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[ Kathrena HYPE ] Giant bowman-Dino Hunter ( N...

  • Last updated Nov 20, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: N'Zoth Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 11700
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/19/2017 (Triggered)
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the new hunter legendary was the hype for me!! it fit perfectly in this deck!

I removed Abome and arrow fore the new card hoping there are more so I can make this deck a real deck.

man I am excited the best result I had last season was rank 3 and I am rank 4 with this deck right now.


25 upvote for a class vsing guild 

50 upvote for a more detailed guild

PS: if I can get firebat to doctor my deck…… then I will be the happiest person ever lived.

Hi everyone, I started building this deck just for the meme of it but after a few game, I found this deck doing really well ( in same cases ) so I spend this month playing only this deck and trying to make it at least T3 or T4.

After almost 300 hunter game I won 122 of them but with this version of the deck I have a almost 50% win rate at rank 5 ( yes I made it to rank five with this deck and I am very happy with it. but still there are still so much to explore some of the card choose I am still questioning about.) e,g arrow combo and should I add Grievous Bite or not.

I am going to explain how to play deck and if you want to try it out and help me make this deck better I'd be very thankful.


This is a really late game deck ( what? a control hunter deck? what a joke am I right? ) you want to survival until you can do the bowman combo ( Abominable Bowman + play dead ) to summon most likely  a Swamp King Dred or some big DK beast. usually King Krush is there just for meme but you need three card so you are most likely to combo the bowman with.

Now you ask how does hunter a class don't have life gain and card draw going to out last deck like rouge or zoo?

The answer is traps, I am telling you freezing trap and exploding are amazing in the meta right now. people don't play around them because they haven't be use in a long time ( remember when HS is hard to play well? )  

About double snipe , this is one of the part I am questioning about…… it can be amazing it can be play like a doomsayer but …… some time it is just now as good. it is really good vsing rouge or priest but vsing other deck it is on the weaker side. ( all jade deck )

PS: you need to save traps play bow before you play your traps after all you don't need tempo you are the one who is controlling the board ( I know  you always want to go face as a hunter but hold yourself )

KEY CARD:     The Three Musketeers

KING MEME + SWAMP KING + DK these are your best bowman target, I tried Giant Sand Worm it is horrible just like pineapple on pizza ( kappa ) I want to highlight swamp king after all he is the reason you want to play this deck. this card made this deck ten time better and more fun than ever!

right now there isn't one deck ( edit anything but DK mage ) can deal with three swamp king and any tempo they play gets eaten by the king of the 7 mana minion . if you have the king always play him on the point ( unless Gladiator's Longbow can get a free trade.



Bowman was another reason I built this deck, nobody uses that card…… if you think about it it is the strongest deathrattle minion ( if it can summon any of theThree Musketeers ) and combo it with noth or play dead, you almost win everytime.

Not so key card: Abome + arrow

I added these two after I reach rank five, meme deck are everywhere by adding these two card gives you a better chance vsing rouge and pally and meme deck but less vsing others. 

if you want to play this at low rank replace abome with bite and arrow with muti shot or another explosive shot. it clears the board.

another questionable card is barnes…… 8 out of 10 deck I pull noth or doomsayer ( if you are playing my version never play barnes if you have a board you can pull doomsayer and you are done.

MORE questionable card is the old god himself…… a lot of the time I draw him in my opening hand and I felt really bad and I lost because it him. I am thinking about trying Ancient Harbinger and  Yshaarj and n'zoth but it doesn't sound playable

I will keep playing this deck and update any new tip this is a really hard deck to play and you bet I will try my best to make it as good as possible