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C'Thun is BACK!

  • Last updated Nov 24, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: C'Thun Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 10260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/16/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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There is not much time left to pray to the dark lord before the rotation!

"But how can we do it?" I hear you ask, "C'Thun is not viable" I hear you nag.

Not true! C'Thun is strong and he will grant you many wins, if you bring him the right sacrifices.

I always was a big fan of the Old Gods and particularly this one, so i experimented a lot with him. Of course there were the Netdecks and Memes, but in this rotation it seems like nobody even thinks of him anymore. So i made it my vocation to create the best possible C'Thun deck available.

Beware! In the current Meta, i dont think you will get legend easy, but it is possible, if you put in the time. Also: This is a control deck. I never publish aggro decks, everybody can figure them out.

So what is in this deck, let's start with the obvious:

It is a warlock deck. Who else is more fitting to praise the old gods then Guldan himself? Exactly. Being warlock gives you many pros: 1) you dont need any draw 2) you have a lot of boardclear 3) you have very viable single target clear
Anyways we need to talk about the big con: 1) A lot of your power comes with the cost of your healthpoints

Now we don't have Reno Jackson or Antique Healbot anymore, so how do we keep our live up? This is the most common problem with this deck, so let's tech against it. We solve it with Mistress of Mixtures, Siphon Soul and mostly Bloodreaver Gul'dan. It is important to note, that against every instinct, drawing cards with your hero power (especially in the later phases of the game) is not always the way to go with this deck. You will need those healthpoints. 

Why is keeping your life up so important? Because we always want boardcontrol. So we clear the board. We clear the board a lot. For that we use Hellfire, Abyssal Enforcer and Twisting Nether. "But Gagelhagel, Twisting Nether does not require any health". That's true my young padavan, but the other 4 cost you in total 12 health points alone, and more than not, you have less hp than your opponent. So keep your life up.

Now let's talk specifics. What do we want to achieve here? We want C'Thun to be big. He deserves to be big. So we give him all he can get. And how do we do that? With the C'Thun allstars. They all give you a great effect and are equiped with pretty strong stats. Always try to use Disciple of C'Thun as a minion clear. Twilight Elder and C'Thun`s Chosen for Board presence. Do not make the mistake and think Twilight Elder is your most important minion to make C'Thun grow. Twilight Elder should be used to make your opponent realize that your C'Thun is growing and a looming presence over the board. Chip away his healthpoints bit for bit and close the gap between his life and your C'Thun`s Attack Points! And if it is time, summon the God of Nightmares and offer your opponent (probably Anduin) to your dark lord. Since the second update i've removed Usher of Souls. It doesn't provide much more than strong stats, and I felt like using more tech cards.

But what if your the enemy tries to fight back with a deadly Board? Then you either destroy everything with your powerful spells or you block him with your taunts. Twin Emperor Vek'lor is always a huge Obstacle for every board and gives you time to think. Sometimes Voidwalker is already enough to block his way. Combine him with Usher of Souls and see your foe struggle, as he doesn't know what to kill first.

Note: Vek'lor does not work with Prinz Keleseth, meaning: if C'Thun is 9/9 before playing Prinz Keleseth and get +1/1 Vek'lor will not trigger. In my opinion that is a Bug from Blizzard.

And now we talk about the reason i got your attention. Prinz Keleseth is the mvp of this deck. It makes your strong minions even stronger and allows you to play weaker minions like Mindbreaker or  Mistress of Mixtures that do not provide much strength besides their effect and makes them a solid soldier on the field. Always try to get him out as soon as possible and enjoy a 4/5 Twilight Elder or a 5/6 Despicable Dreadlord

"Oh but Anduin always machineguns me with his stupid razakus combo!". Well we thought of that! Mind Breaker is there to help. Use him in the right time and observe the Shadowreaper slowly starting to cry.

"All this board clears are not enough for Malfurion and his thousen Jadecraps". That`s true! But with Skulking Geist, you can make things easier!

"Oh no another Lich King/Bonemare and I used both of my Siphon Soul`s!!". Scary, but fear no more! The Black Knight is here to help.

As you see everything is thought of and now it's your time to serve the Old Gods!




On a more serious note: Especially Mind Control Tech and Mind Breaker are there to change and experiment with, depending on what you face most. Good replacements are Tar Creeper, Mistress of Mixtures or Gluttonous Ooze. But the deck is still a work in progress and I`m happy for feedback and suggestions. Its definitively the most fun deck for me at the moment and I hope you will enjoy it as well.


########## EDIT ###########

A lot of suggestions came up in the comments so i made an update and tried things out. 

Now out: Cult Apothecary 2x, Mind Control Tech, Mindbreaker, Alexstrasza

New in: Mistress of Mixtures 2x, Despicable Dreadlord 2x, Bloodreaver Gul'dan

It feels stronger this way. The Mistresses can keep your life up early while Guldan helps you later. Enjoy! 


############### EDIT 2 ###############

I switched another card:

out: 2x Usher of Souls

in: Mindbreaker, Skulking Geist

why? I like mindbreaker. I think you can put in there anything that helps you either against aggro or Anduin. In my opinion the deck is really stron against aggro with a reasonable hand. And what is there to lose from Skulking Geist? We don't play 1 cost spells, so we only win.

Thanks a lot for all the good feedback!

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