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Lilian Mech Rogue (Wild)

  • Last updated Oct 25, 2017 (Triggered)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Theorycraft
  • Deck Archetype: Mech Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 9820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/13/2017 (Frozen Throne)
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A purely-speculative Mech Rogue deck that I (hastily) threw together, as answer to a question regarding what Lilian Voss could theoretically be used for.

Overall, the deck centers around three main things:

  • Mech synergy
  • Spare Part generation for Lilian Voss
  • Deathrattles for N'Zoth, for a late game second-wind

It could certainly be improved or tinkered with; this is just a prototype. For example, Gazlowe could be included in the deck to take advantage of the Spare Part = more Mechs effect he has.

Edit: I've decided I want to take the idea seriously, and have edited it accordingly. Hopefully with some more updates, it'll become something half-noteworthy.