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[72% WR]Mid Range Jade Rogue

  • Last updated Aug 30, 2017 (Frozen Throne)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Jade Lotus Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 7500
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/26/2017 (Frozen Throne)
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**UPTADED** I UPTADED THE MULLIGAN GUYS FOR YOU GUIDE WITH SOME TIPS AGAINTS EACH ARCHEOTYPE always remember that that type of decks need a lot of expirience to master , there are a lot of variables you need to consider /when do i need to clear board? do i need to keep my spells to rotate with auctioneer?  it's gonnna take a lot of practice to master those things and take the right decisions , for this deck you need to play smart and try to think 1 or 2 rounds ahead  TIP study the other decks so they don't caught you by surprise,also that gonna help you to play safe based on the mana curve!   im currently at rank one with this deck , but haven't been playing a lot ,im gonna uptade the synergies and general tips section soon!thanks for your support guys ! feel free to contact me!


hello  guys! i have been playing  HS from beta and i have been 6 times to legend , after a 6 months break i decided to write a guide about my decks that im currently playing and   i wanted to share  it with you guys! so with this deck i am currently at  67% win rate  so far and still climbing! so im gonna write a detailed guide with mulligan , synergies ,tips, situational cards, possible replacements, win rate stats with screenshot  so please upvote and assist my post :D

my WIN RATIO  and LEGEND CARD BACK as i was climbing the ladder, Gonna uptade again as soon as i hit 100 games!  so far is promising

PROOF: TOP RIGHT CORNER LINK -> https://ibb.co/n7gVmk




archeotype: JADE/TAUNT


establish an early board control  with your cheap minions, cheap removals ,  play aggresive but dont run out of steam always clear the board and set pressure on him, remeber his only big removals are Swipe  Wrath play around those cards or force him to play them! around mid game you should have better golems than him..  so always keep Swashburglar Backstab Razorpetal Lasher Jade Swarmer  and if you have coin or Counterfeit Coin  or both keep SI7 agent and Edwin VanCleef



archeotype: HANDLOCK

                                                                 LEVEL MEDIUM

Not that hard mutch up, handlocks most of the times play passive the first turns and they play a big minion on 4th turn or 3rd turn with coin  so establish early control with your minions, play aggresive  and keep in mind to have some removals  or combo cards to face the 4th turn minion  Mountain Giant..  Cards you want to keep Eviscerate Swashburglar Backstab Razorpetal Lasher with coin keep SI7 agent , vancleef  


archeotype: EVOLVE SHAMAN


this is a hard one, they have a lot of aoe power 2 Hex and some low cost minions so you need to take early board control and always clear the board so he doest evolve his minion or burst you down with Bloodlust,  the key here is patient ,always try to trade with body and have your removals like Vilespine Slayerto clear big threads. so you can take the control back with your JADES!! cards you want to keep Swashburglar Backstab  Jade Swarmer Jade Shuriken  you can combine it with a razor petal on round 3 for combo , and always with coin keep SI7 agent and Edwin VanCleef



PIRATE  keep removals , Backstab Razorpetal Lasher Jade Shuriken Swashburglar , key here is to clear fast the pirates so he cant buff up his weapons ! another sweet thing you can do is to Shadowstep Swashburglar  in the hope that you can draw a good taunt to limit his face attacks with weapons, with coin always keep SI7 AGENT  or even with shadow step  ..  so clear board!!!  ->[ pirates> over everything else]  and you also need t be careful of his mortal strike on life 12  it hit like a track play around it if you establish a good board its a sure win !


Since they have a very slow start, you need to be aggresive at the first turns, but play smart cause warriors have good aoe clears, so key card here is to use   Vilespine Slayer  on  lich king,,warriors dont tend to  overflow the board with many minions but with big ones, always make sure yo have a body down to trade and remember to rotate with Gadzedzan Auctioneer  because you will end up with a lot of cards around mid game play smart and you got this!!     MULLIG your early minions  look JADE DRUID SECTION


archeotype   ZODIAC [level EASY -MEDIUM]/ ELEMENTAL  [level MEDIUM]  

burst him down as fast as possible you don't even need to trade he will do it for you his whole deck are some aoe removals, draw power and their combo  at the end !! tips keep Vilespine Slayer to kill Doomsayer   and use Shadowstep  to resummon  your jade with [card]Jade Spirit /card] and remember to play around flamestrike at  round 7      MULLG  Swashburglar  Razorpetal Lasher   Edwin VanCleef  Jade Swarmer SI7 agent   you can conside adding Eater of Secrets

ELEMENTAL always trade the board have early pressure and  around mid game pressure him with your jades,  if you manage to go around round 10 and you have jades around 7/7 and he use Frost Lich Jainna  make sure to not leave a minion at 1 health so he can turn it..clear the board so  he doesnt lifesteal,  around that time you must be close to killing range so play smart you can conside adding Eater of Secrets




AGGRO : not that hard with all your single target removals ,establish early control, clear the board  so he doesnt buff his minions, in round 1-5 is all about  trade trade trade blah blah ,, at round 6 thought you have to got a play in your head to deal Savannah Highmane    cards you need yo keep Swashburglar   Razorpetal Lasher Backstab Jade Shuriken  with coin always keep agent  or even with Shadowstep 


archeotype CONTROL PRIEST [level EASY -MEDIUM]

CONTROL even if he is big priest / kazakus   in the early stages of the game as always you want to establish early control and play agrresive  try to play around  his big minions like the The Lich King [/card] because he can resummon him with 1milions ways so [card]Sap is very important here when he thinks he is gonna be protected  boom!!! sap  ->face with jades or w/e you got at the board and he will need to consider he next turn , always keep in mind that he will try to play his big minions to win over you so play with bodys mostly and keep your spells for the big threats!! as for  MULLIG   Swashburglar   Razorpetal Lasher Jade Swarmer  for some good early pressure !



MURLOCK sadly this mutch up  gonna be a hard pne, he can buff up his murlock and overfload the board, and since we lack big aoe spells gonna this is gonna be hard for us,!! eitherway with a good starting hand we can manage, always keep clear the board so we can establish a good board pressence, have in mind even thought they are mostly play with murlocks  they have Tirion Fordring so keep that in mind and save a Vilespine Slayer for him !     cards you want to keep Swashburglar   Razorpetal Lasher Backstab Jade Shuriken and always with coin keep SI7 agent and Edwin VanCleef even  Eviscerate
CONTROL not that bad of a much up   establish good control  , play around  Equality ,  pressure him with your jade spirits at mid game,  keep Sap for Tirion Fordring  if he summon him again Vilespine Slayer him then you have a  2 rounds window  to hit him hard !!




upvote for detailed explanation and how to manage the mana curve and combos