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[F2P] Jade Rogue

  • Last updated May 4, 2018 (Witchwood)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Jade Lotus Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 1080
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/26/2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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Witchwood NEWS!

[F2P] Eleburn Mage - works great even on highest ranks
[F2P] Secret Paladin

I just recently decided to make a Twitter account, guys, so feel free to be my first followers and make me happy ^^ @Kasai_HS. I will post decklists there over time. Mostly those I will use for tournaments, but you will find there some F2P or meme ones now and then. YouTube channel and hopefully Twitch stream will follow up so stay tuned!

Update 15th Oct 2017
Highend Replacement added

Pull up a chair by the hearth!

Let me introduce myself. My gamer name is Kasai, I am from Slovakia and I gained the passion for card games with Magic:The Gathering, but let's talk about the Hearthstone. I play the Hearthstone since the open beta in January 14. I have multiple accounts on both EU and US servers. I reached Standard and Wild Legends several times, but I am not really fan of meta power-grinding as I rather think about cool and fun deck ideas.

Despite the Fact I am not the F2P player, but we, who are spending our money on the Hearthstone, we need you! Without F2P players would game as it is die since you are the wast majority of the Hearthstone community. My priority on the HearthPwn is to bring you guys playable F2P decks. I am making those time to time when I get new idea, sometimes just budgetized meta decks and sometimes the whole new archetype. All of them are well synergized and viable for casual play, quests or even climbing the rank 5 and higher if you are patient enough.

Feel free to follow, comment or add me in game. I have all of my recent F2P decks in my decklist so if you want to ask anything about playstyle, mulligan or general tactics, go for it. I will write all of those if the deck gain some popularity as it is really time consumpting and most of decks die in HearthPwn archive with +1 rating.

Yours Kasai

General Mulligan

Mistress of Mixtures, Fire Fly and Backstab - always
Hallucination, Jade Swarmer and Journey Below - if you are holding something mentioned above
Jade Shuriken - on coin or if you are holding Backstab
Tar Creeper - against aggro or on coin

Matchup Guide

Aggro Matchups

Your main goal in early game against aggro decks is to control the board and don't let them to have more than 2 minions on the board, keeping opponents board empty untill turn 5 would be ideal even if that means you have to use Backstab to 1 health minion or Eviscerate without combo effect. You can play all your resources right away because those games usually won't last untill the late game. You should count on Bonemare as your main win condition in these matchups.


Mid-Range matchups

Same controlling of the board as in Aggro matchups but in this case always keep something to deal with bigger threats. Don't waste Eviscerate or Assassinate like against Aggro. You will also need some card draws so make wise trades with Acolyte of Pain and use Fan of Knives even on empty board if you need that card draw. Discovers should be always for something bigger even if you have to prioritize it over Jade synergy as you have enough small trade minions and enough Jade cards to grow your golems as well, however, always pick Aya Blackpaw if you have the option to. Win condition can be both Bonemare to something bigger or Jade farm.


Control matchups

Keep your resources as this deck has the tendency to be short on cards in late game. Use your hero power as often as possible and always discover Jade synergy if you can. Your goal is to quickly grow up your golems since control decks should have way stronger late game than you. Always keep your Shadowstep for Jade Spirit or for Aya Blackpaw if you discovered her. Assasinate should be used only on something you can't survive (Prophet Velen for example). Win condition here is mostly jade farm as control decks usually have enough removals to deal with both Bonemare and it's buffed target in one turn.

High-end replacements

If you want to add more than one High-end replacement and there is a conflict in the list, just let me know in comments bellow and I will try to help you. Doing a replacements in all combinations would be, you know, pretty impossible :)