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N'Zoth Warrior *FULL GUIDE*

  • Last updated Nov 12, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: N'Zoth Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 6720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/31/2017 (Triggered)
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0. Prologue

I'm playing this deck for a month and really have fun with it. My win rate is around 60-63%. (UPDATED: 58%)
Stay tuned, possibly I will make some changes later in the deck.

I would really like to upload the proof about my WR, but because of my daily routine I can't play many matches on PC, so I'm counting the numbers by myself when I'm playing on phone.

I will add an extra section about "generally about the playing style", if you guys need it.

I very recommend the Replacement section.

1. About the cards

- the interesting ones

Whirlwind: Great against Hunter and lets you draw a card or gain armor in many situations. Moreover Execute and Sleep with the Fishes will be usable after this.

Fire Fly: It gives you early game and sometimes you can draw cards and gain armor because of it. 

Battle Rage: Gives you many card draws. It's OP in many situations.

Dead Man's Hand: Makes an extra N'Zoth, the Corruptor, how can it be bad? I don't think that the card by itself needs explanation, but the one copy does for many people. We don't want to go infinite, because we don't have to. Just check our Direhorn Hatchling step by step in usual situations:
Dies all 2, 2x Direhorn Matriarch shuffles to your deck.
You play N'Zoth, 2 more shuffles to your deck after their death.
You play your second N'Zoth, at least 2 of them shuffle to your deck again after their death.
It's 7 shuffles at the very least if we count N'Zoth and don't the other cards you can hold when you cast the spell. It will be enough, trust me.
Don't shuffle not needed cards back!

Mountainfire Armor: Gives you armor many times, but don't be greedy with the card! If you have to, trade him.

Dirty Rat: Always great to pull Raza the Chained out from a Priest's hand and it's also good in many other situations.

Saronite Chain Gang: I really like this card and in my opinion you have to defend your face. By the way it's an indicator for gaining armor and card draws.

Skulking Geist: Shortens your opponent's and your deck. Always a good play against Rogue, Priest and Druid, because they all have many 1-cost spells.

2. Mulligan Guide

- most of the time

Always every time keep:
Fire Fly, Armorsmith, Ravaging Ghoul/Saronite Chain Gang

Think about it:
Blood Razor: Against midrange it can be useful.

Whirlwind: Against Hunter.

Mountainfire Armor: Not a very bad early game, if you don't want to risk to drop all your hand.

3. Matchups

Highlander Priest:
Preferred starting hand: Armorsmith, Ravaging Ghoul and Dirty Rat
It's a hard one, but not impossible. If you pull Raza the Chained out, it's easy. Anyway try to gain many armor and if your opponent can't draw like a god, you can win.

Preferred starting hand: Armorsmith, Fire Fly and Whirlwind
Mostly I could win the game, because I didn't let my opponent to keep pressure on me. Your Taunt minions will do their job, but you have to be cautious. Use your aoe spells wisely and effectively, your single removals will do the rest. Once you put N'Zoth, the Corruptor with at least a 1 copy of Direhorn Hatchling, the end is near.

The most tricky one. It's Polymorph cards are very bad for us, so you have to trade your Deathrattle minions before they turn to be sheep. If your opponent is not godhanded, it will not be able to transform both of your Direhorn Hatchling. You will have more value on the board through the game then your opponent's removals, so if you can gain armor, it's easy. Moreover Direhorn Matriarch deals many damage. I experienced that once my board is almost full, my opponent just gives up.
If you can use your Dirty Rat in the perfect time, it can be an easy win against Quest Mage.

Miracle Rogue:
Preferred starting hand: Armorsmith, Fire Fly and Blood Razor/Saronite Chain Gang/Ravaging Ghoul
I recommend that starting hand, because it's possible that your opponent is an aggro. If it's a Miracle, not hard to win. You have enough removals to destroy your opponent's big minions. Your N'Zoth will be scary.

Aggro Rogue & Zoolock:
Preferred starting hand: Armorsmith, Fire Fly and Blood Razor/Saronite Chain Gang/Ravaging Ghoul
Well, it's very difficult to beat them if they can play Prince Keleseth at the first rounds. If they can't, you can easily clear the board and fill it with your minions. Don't be greedy with your N'Zoth!
Most of the time you have to trade, but you would like to win the game! If you can let yourself, hit your opponent's face to make pressure.
If Aggro Rogue runs of steam and you can play taunt minions, it's not hard to finish the game.

Jade Druid:
Preferred starting hand: Armorsmith, Fire Fly and Skulking Geist
It's almost funny to say, but it will be a fatigue game and not for you! If you defend your face with taunts and gain many armor, you can defeat your opponent. Use your single removals on it's bigger giants, anyway try to be clever with Sleep with the Fishes. The mentioned card will clear the board if you are doing well.

Evolve Shaman:
Preferred starting hand: Fire Fly, Ravaging Ghoul and Sleep with the Fishes/Skulking Geist
Always trade! Once you burned your opponent's evolves with Skulking Geist, you can smile at him. Don't let more than 2 minions on it's board.

4. Replacements

If your Collection is poor:
Scourgelord Garrosh: Hard to replace him, because he gives you many ways to clear the board, but Ravaging Ghoul is a good entrance to the deck instead of the mentioned card.

Skulking Geist: Your deck will be shorter and Jade Druid is very beatable with this card, and without it your chances would be terrible. Also against Evolve Shaman. Mindbreaker is a good tech card in many situations (especially against Priest), he's a great replacement.

Dirty Rat: This card is an MVP in many situations, but Ravaging Ghoul is not a bad alternate card. A 3/3 body is okay and it activates many effects.
Fire Fly is also an option, because it's an indicator too, moreover an early game.

Saronite Chain Gang: Fire Fly is a good way to replace a copy of it.

Possible decent changes:
Fire Fly: Brawl can help you in many situations, but an extra Ravaging Ghoul isn't bad either.

Shield BlockRavaging Ghoul can give you an extra draw and sometimes many armor. Moreover a little board.
I cut out a copy of Shield Block for a ghoul many times.

Whirlwind: A one copy of it for a Fire Fly is good, but in this way I very suggest you to do the Shield Block change.

5. Videos

KadakHS created a video, enjoy it:

6. Epilogue

Thanks for all your support!

update log:
- 02. Nov: Replacements section added, Epilogue section added, Prologue section added.
- 04. Nov: About the cards section added, Mulligan Guide section added, Matchups section added, Videos section added, Replacements section updated.
- 05. Nov: DECK CHANGED (-1x Brawl, +1x Fire Fly) and other sections updated because of it, Videos section updated, About the card section updated, Matchups updated (Mage), Replacements updated.
- 06. Nov: Typo mistakes corrected.
- 07. Nov: Edited some text, WR update.
- 12. Nov: A video removed (due to Admin's will)

If you ask me and you're lack of N'Zoth, the Corruptor don't craft it! The next expansion is on it's way, and who knows, what will the meta be? In my opinion almost all the other cards are needed in many decks, so they are not a bad idea, if you would like to craft something.
Moreover many archetypes of Warrior are unusable, so I would not craft Scourgelord Garrosh either until the next expansion hits.

Have fun! 

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to share with me and everybody in the comment section. Also if I missed something important out from the guide of wrote smothing stupidity.