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Stancifka's Corpsetaker Rogue

  • Last updated Oct 16, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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  • 25 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Prince Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 9160
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/16/2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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Hello everyone! I am here with Corpsetaker Rogue deckguide, a deck that took us all by storm. It was nowhere to be found, then one day Hypno put Corpsetaker into his Rogue deck, immediately hit LEGEND RANK 1 with it and now we are here! I made some tweaks and changes to the deck, and I must say I really like my current version and feel really confident when playing it.



This is one of those rare decks I play that's not trying to make it to turn 20! This deck is very solid in early and midgame instead, applying enough pressure on control while being good enough to defend against all-in aggro decks. You just play your strong cards, take control of the board early a go from there!

This deck has no big sweeper, so you need to fight for the board all the time, and if it slips away from you you might have a hard time taking it back.



While this is still a deck with Prince Keleseth in it and you want to see him in your opening hand, you are not going all-in on him. Instead you are looking to have a solid curve, and Fire Fly or Swashburglar are the ones you want to go for. Backstab is also amazing if you know you are not playing against some heavy control deck.

After you have some of these you can be more liberal with the rest of your hand, you can just keep Tar Creeper against same decks as Backstab. Corpsetaker is also a possible keep if you have something to do before turn 4.



First we have a classic pirate package in form of Swashburglar and Southsea Deckhand which both power Patches the Pirate. While playing this deck, you should keep in mind that Golakka Crawler is everywhere, and if you can make it so that your opponent doesn’t have a target for it, you should usually do that. This is also the reason why you cannot find Southsea Captain in the deck even though he would be a fine addition otherwise.

Turn 2 you just slam Prince Skilleseth because you are skilled enough to have him literally every time in your opening hand. If you get extremely unlucky and don’t have this guy ready to go, then you usually dagger up and fight for the board. Rogue’s hero power is one of the biggest reasons while Prince Keleseth is so good in Rogue, as using it on turn 2 is almost as good as playing a random 2drop to efficently fight for the board.

Now we are getting to the Corpsetaker and classic package around him. This guy is really living on the edge here, but is definitely worth it. Unfortunately there is no way for him to get lifesteal, but trust me, no card that would grant him that is even close to playable. Windfury is also a stretch, one copy of Stormwatcher is taking care of that. I have considered playing two of them a lot, but overall drawing him has mostly been very unpleasant, so I would rather get punished by losing windfury on Corpsetaker.

Tar Creeper is taking part of taunt, and as you guys probably know, this guy is amazing by himself, so no worries there. It gets interesting in the divine shield department. I am running Argent Squire and two Argent Commander to solve that. These cards are on the edge of playability by themselves, and Corpsetaker is what pushes them over. I have been particularly impressed by the Argent Commander against Priest, which has a very hard time dealing with this sticky guy.

Cobalt Scalebane is becoming a staple of current metagame, and there is a good reason for it. Not only he represents a ton of stats immediately when played and even more if left unanswered, but he also survives Dragonfire Potion, which is extremely relevant considering the fact that Priest is a big part of metagame right now.

I know I will get some questions about Counterfeit Coin, so I might just answer them right away. This card solves some mana curve issues of the deck while being amazing with Vilespine Slayer, so I just like having one of them in the deck.



I also have a feeling there will be plenty of questions about switching Shaku, the Collector. The card is good and I recommend playing it, but it’s not a core card by any means, so feel free to play SI:7 Agent instead. 

There is also no Shadowstep and Leeroy Jenkins in the deck, which has a pretty good reason. Shadowstep is insane with Prince Keleseth early, but if you drew Prince you are in good spot regardless, and without it both of these cards are clunky and situational. Don’t think about the best case scenario when you are evaluating a card, but instead focus on average spot and go from there.

By cutting these cards you make your deck less “random” and play much more consistent games, which will result in higher win percentage.

That’s it for today, thanks a lot for reading, and I hope you will have as much fun with the deck as I have. If you want to see this deck in action then make sure to check out this video deckguide as well, and if you like the deck hit my Youtube subscribe button if you haven’t done so already ;)