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Legend in 3-Days: 64%W Secret Tempo Mage

  • Last updated Sep 28, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Tempo Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 3720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/15/2017 (Frozen Throne)
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  • RDeeHs
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Hello! [Big thanks to TwoDoorsThePlebLord and Kreptoman for helping out people in the Comment section! I haven't had time to be around lately as I have a big offline LAN to prepare for. It makes me really happy too see that a lot of people have had success with this deck! :) <3]
My name is RDee and I am a Pro player for Vexed Gaming.
I always try to look at the meta and predict what the next big thing could be.
As we all know Druid dominates the ladder, but Priest is also on the high rise and looks to become even better when the nerf hits 18th September.

If you check out my stats from rank 8 to legend you will see that I am 16-2 vs Priests, my matchups has mostly been Kazakuz Priest with 2-3 Big Priests. You will also notice that the only negative matchup is against Paladin.
Paladin will get hit a little bit by the nerf, meaning the matchup could become better.
So..This deck is working right now and seems really strong when played right, but could it become even stronger when the nerf hits? This is why I want to share it, I have barley faced any Secret Mages on ladder, but still the deck seems so strong. So why is no one playing it?..

The two biggest classes that people play right now is Druid and Priest, I played 151 games from rank 8 to Legend. I went 38-27 vs Druid 58.5% win rate. I went 16-2 vs Priest 88.9% win rate. I believe my sample size is big enough to prove this deck to be Good in this meta.

Alright so advice I can give you:
Mulligan: Mana wyrm / Babbling Book / Frostbolt / Glyph / Arcanologist / Apprentice.
We want Early game, It looks great to save Kirin'Tor + Secret to get an insane tempo start, but it easily backfires.
It's hard to snowball into the midgame without a 1 or 2 drop, even if we coin 3+3 drop (Kirin+Secret) it's rather weak. Mirror + Countespell has different effects depending on your matchup, it can be really weak or really great depending on what deck you face and which mana you decide to use it. But coining it turn 2 into a turn 3 Kirin+Secret usually gives you little value and negative 2 cards in your hand.

So what we want to do is try to mulligan and develope a board turn 1-2 and snowball and not skip 1-2 and go straight to 3. A dream scenario would be go first into Mana Wyrm > Arcanologist > Kirin'tor+Secret > Kabal crystal runner.
Tho the odds of this happening is so small that we can't save Kirin'tor and Kabal in our mulligan on random unless we have all 4 at once, we want the other 1-2 drops more.

The basic of this deck is tempo and that's how we have to look at it, play tempo and not the best value card.

Using secrets is really fun and I'll give you a few examples.
Let's say you have counterspell in your hand vs a Paladin, great! Now we can mess up his Steed, tho has he played Hydrologist? Because that card is great at messing up your CS's, what you want to do is play it at 3 if you think it's aggro pala to counter Blessing of kings, otherwise you play it on 5 to counter steed, but only if he hasn't played a Hyrdrologist and saved the secret in hand.

Vs Priest it can be great to get your board out and use a counterspell first at turn 5, to counter his Dragonfire potion play.

Vs Druid you want to think about turn 4-5.
Jade Druid: Turn 4, if you can do counterspell go for it because it can mess up his Nourish or he has to sacrifice his Innervate to stop your CS.
Vs Token Druid: This is a fun mind game! If you can play a secret turn 4 it's cool, from my own experiance very few Druid players then dare to play Living Mana.
So a dream scenario is you play Mirror entity he tries to play around it and plays Hydra. All of a sudden you get a hydra and board control = GG.
Otherwise if he plays Living mana into a counterspell it's also GG. It's because of mind games like this I managed to hit 58.5% vs Druid.
*You always want to save a Frostbolt vs Druid to counter a turn 1-3 Viscious Fledgling.

You can replace the Lich King for one more Bonemare/Medivh/Antonidas - A late game finnisher.
Lich King is a good late game threat as he replenishes your hand when you are really low on cards, he forces a reaction as he is an 8/8 with taunt and a unique card draw effect.
Using 2x Bonemare increase draw consistency but makes you focus more on board to not dead draw a Bonemare without being able to use it.
Medivh has good synergy with spells like Portals for board control/tempo and a nice unique battlecry effect as Bonemare.
Antonidas will usually not see play until turn 9 when you can combo him with a glyph or frostbolt, if lucky can combo with Conjurer's Mirror image at turn 8.
*Cool idea is using 1x Bonemare 1x Antonidas and putting in a Bully or two!*

You can replace Conjurer for 1x Babbling book or 1x Acolyte. I've tried both and Book is nice for more early game while Acolyte is nice when you face more control decks for a better late game.
Conjurer is a nice card to curve into and better vs all the Face/Aggro decks!
Conjurer also gives you a good midgame boost with Mirror images into value Bonemare. 

I hope this deck can help You to climb the ladder and have some fun in HS :)

Gameplay video vs Highlander Priest by Kadakk
Gameplay video by TheSynch
Let's play by seancool_com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VexedRDee

Twitch: https://Twitch.tv/RDeee - I stream a lot!