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(Guide) ULTIMATE Dragon Priest (Rank 15-5)

  • Last updated Sep 23, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 4860
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/20/2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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This is my first Deck on this Page!

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This Deck is so OP.


Go for Northshire Cleric > Shadow AscendantNetherspite HistorianShadow Visions.

If you have the first turn play Northshire Cleric and in 2. Turn Shadow Ascendant. It is a nice tempo to start the game. 

Turn 4 go for Twilight Drake if you have at least 5 cards on your hand.

Tar Creeper is always a good choice to protect your board. Best in combination with Shadow Ascendant.

Cards and meanings: 

Northshire Cleric --- Mulligan prio! great start and nice to draw cards for Twilight Drake .

Potion of Madness --- Best against Hunter i guess. Nice to clear early board control.

Shadow Ascendant --- Mulligan card! Boost your Northshire Cleric or Netherspite Historian very well.

Shadow Visions --- Nice boost for Endgame with an extra Free From Amber or an extra board clear with Dragonfire Porion .

Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word: should be clear. 

Eternal Servitude --- i got this in here because of the Free from Amber Minions which are pretty OP so you can get them back for only 4 Mana.

Greater Healing Potion --- If you need 2 of them you can get an extra card from Shadow Visions but i think after the patch you don't need 2 of them because of the nerf of Aggro Decks.

Drakonid Operative --- Pretty nice to kill the enemy with his own Cards!

Dragonfire Potion --- one of the best board clears in the game i guess. 

Free From Amber --- only use it in combination with Medivh, the Guardian very OP combo.

Mind Control --- Same, just use it with Medivh and get a 10-drop!

Cobalt Scalebane --- Very OP card i think. Just boost your other Minions in mid game.

Primordial Drake --- a little bit of control to the deck. Also benefits from the Drake boni.

Hope you like it. If you have any Questions just ask in the comments below!