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[Legend 66% Win]Meta's enemy no 1

  • Last updated Oct 26, 2017 (Triggered)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 6600
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/22/2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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Hi there practitioners of the dark arts and welcome to the guide of the meta's enemy no 1.Before we start the guide lets make a couple of things clear.

A.The decks was a product of trial and error and its purpose is to balance the match ups between raza priest and the rest of the meta(mostly aggro).I originally played a greedy handlock list which dominated priests but... was losing  to all the other aggresive decks.The current list is still favoured against priest but mostly farms aggresive decks.

B.The deck is very hard to play,even harder than pure handlock.As you can see we have many low mana cost cards so each turn you will consider many possible choices.Not only that but the deck allows so many technical plays and it's very punishing if you misscalculate.So DO NOT,i repeat DO NOT play the deck if you are a newbie,tired or tilted.Your winrate will take a dive.I can guarantee this from personal experience.


Edit 24/9/2017

Normally i stop playing standard ranked the moment i reach legend.But because there was some crying about the deck being weak against priests and aggro i decided to play a couple of games more.

Because of inactivity my rank had dropped from 2883 to 3451 and this is my rank now

And here is my winrate,it actually went up from 66% to 70%.

I don't think i will be able to play more for the remaining of the season but i can i assure you that if i do,i will upload my results.

Edit 3/10/2017

Hi there again mates,I had plenty of time to play yesterday and here is the result

I had overall 67%winrate but i won't upload it because it contains the winrate with the many many different variations of the deck that i tried.I will upload this exact list's winrate when i have enough games with only with it.(I need to clear the previous stats and start over).I will propably continue to play again on weekend.

Edit 26/10/2017

Sorry for taking so much to update the deck guide.I reached rank 1 pretty early in the season (8 octomber) with this version of the deck but then i had no time to play to push it to legend.The little time i had to play, i tried to make krulllock work which dropped me to the abyss of rank 5 again before i managed to create a competitive list(http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/957000-legend-63-the-world-is-krul).

Anyway here are the stats 

end edit

Okey without further ado lets jump to the guide!


 RAZA PRIEST(slightly ufavoured)Mulligan(Twilight Drake,Bloodreaver Gul'dan,Skulking Geist).In this guide i will assume they have everything they need on each turn and you don't steamroll them.I added the bonemare mostly for this match up.Their only clean answer for it is anduin and if they can't answer it,you snowball out of control.Still the lack of alex continues to hurt us.In order to improve your chances against them you have to do three things.

A.Play the dk asap.Even if you ressurect 0 demons just do it!The only reason for you not to play the dk is to be already super ahead.In that case hold the dk untill they die or they aoe.

B.Make things akward for them.Each card they play to survive is 2 less damage to your unholy face :P .So force them to use many cards in order to catch up.For example if you have already a 8/8, then play minions with less than 5 attack.If you have low attack minions,play a big dude.Mix things and try to always be unpredictable.

C.Don't not underestimate the damage you take.Each point of damage you take against priest matters so always try to get full value from your heals.

The reason why i don't consider this match up very favoured is their rng cards.They will get so many random cards you can't play around.As a result you will lose quite a few games to those cards.Just accept it and move on.If you get tilted,take a break.

HUNTER:(Very favoured)Mulligan:(Mistress of Mixtures,Doomsayer,Defile)In my attempt to counter priests,i  countered hunters and aggro lists in general ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.In this match you just control the board while  you tap as much as you can.You have many heals so don't be afraid of tapping.Keep your hand big and your self about 15 health and you can't lose.You have to draw terribly to lose this or they have to high roll(evolving winfury hydra/highmane etc).

Edit 3/10/2017.There is so much whining for this matchup in the comments(no offence) and i wondered why,untill i was asked to spectate 4 different guys in my friend list to see what they do wrong.Before we start the most common mistakes lets see why the deck should beat hunter consistently:

A:Hunter curve plays directly into defile.If they try to play around it,their game becomes too slow and easier to beat.

Proof :P


B:Hunter is straightforward deck.They can't do cute things with shadowsteps,cold bloods and combo cards like rogue,You know what they will do before they do it and it's easy to play around it.

C:You have so many heals.Nuff said.

Now most common mistakes people do in this match up.

A:They don't consider their hand and future plays.For example when your hand has only one aoe but is full of heals and the board isn't that threatening, then you should hold the aoe for value.On the other hand if your hand has few or no heals and you have plenty of aoes then you should use them.Easy right?Well you can't believe how many times i have seen simple choices like these getting f**cked up.

B:Poor timing.Just knowing when to use doomsayer can increase the deck's winrate by 10+% or more.This is where the average player missplays the most.For example even a rank 3 player didnt use his doomsayer on turn 5 even though he had no good follow ups because he had a 4/3 drake  on board.You can imagine what happened next.A highmane showed up,he had no answer and got rekt.He threw the game on that spot and he didnt even realised.Poor timing doesn't matter only with doomsayer of course but with aoes and single target removal aswell.You get the point.

C.Making no reads at all.The same rank 3 guy,tapped putting himself at 14 when they enemy hunter had a bow equiped and had two cards on hand for 4 turns.Spoiler alert they were skill commands XD.Making reads on hunter is so easy that is considered a missplay not to do it.

That's it.The hunter match up should be a crash test for you.If you don't have at the very  least 55% win on this match,then you should stop playing the deck if you care only about ranking up.Because you can't play the deck even at half efficiency.

THE NEW ROGUE: (Favoured)Mulligan(Doomsayer,Twilight Drake,Happy Ghoul,Hellfire)Okey this deck mutated from a smorcing deck to a highly snowbally curve deck like the karazhan shaman.They play an undercosted minion each turn and finish you with a burst.So how do we counter that?By disrupting their tempo.In this match up initiative is key.You should stall with doomsayers and do huge tempo plays yourself.Defile and just clearing won't do much here.That's why i added ghouls in the deck,because they allow huge early plays.Also playing geist,removes most of their burst potential.This was by far the most common match up after hitting rank 10 on the first day.

MURLOC PALA:(Very favoured).Mulligan and strategy same with hunter.So this an aggresive deck that rellies on on board with almost no burst.Enjoy your win!Well unless you draw terribly.

TEMPO SECRET MAGE: (favoured).Again mulligan and strategy same with hunter.In this match up you can turn their Mirror Entity against them with Mistress of Mixtures and make Counterspell useless with the cheap spells.The secret to this match is always take full value from your heals and not to proc the secrets if you don't need to.What i mean by this is to force them hold their other copy of their secrets to their hand as long as possible in order to make them dead cards.Do not use mortal coil for example on Counterspell unless you want to cast a spell.

EXODIA MAGE:(Concede).Honestly just do it.Unless you are one game away from a rank floor or legend,it's not even worth to play this match.You will get two or even three wins against aggro in the time you will use to take your 5% chance to win this game.

MILLLOCK:(Unfavoured)Mulligan:Twilight Drake,Doomsayer,Bloodreaver Gul'dan).In this match up,you want to use dk asap and to pressure with the hero power.However chances are that they will burn your threats before you will be able to play them.

JADE DRUID(Very favoured)Mulligan(:Twilight Drake,Doomsayer,DefileSkulking Geist).Most of Jade druids became more midrangy with Power of the Wild and Bonemare.Control the board,use the Doomsayer wisely and play Skulking Geist.You can outlast them easily and they will fatigue themselves.

HANDLOCK:(Favoured)Mulligan:(Doomsayer,Bloodreaver Gul'dan).In this match up you mulligan EVERYTHING away for the Doomsayer and the dk(maybe keep drakes too,but it depends on the rest of the hand).You have to play a Doomsayer on turn 3 to deny them a big dude on 4.If you have 2 of them play him again on turn 4.You outscale them hard,so the longer you stall,the better.If you have no Doomsayer on starting hand then prepare your board accordingly.You have plenty tools to deal with their threats so don't panic.Finally try to use the dk before the opponent even if you have 0 demons.The board itself is not so relevant in the late game.

EVOLVE SHAMAN(Super favoured).Mulligan(Doomsayer and aoes).The only match up that i have still 100% winratio.You have so many aoes, their board becomes threatening after turn 4 and they have at best 10 burst from hand(2xjade lighting +spell power totem).Enjoy your win.

ZOOLOCK.(Very favoured).Mulligan and strategy same with shaman.The only difference here is that they have burst potential that you should consider in your plays.


Medivh, the Guardian:Irreplaceable.This dude is the i win against tempo/midrange decks if you can play him safely.Making your already powerful reactive plays proactive as well?GG

The card was swapped.

The Lich King:I picked this dude because he serves a double role.He is the nail in the coffin against aggresive decks and a big threat against control ones.He is not however necessary for the deck.You can replace him with any good taunt if you face mostly aggro and with any big threat if you face mostly priests. 


Card was swapped.

Alexstrasza:Burn became popular again(hunter/mage) so our red haired beauty helps a ton!While she is mostly used as a defensive tool,against priests she is a offensive one.You want to play her when she gives you lethal or when the priest has used his Greater Healing Potion.That's because otherwise he might Shadow Visions for Greater Healing Potion and negate the effect.As for replacements it's hard to find.Not because the deck can't work with out her,but because there is no other card that does what she does(and no lord j sucks in this deck).So i will give the same advice i gave for The Lich King.Do you face mostly aggro?Put any defensive tool you like.Do you face mostly priests?Add another threat.


Card was swapped

Bloodmage Thalnos:(replace him with Tainted Zealot).The reason i prefer Bloodmage Thalnos over Tainted Zealot is that he guarantees the first proc of Defile and he replaces himself.The draw against aggro is always valuable,even for warlock.


Twisting Nether:One copy of the card is a must in the deck,however the second is not necessary anymore(no more endless jade druids) and can be swapped with anything you need/like.The reason why i kept two of them is consistency(to have one in hand when i need it) and Bonemare.Bonemare can turn a small or even empty board in the late game to a threat.Not only that but Twisting Nether can deal with the huge stealth minions hunters create with their dk.As i said though,two copies are just my personal choice.

Skulking Geist:Once again you can replace him with anything you like.The reason i include him in the deck is because he burns at least 3 cards from priest,he denies evolves,denies cold bloods and tracking and secures wins from the remaining jade druids.



-Mortal Coil

-Bloodmage Thalnos


+2x Happy Ghoul

+Ironbeak Owl

I played so many variations yesterday and did many changes for the sake of change just to see how things go.I tried again stonehills,prince valanar and so many other cards.The reason i ended up with these changes  is that instead of facing mostly priests and hunters like last season,this season(at least the two first days of it) i faced mostly rogues.And by mostly i mean that about 70+% of my games were against curve rogue.So i swapped any card that was underperforming against them with cards that were doing well against it.If i didn't face so many rogues,then the only thing i would change is :

-Mortal Coil

+Ironbeak Owl


The Lich King

-Ironbeak Owl


Bonemare pressures control decks more efficiently and synergies with the ghouls.I swapped owl  because i rarely had it in hand when i needed it and the and lich king because it was the most incosistent from the expensive cards.

-But dude aggro rekts me!I need more eary game and survival tools!

The deck overall is really hard to play efficiently and punishing if you missplay.If you still have problems with aggro then remove expensive cards like the lich king and  a nether for survival tools.That will make the deck easier to play and more forgiving but will lower its overall power.It's your choice.

As always here is the deck's theme song >:D


Here is the video showcasing my deck from TheSynch.Thanks man!

Win against Exodia mage!#feelsgoodman!

Everytime you tap last a kitty dies!Stop the massacre D:


This video is by kiwiinbacon.Thanks mate

The deck has more than 200+ upvotes and was one of the most popular lists of September!Thank you guys!