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[76% WR Wild] Anti-Meta Tao Paladin

  • Last updated Nov 21, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 25 Minions
  • 1 Spell
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 14680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/14/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • Tao_
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Hi everybody, I'm Tao from France, 37 y.o., legend in standard and wild, and specialized in Shaman and Paladin deck building.

 General Information :

The deck I present you today is quite unique, and is built as an anti-meta deck because it's strong against the most popular decks in Wild (Reno Priest, Jade Druid, War Pirate etc...). It's a Keleseth Tempo/Mid-Range Paladin, based on several synergies (Keleseth, Divine Shield, Weapons/Pirates, High Value Minions). I reached legend with a quite crazy WR of 76% between R15 and R5, and 65% between R5 and Legend. 

As a Tempo/Mid-Range deck, you will want to give a constant pressure during the first turns, with big value minions and synergies, and beat the opponent between T6 and T10. This deck can also have very good late game, with the help of Ragnaros the Firelord, The Curator or Dinosize. His strength in high rank is also due to his uniqueness, the opponent often can't anticipate and often doesn't know how to counter.

 Cards Explanations :

The absolute MVP cards of this deck are all the big value minions, including Vicious Fledgling, Piloted Shredder, Cobalt Scalebane, Cairne Bloodhoof, Sunkeeper Tarim, Bonemare, Ragnaros the Firelord and the 4 weapons.

6 × T1 is a good ratio to be able to always guarantee a good start and pressure.

Dinosize is a lot lot lot controversed, but is extremely strong in this deck, and allowed me to win many times. His biggest strength is that the opponent almost never expect that you will play it.

Loatheb is just damn efficient against Priest/Reno/Mage/Renolock etc.. I highly recommand to keep it in this deck.

[NEW] As suggested by some players, I will tell more about Sir Finley Mrrgglton hero power best choice for this deck. Except against Pirate Warrior, the best choice is Warlock, by far. If not available, you could go for Hunter or Mage, against slow decks mostly. Priest and Druid (good to upgrade weapons) are also not bad especially against tempo or mid decks. Shaman and Warrior are bad, and Rogue is the worst. Against Pirate Warrior, go for Priest or Mage or Druid.

NB : I also built a more "pirates-oriented" version of this deck, and cheaper, you can write me if you are interested in.

 Mulligan :

Of course you will want to draw Prince Keleseth, and you will try to optimize the chances to draw it. Nevertheless, as the WR is very good even without Keleseth, don't always throw all your cards, and still try to keep one T1 minion (but not more), and preferably Bloodsail Corsair if you face a class with weapons. Keep also Rallying Blade if you already have a divine shield T1 and the piece. Keep also Vicious Fledgling against Priest mostly, as it's not properly countered most of time and can give you victory just by himself.

 Match-Up's :

(from the best to the worst)

- Mage (Reno/Freeze) : 84% WR

- Priest (all kinds of) : 82% WR

- Warrior (Pirate) : 80% WR

- Druid (Jade or Ramp) : 74% WR

- Rogue (Miracle or Tempo) : 66% WR

- Hunter (Mid or Giant) : 62% WR

- Shaman (Token or Mid) : 58% WR

- Paladin (Dudes or Mid) : 50% WR

- Warlock (Zoo) : 42% WR

[NEW] As this deck got 10+ votes, as I promised I will write a more complete Match-Up guides very very soon ;-)



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