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Quick climbing infinite winrate modular token d...

  • Last updated Oct 30, 2017 (Triggered)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Token Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 4400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/30/2017 (Triggered)
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I can't believe you haven't hit legend yet, or at least hit rank 5 (casual legend) this month. Did you really need to play all of those meme-y hallow's end arenas? Seriously though, there's only hours left for you to rank up. Go go go!


Why token druid? Because it's awesome! Aside from that, it has the advantage of very short games, it's extremely modular for adapting the deck to what you're facing, and it's an aggro deck so you'll never be stuck trying to plan three turns from now. You can play this deck while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Can I really hit legend with this? Absolutely! Well, maybe you can't but only because you suck and/or just don't have time to play. I'm including a guide on how you can tune the deck to help win against decks you struggle with or fit your weird play style. The deck as listed is already suited to do decently against the meta no matter what rank you are playing. 

Infinite winrate WTF? Yea, posting any sort of win rate for a deck is stupid misleading and is usually there to attract views. This is my jackass way of taking a stand against the system, man.

This deck has a legendary. I'm not made of dust! Hey! That's not a question, plus it's only Patches the Pirate which you should really already have. Fear not though as he is replaceable. Speaking of which...

Card choices:

Core cards - the meat of the deck!

  • Enchanted Raven - cheap minion (beast)
  • Fire Fly - cheap minion with battlecry: add a cheap minion to your hand
  • Druid of the Swarm - powerful and versatile cheap minion (also a beast unless ratted)
  • Living Mana - gives you a 2/2 token (many cheap minions!) for each mana crystal you have
  • Mark of the Lotus - cheap and powerful board buff
  • Power of the Wild - cheap and powerful board buff (can also be used as a cheap minion if needed)
  • Mark of Y'Shaarj - single target buff with draw mechanic if target is a beast
  • Savage Roar - buff attack of everything (including your hero) to FINISH HIM!

Token druid is similar to most other zoo decks with the benefit of having so many buff cards. Basic strategy is play minions, buff minions, attack/trade, win (or concede), next game. You may spend more time than normal watching the spinner due to how fast this is.

It's simply amazing in how modular it is. There are only 16 unreplaceable core cards and it would be pretty cheap if it wasn't for damn Living Mana (but that's Un'Goro class epics for ya). Also if I hear one single person complaining that they don't have Enchanted Raven because they can't buy Karazhan, so help me... *shakes fist*

Pirate package - make it spicy!

  • Patches the Pirate - he's been in chaaarge of every single aggro deck since Gadgetzan
  • Bloodsail Corsair - cheap pirate with not completely useless battlecry (outside of also being able to pull Patches from your deck)
  • Southsea Captain - gives aura buff to other pirates, useful for trading

The simple fact here is that Patches is an amazing card for tempo, thinning your deck, putting pressure on your opponent, and in our case, having a free minion to buff. Playing without it is not recommended!

That being said, some people don't like spicy food or other fun things. If you don't use Patches, don't include any of the other pirates. Even if you do include pirates, the cap'n is one of the first cards on the chopping block.

More beasts means more protein (and cards)

  • Snowflipper Penguin - adorable but also useful. played best with buffs. even having this minion in your deck turns it into an all-in game due to it being free (manawise) but still costing a card
  • Golakka Crawler - great for dealing with other spicy decks (Note: if there is a pirate on board you must eat it even if it's yours!)
  • Hungry Crab - sadly, mullet murloc paladin is still a thing even after warleader's nerf and it is gaining more popularity :(
  • Dire Wolf Alpha - not spectacular but not too shabby either
  • Vicious Fledgling - the best thing I can say about this minion is that your opponent will do whatever they can to make sure it dies ASAP
  • Bittertide Hydra - I do not recommend this card! It's not because I'm bitter (get. out.) but because there are much better non beast minions from Frozen Throne that take its place

Since our only card generation mechanic (Mark of Whysharjay) relies on being used on a beast, we include more useful beasts into the mix. Golakka Crawler and Dire Wolf Alpha are my favorites due to the current meta but a Hungry Crab or two may be needed if mullet paladin takes over the meta. God help us.

If you want to slow the game down (why?!) or already have it slower by not using pirates (sucker) then don't use Snowflipper Penguin no matter how cute it is. ...and if you must make the game slower you're going to need some late game minions...

Big salty minions for after the bars close

I've written up before on why I think that post KFT people need to stop playing hydra unless they are playing priest, er I mean hunter. Ignoring the fact that our "late game" consists of 5 mana minions (and a really late 7), we already have late game minions in the form of Living Mana. I don't recommend people run any of these three but Scalebane is the one to use if you must.

True, Scalebane and Bonemare are less effective if you don't have board control (Bonemare much more so) but Hydra won't help you at all either if you lose the board. Living Mana is the only choice. What's that you say? Bittertide Hydra takes out common 8 health taunts like The Lich King, Primordial Drake, and Obsidian Statue? Well pal, there's something better than taking out a big taunt like these; going around it! If the face plays taunt, silence it and go face.

Tech and filler cards - garnish your deck

Add a few of these when you are lacking in certain areas. Spellbreaker in particular is wonderful, and it just goes to show how badly other silence cards were nerfed as they sound like they should be playable; Ironbeak Owl is a terrible body for 3 mana even though it's a beast and Keeper of the Grove is just as bad (and it's druid specific).


Wait, isn't there a mulligan guide? /sigh OK, keep 1 mana minions (EXCEPT PATCHES) and keep things like Southsea Captain and Druid of the Swarm if you have coin. It's not hard.

If you really want, you can modify token druid to use copies of a "reasonable 10 mana spell" Ultimate Infestation by using Pilfered Power to ramp faster than any other druid. You can also do so much more, but you've already wasted so much time reading this! Hurry up and hit legend!