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Ticking Mindbreaking Fatigue Warrior

  • Last updated Sep 21, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Fatigue Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 7620
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/11/2017 (Frozen Throne)
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*Update 2

After the nerfs, I haven't really seen many jade druids at all actually, at the moment "hunter' and "Priests" are now dominating. While priest was already a favourable matchup, hunter was a relatively unfavourable one. After testing for a while I decided to make the priest matchup even more favourable, while simultaneously turn the unfavourable hunter matchup into a favourable one as well. I did this by removing the tech card "skulking geist" and lnstead of it's place I added "mindbreaker". Keep on reshuffling these into your deck until they cannot remove them anymore and watch them cry because they can't shoot you in your face with their machine gun : ) And hunter's can't make no zombie's anymore.  I found that it was most effective to play 2 ticking's and 1 mindbreaker, however you can also try 1 ticking and 2 mindbreakers, whatever suits your taste.


*Update 1:
I have been experimenting a lot with the addition of "
Rotface" in this deck, and while the random legendary it summons can be swingy, it does function as an extra win condition (and it's fun), the win-rate is still above 55%. The fatigue warrior list including "Rotface" is different enough to be warranted to be counted as a complete new deck, find it here -->

Rotten Fatigue Warrior


Hi fans of the fatigue warrior play style,

First of all, this deck does not contain any of the cards that will be nerved. So for those who choose to invest their time in mastering this deck, it will probably stay relevant until the next rotation. It will not get weaker after the patch and might get even stronger on the contrary. Games usually average around 10 minutes per match, so it is by no means fast with laddering.

I am an avid player of fatigue warrior, and I have over 1200 wins just playing fatigue warrior on ranked. A very long time ago I have written a guide which was well received on hearthstone on the exact same play style, when LOE was just released.

The most exciting thing that happened for me this expansion was the creation of the card "Dead man's hand" and "Bring it on". I have been brainstorming a lot about these two cards because in my opinion it has immense potential, yet I couldn't quite figure it out how to mend it all together... Until pro player "Dog" made a template of his fatigue warrior available to the masses which he brought to rank 10 legend. This is when it all came together, I have been playing his list a lot and actually like it very much, however something was missing, and after play testing for days I have finally found the answer.

I present to you my refined list of the Fatigue warrior, and the only difference is the removal of 2 armorsmiths and 1 public defender for 2 ticking abominations and 1 dirty rat.

Before we get into the playstyle, here is a shoutout to Windfury aka kiwi'nbacon for making a deck showcase video for this deck. While he made a lot of questionable plays :), he did win the game and it showcased the power of "ticking abonimation" on messing with the general game plan of the opponent and stalling his plays as well as the power of the additional dirty rat in stopping aggro and acting as a pseudo armorsmith.

The playstyle of this kind of deck is like survival mode in an arcade game. Your main objective every game is to survive as long as possible while staying as healthy as possible, until you either remove all of your opponents threats or gathered all required cards to "bring it on" and cycle infinitely.

There is however a slightly different set of rules against each of the classes. 
I will write the matchups against some of the most popular ones right now on ladder, and if this receives more upvotes I will add the rest as per requested.

Important note: I see a lot of players playing this deck, making the mistake of only shuffling deadman's hand when you can go infinite. This type of decision making is what makes this kind of deck have a high skill cap of play. In most of the matchups you do not need to go infinite, perhaps I can say that going infinite might be your last win condition like "jade idol" is for druid. Your main win condition is just having multiple garrosh, executes, bring it on's in your hand, ready to deal with every situation your opponent can throw at you, and when that does not work, you go infinite with cycling.

1. Vs Jade druid

Mulligan : Skulking geist, acolyte, ticking abonimation, bloodrazor, battle rage, sleep with the fishes, garrosh
Goal : Kill them all

Your goal is plain and simple in this matchup, you just need to kill all 10 or less jades in the most efficient way. Use your dirty rat to fish out their jade elephant,aya or jade golem. You do not need to go infinite in this match up. Use your deadman's hand once you have 2 executes bring it on and some cycle in your hand. Remember to use bring it on in a smart way to bait.

Strategy + gameplay on hsreplay

2. Vs Razakus priest

Mulligan: Whirlwind, battle rage, blood razor, ticking abonimation, acolyte of pain,garrosh
Goal: "Bring it on" Armor up till you are out of range

Your goal here is to cycle as fast as possible. Only use acolyte in combination with an immediate whirlwind effect and/or battle rage, otherwise it will end up in free card draw for the priest. Save your dirty rats to fish out prophet velen, most of the time you will know when it is saved in the opponents hand according to his/her playstyle. Raza/Kazakus will be played immediately but they always save prophet velen to try to do a sick burst. If you see the opportunity to mill him of 1 - 3 cards with your cold light, don't be afraid to do it, once you discard raza or the DK , the game is as good as over, even if you do not go infinite. If the opportunity does not come, all you have to do is bring it on until you have around 50+ armor, then they can do whatever they want, it will end up in a failure because they won't have enough damage to kill you. Even with thoughtsteal, elisepacks etc all accounted for.

 Strategy + Gameplay on hsreplay

3. Vs Exodia mage

Mulligan: Whirlwind, battle rage, blood razor, ticking abonimation, acolyte of pain
Goal: "Dirty rat out their antonidas and sorcer apprentices" or Mill it

Your goal here is to cycle as fast as possible, don't be afraid to overdraw yourself. The most important card in this game is dirty rat. Any moment you have 2 dirty rats in your hand, always use deadman's to shuffle them into your deck. Any time the mage has 9 cards in his hands, use your cold lights to mill him. Once 2 sorcerers are fished out or his antonidas, the mage will rage quit. Also something worth noting here, is that it removing his minions "arconologist" etc is not a top priority, you can just leave it on board a few turns instead of making less efficient plays, because that does not win them the game, the combo does.

Strategy + Gameplay on hsreplay

4 vs Big Priest

Mulligan: Whirlwind, battle rage, blood razor, ticking abonimation, acolyte of pain, garrosh
Goal: "Remove them all"

Big priest list of minions = 1 Ysera, 1 Ysharaaj, 1 Lich king, 2 Obsidian, 1 barnes, 2 eternal servitudes , 2 shadow essences.

Big priest always has an almost full handsize when playing against fatigue warrior, because we have nothing for him to remove, so letting that ysera with only 2 net damage a turn sit their a few turns does not matter that much to us.

I watched Day9's stream yesterday using dog's fatigue warrior, and he went up against big priest 4 times in a row and he lost all 4 while in a very favourable position. Except for a lot of misplays using the deck, the most essential factor causing this loss is his timing of using deadman's hand. Against deck's like big priest who run limited amount of big minions, all you really have to do is be really really greedy with your executes and shuffle your executes back into your deck as soon as possible. You do not have to wait for 2x deadman's hand in your hand before shuffling, just 2 executes or 1 execute with some cycle is enough for you to pull the trigger. If you can choose between hitting for example "Lich king" with a weapon + fishes to remove, vs an execute always choose to save the execute for later in the game. Remember that as a warrior you can afford to take a few hits, so letting that yshaarj hit you in the face for 1/2 times is not the end. What is more important is how you deal with it, when big priest summons yshaarj for the first time it is great to let it pull out additional big minions + dirty rat one from his hand for a very nice brawl.

Big priest strategy and gameplay

5. Vs Fatigue Warrior MIRROR MATCH

Mulligan: Ticking abomination, blood razor, acolyte of pain, garrosh, battle rage
Goal : "Remove your whole hand except for deadman's hand and cold lights ASAP, then put immense pressure on opponent and proceed to mill away their dead man's hand"

This is truly the skill matchup with this deck. You have to cycle as fast as possible, while preventing yourself from getting milled by the opponent. If you overextend with your acolytes etc, prepare to get milled. If you only have cold light oracles left as the only minion in your hand, prepare to get dirty ratted. This is truly a matchup of skill , some luck and wit. What you want to do is dump your entire hand. Do you see no minions on board and you have sleep with the fishes? Use it. Your opponent does not have a board but you have 2 minions? Use brawl. Your opponent play a 0/7 statted public defender? Execute that shit. No matter what you do, dump your whole hand, including bring it on's (later in the game) and only leave coldlight and deadman's hand in your hand. Then what you want to do is keep on drawing until your opponent mills their wincondition.

Example matchup video on hsreplay: Mirror matchup

6. VS Aggro/midrange DK hunter

Mulligan: Ticking abomination, acolyte of pain, blood razor, dirty rat, garrosh, battle rage
Goal: "Kill the hunter by hitting face while controlling board efficiently".

It's time to switch gears. Against hunters, especially those who get their DK out early, it's no use in playing the value game and stalling because they will have infinite zombeast and it will only be a downhill road. Somewhere in the middle of the game when you have a nice enough hand with garrosh in it, you will want to deadman's hand and start smacking face. Garrosh on it's own has 12 points worth of face damage. Garrosh x2 is 24 points of face damage. Combine that with a hit or 2 from dirty rat or one hit from ticking abonimation and that's game. Hunters biggest problem is that they have no healing, so once you think you have enough damage for the push to kill him, you go for it. Always ensure you have enough cycle in your hand.

Vs DK hunter On hsreplay Gameplay strategy.

7 Vs. Aggro Druid
Mulligan: Ticking abomination, acolyte of pain, blood razor, dirty rat,sleep with the fishes, whirlwind, bloodmage
Goal: "Survive, Remove them all and then bring it on" 

This matchup is pretty straight forward, you will want to have sleep with the fishes in your hand and a whirlwind effect. Ticking abomination is great against druid of the swarm and cryptlord. Remember they have a few waves, wave 1 = shitty minions like fireflies etc, wave 2 and 3 are living mana's so be sure to be prepared for that. For the rest just remove efficiently and cycle and you should be fine!

Gameplay and strategy on hsreplay.

The difference makers

Ticking Abomination

Ticking Abomination, yes the well known meme card of KOFT. While the stat line is insane and great tempo for 4 mana, nobody has actually thought that it would be useful in any deck... because it destroys your own board and prevents you from developing one....well guess what guys... Fatigue warriors doesn't care about their board and we will also never have a board. All we care about is surviving and cycling our deck in the most efficient way to infinity and beyond, and Ticking abominations are MVP for that purpose. 

Ticking abomination allow for great battle rage activations, 2 for 1 trades and allows you to still activate your acolyte of pains, when you do not have any cycle effect cards in your hand. It also forces your opponent to deal with it asap because they know all you care about is cycling as fast as possible while surviving. Most of the time it will eat 1.5 removal from your opponent. They cannot leave it up because they will die in 6 turns, they cannot not kill it because it helps the fatigue warrior by leaving it up. Unlike amor smith who just gets removed most of the time, the turn you play it while gaining you a negligent amount of health with unfavourable trades. If you slam this down on turn 4, you can be sure your opponent will have lose a lot of their tempo dealing with it, which makes all the difference in getting to your win condition of having answers to everything your opponent plays. 

Ticking abomination also saves the fatigue warrior a lot of resources a la removal, and will prevent you from using removal inefficiently. Think of the times when you executed your opponents "Raza", "Elise", " Jade behemoth", "mediocre jade","hydra", "crypt lord", "druid of the swarm" on turn 5 because you cannot leave it up. Well with this abomination up on the board it trades with their raza/elise/jade behemoth, saves you your removal, and it still stands there for another trade or your opponent has to sacrifice tempo to get rid of it.

Try it out, you will love it, and you will ask yourself why you haven't thought about this :)

Dirty Rat

In most cases, public defender has been useless for me. So instead of public defender I have opted for an extra dirty rat. Dirty rat is great and 2 dirty rats are even better. It really is MVP and a must in this kind of deck.

Dirty rat greatly improves your match ups against "Jade Druids" by eliminating an additional jade summon.

Dirty rat greatly improves your match ups against "Exodia mages" by pulling out their win conditions in the form of antonidas and sorcerer apprentices. Remember you cycle much faster than the mage, and shuffing additional dirty rats into your deck for more pulls is great.

Dirty rat greatly improves your match up against Razakus priest, by potentially pulling out Raza or Kazakus.

Some win rates of this deck in the current meta from hstracker app: 

I run the same deck under different names, so you need to look at them both combined. It looks favoured against a lot of decks, especially druid and priest.

Example matches:

Here are some of the matches + strategy (on hsreplay) I played just now on ladder:
-vs Jade druid --> Strategy + gameplay
-Vs Razakus priest --> Strategy + Gameplay
-Vs Exodia mage -->Strategy + Gameplay


All in all dirty rat is great, ticking abonimation is great , and this list is great, and it is great fun to play. Thank you "dog" for coming up with the initial version! By learning this list, you will never feel like you have an unfavourable match up, every game will feel winnable, and the games you lose will either be against a godlike curve or something you could have prevented yourself. I hope this arch type will get popular enough to see tournament play, because I for sure feel it belongs at least in TIER 1 and it still has immense potential for further refinements. In addition, all the cards played in this deck are free from the recent nerfs announced, so it can only get stronger instead of weaker. 

Let me know in the comments below, what you think about the changes and how they are working for you, and I hope you enjoy this deck as much as I do.