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[Rank 5] Enrage Warrior

  • Last updated Sep 13, 2017 (Frozen Throne)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Enrage Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 4240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/4/2017 (Frozen Throne)
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Tempo Warrior is back?

It is the first time that I had some success with Enrage Warrior since the loss of Grim Patron.

I was literally surprised how well it works on the current meta.

I am not not a pro player, never hit Legend before, but I feel like this deck might have the chance getting there.

I have replaced the Blood To Ichor with an Animated Berserker as the Berserker can be played on turn 1 for some early trading. It is hard to tell which one is better.


Search for:
Animated Berserker
Fire Fly
Amani Berserker
Fiery War Axe
Frothing Berserker

Against aggro, of if you have some of the previously mentioned cards, keep:
Ravaging Ghoul
Bloodhoof Brave

Some Tips

During early-game:

Try to keep up the tempo to win the board. If you are against faster decks like Hunter, Shaman, Warrior, and some Mage or Paladin, don't save your Inner RageSlam or Execute for the perfect situation. It is more important to take control over the board early.

During mid-game:

You need to find the fine balance between trading and hitting face.
Against fast decks try to keep the board until you find your finishers, they don't usually have board clears anyway.
Against control decks it is more important to start dealing damage in time, as you need to finish them before they could stabilize. Do not overextend the board when you can expect board-clears.
Unless you need it for extremely good trades, keep the Inner Rages, Animated Berserker/Blood To Ichor and Cruel Taskmaster to combo with Acolyte of Pain, Grommash Hellscream or Rotface. Don't forget to set up your Blood Razor for the same reason.

During late-game:

It is time to hit the face really hard. You need to rely on the deck's burst potential and your top-decking skills to finish your opponent before you run out of gas. You can always hope for something crazy from Rotface too.


Without Grommash Hellscream and Rotface the deck contains only Common and Rare cards so it should be easy to make it a budget deck.
Well it is not entirely true, as they are very important for the deck, but I will still mention some possible replacements for them.

Bonemare (second copy)
The Lich King (not budget but a more common Legendary)
Kor'kron Elite (second copy)


I would really appreciate some more tips or any corrections from experienced players in the comments. I will be happy to include them here!

Have fun, and try to enjoy this deck before the Fiery War Axe nerf.