs to tinker around by himself.

My personal favourite is the whole package, you really need to think before you play something, you need to adjust your plan all the time, discard by discard, draw by draw ;)

Someone (everyone) should send this to Firebat's Deckdoctor, i want to see what he does with it :) (The Quest is the Soul of the Deck)



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