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A Dragon And A Giant Walk Into A Bar

  • Last updated Nov 19, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 17420
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/18/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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A Dragon And A Giant Walk Into A Bar

Dragon says: "It's hot in here!"

"Shut yer mouth then", says the Giant. 

Wzp! Raja999's back with another crazy deck! I wanted to make some kind of a new twist on my favorite deck - the highlander reno priest, so I embarked on this journey to build a fun deck with some crazy inspire potential and lots of value and something different, like, well we got a dragon and a giant and even some bloody pirates! So If you also like dat priest's insane heropower spam gameplay style you gotta try this one out!

Difficulty level: Hard

Strategy: Activate Raza the Chained ASAP and kick ass!

Mulligan for these cards in general:
Raza the Chained, Bloodsail Corsair, Spirit Lash, Potion of Madness, Doomsayer, Explosive Sheep, Acolyte of Pain, Stonehill Defender, Velen's Chosen, Northshire Cleric

Useful combos (will add more here over time):
- Spirit Lash + Explosive Sheep can be a very effective early game board clear combo, it gets even past divine shield. You can add more dmg to this by using Bloodmage Thalnos or Velen's Chosen!
- [Activate Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin]
then for example at 10/10 mana play Recruiter and attack with heropower a total of 6 times that round for 12dmg while adding 5x Squire on board.

Replacements: Ysera can be replaced with either The Lich King or Marin the Fox - whichever you like the best.


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