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Legendary Reno DK Mage S41( few next seasons too)

  • Last updated Jun 16, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 16260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/25/2017 (Frozen Throne)
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I strongly recommend you to read the guide before playing the deck. This deck is hard to pilot and not everyone can play it properly. In right hands this deck is unstopabble.

First of all: Prove (legend of season 41. other ones will be posted in the comments If I take the screenshots). It is still sucessfull deck even in 2018. I hit Legend with it in S41 EU, S45 Asia and now S48 Asia from rank 5 to legend and on EU it helped me a lot on ranks 4-1 where I was switching the decks a lot.


 Last update

16.06. 2018 Nagas Death: Dirty Rat is added to the deck instead of the Babbling Book. It proved to be way more impactful card in both Control and Combo matchups where it can disrupt the combo or pull a powerfull battlecry like Kazakus or N'Zoth, the Corruptor.



The goal is to drag them to the late game,where they are going to run out of resources and going to be outcontroled

So Mulligan for: Mad Scientist,Doomsayer,Frostbolt,Primordial Glyph,[card] Arcanologist [/card], Explosive Sheep,Volcanic Potion,Bloodmage Thalnos,Kazakus(Potion for 1 or 5)


Here we can afford a little bit slower start

Mad Scientist,Doomsayer,Mind Control Tech,Coldlight Oracle even Frost Lich Jaina for turn 9


All cards that will get you closer to your Reno,removals and Iceblock so they wont OTK you or make an Insane board. Also Coldlight Oracle can screw them and burn few cards)

Comboes of the deck:

  1. Brann Bronzebeard+Kazakus+Manic Soulcaster
  2. Atiesh+ Any high cost spell including Kazakus Potion for 10 mana
  3. Ragnaros the Firelord after Frost Lich Jaina is also Ragnaros, Lightlord xD
  4. Icy Touch activators are not only enemy minions but also Bloodmage Thalnos, Sindragosa's tokens and Polymorph
  5. If you really wanna be a Mill Mage Brann Bronzebeard+Coldlight Oracle+Manic Soulcaster is here for you :P


Priest: Most common: Big, Inner Fire in some Shell(Dragon,Deathlord one),Reno Priest,

Big Priest: Is now the most difficult Priest matchup after Raza nerf. We are looking here obviously for polymorphing his threats so they appear in his ressurect options. Outvalue him through Kazakus 10 mana potions. The best Polymorph option are value genrating cards like Ysera and The Lich King + Ragnaros the Firelord

Inner Fire Priest: What can I say. Destroy any minion he plays and Skulking Geist the shit out of him :D

Reno Priest: This is probably the strongest deck in Control vs Control matchup. Not only because Arcibishop is hella good in this matchup, but also because 1 mana Heropower of Shadowreaper Anduin thanks to Raza is still really powerfull. Then you just add Deathrattle or Dragon package and voila! You have basically the deck that cannot be killed easily. In this matchup you just need to milk all your value from your deck. If you want to improve Control matchups like this, then add Zola instead of Ooze. Brann Bronzebeard+Kazakus+Manic Soulcaster is one of the comboes that are definitelly to go.

Warlock: Most common:Cubelock,Renolock

The most powerfull warlock deck right now is Renolock. The reason behind it is the fact that it is basically a deck of 30 amazing cards. It can combat any type of deck and in a good hands can win an unwinable matchups like Kingsbane Rogue. To beat the Warlock you need to get the maximum value of your deck. Try to play around Deathlords and Rats and sneak the Coldlight when he has 8+ more cards in hand. Postnerf Cubelock is still a strong deck too but its less powerfull than before. Grag him to the late game and make sure that his Guldan will summon only Voidwalkers

Druid: Most common: Malygos, Aggro, Jade Druid, Mill Druid,Hadronox Druid, TogAzalina Druid

Malygos: Setting up Potion of Polymorph for Aviana is GG. Milling some cards with Coldlight can be GG too. Pressuring him trough your late game is really good too.

Aggro: Exhausting him with your AOE spells and Reno is the key to win

Jade Druid: Do what you have to do to stay alive and then Skulking Geist his wincondition

Mill Druid: Now this is actually a pretty winable Mill matchup If you manage to Skulking Geist [/card] his 1 mana spells and draw [card]Manic Soulcaster

Hadronox Druid: This might be a matchup where you can struggle due to the fact that Wild version runs N'Zoth that summons Hadronoxes back. The crucial combo is Brann Bronzebeard+Kazakus+Manic Soulcaster. You are searching for 10 mana spells and especially the ones that are Polymorphing the board and are summoning some threats. Also the key cards are Polymorph and Potion of Polymorph which will make a Sheep which is a beast and which will be added into poll of Witching Hour

TogAzalina Druid: This is a deck like Aviana Malygos Druid but weaker. Setting up Potion of Polymorph for Aviana is GG. However, if something went wrong and he had stolen your deck, make sure you played Jaina before he stole your deck because Jaina will har carry you to the victory most of the time

Mage: Aluneth, Exodia varriations, Reno Mage

Aluneth: This matchup is 50/50. The key is to counter him as hard as possible and just exhaust him.

Exodia varriations: Coldlight Oracle and Potion of Polymorph are here to help you. Set up them correctly and you will win.

Reno Mage: The most common type is in Nzoth Shell. Trough value generating cards and comboes this matchup is easy while our comboes are far better than just swarming the board with Nzoth and value cards like Pyros

Rogue: Most common: Kingsbane,Miracle,Mill, Tempo, Thief, Quest Rogue

Kingsbane and Miracle: No explanation needed. Just do what control deck have to do.

Mill Rogue: 99,999999% unwinabble. We are Control deck, control decks sucks against Mill Rogue.

Tempo: No matter what varriation (Keleseth or Baku one) just clear their board and drag them to the late game where this deck is superior

Thief: It is kinda like Tempo Rogue but stronger against Control thanks to Tess. Just make sure you to get some value out of your cards and you should be ok.

Quest: The later she completes the quest, the better for you. Clear her minions to minimalise the chances of bouncing them back into her hand

Warrior: Most common: Pirate,Control Nzoth Warrior, DMH Warrior, Quest Warrior

Pirate: A classical Control vs Aggro matchup. Exhaust them.

Control Nzoth Warrior: An easy matchup due to the more powerfull late game options

DMH Warrior: Now thats actually a winnable Mill matchup due to the fact that he may not clear Kazakus Potions on 1 turn. Especially if there is at least 4 of them thanks to the Brann Bronzebeard+Kazakus+Manic Soulcaster combo.

Quest Warrior: A Control Warrior with a different wincondition. The weakest spot of the deck is its unabilitty to Armor Up after the Sulfuras is played. Make sure you have some minions on the board and just start pushing some face damage.

Paladin: Most common: Anyfin,Control Exodia, Buffadin, Call to Arms varriations, Odd Paladin

Anyfin: Your goal is to survive 2 Anyfin Can Happen. Polymorphing his Murclos really hburts him a lot.

Control Exodia: Kill him, kill him before he plays the combo. In Wild with access to Emperor Thaurissan he don't need to run Burgly Bully [/card]. [card]Skulking Geist is your MVP here.

Buffadin: Clear the board. Make sure your life total is above 20 health due to the charge minions like Chillblade Champion

Call to Arms varriations: Clear his board, and again, and again, and again. You need to exhaust them. Choose your boardclears wisely, draw cards and drag him to the late game to outheal his damage with Jaina and Reno

Odd Paladin: ^Same strategy as Call to Arms varriations

Hunter: Most common: Spell Hunter, Midrange Hunter, Big Beasts Hunter, Reno Hunter

Againt whole hunter class the board control works perfectly well. One of the tough matchups is Big Hunter with Kathrena, Cubes and Big Beasts. Here you are rellying on your polymorph effects a lot and you're searching for Jaina and boardclears.

Reno Hunter: Looking for a kinda longer game than against a typical Hunter. Embrace the true power and value of your deck and you should come out of this fight as a winner.

Shaman: Most common: Aggro, Malygos Shaman, Control Ressurect Shaman, Shudderwock Shaman, Reno Shaman, Even Shaman

Aggro: A classical Control vs Aggro matchup. Exhaust them.

Malygos Shaman: Potion of Polymorph hitting hisEmperor Thaurissan = GG

Control Ressurect Shaman: We are far more stronger Control deck than him. Easy matchup.

Shudderwock Shaman: There are currently 2 versions of this deck. If we are talking about Jade version, go for Hero Jaina as soon as possible while picking up polymorph potion from Kazakus for his Shudderwock turn. If we are talking about OTK version, pressure them as hard as you can. Brann Bronzebeard+Coldlight Oracle might be game winning here.

Reno Shaman: This is the type of matchup where you will use all your powerfull comboes. Reno Shaman is extremely good against Control because it never runs out of steam thanks to Hagatha and Shudderwock which might be brought back by Baleful Banker or Zola. So simply what you are looking here for is to destroy him trough your board presence and value. Best picks for Kazakus Potions are board clears, Summonings on the board and adding some Demons to your hand.

Even Shaman: Even Shaman is Midrange type of deck and it should be treated that way. Drag him to the late game with clearing his board and staying alive and then start beating him with your legendaries.


 Card replacements

Arcane Intellect instead of Coldlight Oracle if you dont want your opponent to draw cards. (In this meta is it really unlikely tho because every deck has a good amount of carddraw with only exception being Big Priest.So why don't mill a few cards for your opponent? :P)

The Black Knight or Flame Lance or any other card that you maybe want in deck if you feel like you dont need Skulking Geist against Jades

Dr. Boom instead of Sindragosa

Dragoncaller Alanna instead of Sindragosa

Zola the Gorgon instead of Gluttonous Ooze for even more value.

Manic Soulcaster can be replaced by Zola the Gorgon

Arcane Artificer or Mistress of Mixtures or Zombie Chow or Babbling Book instead of Dirty Rat.

Witchwood Piper instead ofAzure Drake

Baleful Banker instead of Manic Soulcaster

Why no *insert card name*  in the deck?

Pyros: Mad Scientist is just waaay more usefull.

Emperor Thaurissan: We dont want cheaper spells. We want 10 mana Kazakus spells with Atiesh to summon Tyrantus and not 9 mana spells which will summon Dragonhatcher

Inkmaster Solia : Because she is the worst Highlander card right now. All Kabal legendaries are about mana cheating. And Raza or Kruul can cheat out waaay more mana with their effects than Solia can. Also anti synergy with Atiesh

Baron Geddon: Can be good. But can be extremely bad. Ragnaros is always good no matter what. I will tell you a bad scenario. Imagine you are In Frost Lich form and you have a nice board of 4 Water Elementals against Highlander Priest. All these elemantals are pretty healthy-all of them have 6 health and they are happily providing you heal and board control. Then you jam Geddon on board which will deal 2 damage to all. And after that Priest will Dragonfire Potion you and starts pinging your face instead of elementals. If you would not jam the Baron on board,Priest wuold have to deal with 1 hp elementals after dreagonfire and would not do 8 damage to your face. And against Highlander Priest,every damage to your face is important no matter what deck are you playing

Toki, Time-Tinker Such a good Hero Power in Monster Hunt and such a bad effect as a card :(. She is not good nor statwise nor with her effect. It is more like meme card

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