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Murlocs & Taunts - Quick Ranking from 20 to 5

  • Last updated Oct 13, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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  • 27 Minions
  • 1 Spell
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Murloc Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 10560
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/13/2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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So what if Warleader got nerfed? We just need to protect the lil' guy.

Solution: Build an army of fat Murlocs behind a wall of annoying taunts.

General Strategy

Use Hydrologist to get Redemption/Getaway Kodo to spam more taunts, so your Murlocs can go face.

Refill your hand with Curator (Tried Divine Favor, too slow in this meta/bad value against other aggro decks).

Fill the board with Finja, slam down Megasaur for a finisher. Alternatively, when behind against aggro, use Megasaur on a full board and hope for Taunt adapt to survive.


Always throw Stormwatcher and Burnbristle back during mulligan so your Corpetakers can get all the boosts. Keep 1-2 mana Murlocs (not Bluegill) & Righteous Protector, Rallying Blade, and maybe Corpsetaker with coin if you have early game cards as well. 


Wickerflame/Sunkeeper: 2nd Consecration, Stonehill Defender, Chillblade Champion

The Epics in the deck cannot be replaced efficiently imo.

If you're fighting lots of aggro druid/evolve shaman, consider switching 1 Scalebane for a 2nd Consecration to clear Living Mana/unevolved Dopplegangsters.


You should win the game by turn 8-9 against most decks. 

50 upvotes for a more thorough guide. Peace.