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  • Last updated Nov 17, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 25 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Prince Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 12220
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/10/2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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Hey, here's the list I piloted to rank 1 legend. 

For proof check my twitter - twitter.com/BoarControl

So here are my stats - all games were played in top 50 legend EU


For gameplay check my twitch channel - twitch.tv/BoarControlHS . All games were played on stream. Check out my youtube for rank 1 legend gameplay!

Card replacements 

The Lich King/Cairne can swapped for tar creeper or vicious fledgling. Unfortunately legends have unique effects which means some are irreplaceable.

Why saronite chain gang?

I got the idea from Meati (https://twitter.com/MeatiHS) . They help set up for bonemare and scalebane, they are good defensive tools vs aggro, they make awkward trades for opponent and can protect your threats, while also helping you play mana efficient on turn 4 and they have great synergy with prince.

Rough Mulligan Guide


VS rogue you keep vilespine on and off the coin

When mulliganing cards it is important to consider your curve and opponents curve

VS Aggro (aggro druid, rogue, shaman, zoolock, murloc paladin)

FireFly, swashburglar, backstab, With edwin and prince shadowsteps become good. Deckhand is good vs aggro druid since you can avoid having a pirate for golakka. Keep captain with firely.

Same but also si 7 agent

can mulligan away swash if you already have firefly

VS Big/JadeDruid and Priest

So you need Scalebane and just in general big guys vs these, I would only keep firefly with 3/5 drop already. Swash is only a keep with southsea captain. You are looking for captain, fledgling/scalebane.


VS ROGUE (50/50)

He who spreads the widest wins, often a double firefly hand can beat a prince one. Try to avoid playing captain on 3 unless you are trading the patches. Try to avoid using 2 damage effects on fireflys (e.g. backstab) when they can be used on 3/3's later. You can often ignore the opponents scalebane on go face on 5 also try and often playing your scalebane on 5 since the opponent can wing tempo with their vilespine. Try and keep board clear going into bonemare on 7. 

VS AGGRO DRUID (unfavoured)

Need to try and deny them from spreading wide. Watch out for golakka crawler, try and use deckhand to summon patches and trade with it. try and set up taunts as late as possible since they will trade away most of your board for you

VS JADE/BIG DRUID (favoured)

You want to try and build the tallest possible board in this match up. If you do draw firefly and swash try and trade these off going into the plague turn


You will almost always lose to anduin, due to the hero power, so don't pay too much attention to playing around it. Try and play round dragonfire with scalebane and cairne. apply lots of pressure and play to your outs you will lose lots and it will be very frustrating when you do, sometimes they will draw all the one off outs.

VS MAGE (favoured)

Quest is a very basic to play, keep vile spine for doomsayer go face pop as early as possible.

Jaina ctrl - You need to make sure you have a way to deal with doomsayer (vilespine or leeroy) and try and pressure as early as possible. if they get the jaina off then you will almost always lose.

VS ZOOLOCK (favoured)

This game is decided on turns 1/2/3. If you do fall behind try to swing back with a vilespine onto a bonemare.

VS PALADIN (favoured)

KILL THE MURLOCS. pretty much this. Avoid them getting value from rockpool and megasuar. The swing point in this match up comes on turn 6 with the spikeridged steed. If the paladin can play this then they will almost always win, make sure you clear the board going into this turn 

VS SHAMAN (unfavoured)

Try to hold back patches and deckhand and use them to kill off totems. Shaman has better early game tools and the potential dopple evolve on 6. try not to over invest the board into maelstrom portal and try to avoid backstabbing totems if possible, you want to trade minions into them