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Bonemare Midrange [/w GUIDE UPDATE]

  • Last updated Sep 1, 2017 (Frozen Throne)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 5100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/12/2017 (Frozen Throne)
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„Eyes on the Prey, not the Horizon.”

As I have promised, I created a guide for this deck. I believe at the moment this is the most viable Hunter deck on Standard ladder, and that is telling something. If you would pick this deck to demolish everyone in Ranked, I think you will be disappointed. However if you want to play with a competitive Hunter deck that is hella fun to play, you are at the right place, brother!

In this guide I will explain the different card choices, possible replacements, mulligan strategies against the different classes, and good Zombeast combination ideas. This deck is created by JAB but as I saw he didn’t really updated it, or hence played it much, thus I picked it up to see how it works and what could be improved. (Also: sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker; I live in Luxembourg)

Please note that I am not a professional player, but I play Hearthstone for 2 years on and off, and I played with Hunter since Naxramaxx/GvG (and it is my most played class, showing that I am not a strategic mastermind ;)). Every suggestion and experience regarding the deck is welcomed in the comment section. I will update this guide as I play with the deck. In the next few days it should have a full guide.

1. Card choices

Alleycat: Staple early game minion, 1 mana 2/2 at the first turn is really good for trading, especially coupled with Crackling Razormaw. It’s not useless during the late game either since you can hold it in your hands to activate a huge burst with 2x Kill Command spells.


Jeweled Macaw: Great card generator, especially against Control. It doesn’t trade well on it’s own, but can be combined with Crackling Razormaw. It can give nice end game options like King Krush or more Savannah Highmane.


Crackling Razormaw: Probably the best Hunter card from Un’Goro, can help in many different way. Good adapt picks: poisonous, divine shield, deathratthle, attack, health, +1/+1. Can be game winning if you can give a windfury to your Highmane. Sometimes it worth the risk.


Kindly Grandmother: Great value card, 2 mana 4/3 which comes with a 1/1, then a 3/2 after dying. Don’t play it against Priests, unless it will be on an empty board and you can guarantee it will die for you.


Animal Companion: Solid Hunter card, should be in every Hunter deck. All three of the beasts are quite useful. Leokk on a wide board, Misha against Aggro, and the all-time favorite Huffer for pushing damage against classes who cannot stabilize until their DK (Rogue, Mage).


Deadly Shot: A good single target removal against single enemy minions on the board. Keep it for a strong taunt, or a huge minion (Van Cleef for example). Don’t risk it against more targets because you will be sad. (Of course unless this is the only way you can proceed.)


Eaglehorn Bow: You won’t get extra charges since we don’t run Secrets in this deck, however it is good tool for trading coupled with your early minions. Against Mage it is a good tool to break the Ice Barrier


Kill Command: We use it mainly as a removal 5 healt damage is good against most minions up to the 5 drops. In case you have it late game, you can use it as an extra reach to finish off the opponent.


Rat Pack: Best card from MSoG, 3 mana 4/4 at least, but it is here to get buffed by either Houndmaster or Bonemare to get additional trade value.


Stitched Tracker: What is this shit? 3 mana 2/2? BS! Hold your horses, buddy. This card is actually really good, especially against Control. You will use it mainly later in the game, to generate additional threats from your Deck. It can effectively give you a second-third The Lich King or a third-fourth Savannah Highmane. It will not pull the card from your deck, so it creates an additional value card for you which can be used to pressure the opponent. In case it is in your early hand, it can be still helpful since it can correct your curve. (Just search for a minion which helps with your next few turns.)


Unleash the Hounds: In case your enemy is an Aggro deck or a deck which plays a lot of minions this can work as a boardclear, especially coupled with Animal Companion. You can also use it with Crackling Razormaw or just as extra reach for finishing off the enemy hero.


Houndmaster: Good against Aggro and trading, however the best possible use is as a combo with Rat Pack for extra small minions. Pay attention because it can only buff Beasts.


Infested Wolf: A decent 4 drop for Hunter with the total body of 5/5. Not the best card in the deck, but we lack good 4 drops and this minion is good for trading and against board clears.


Corpse Widow: With so many deathratthle minions which one can help flooding the board with Grandmas, Rat Packs, and can even make your Highmane a 4 mana cost minion. The stats are also pretty good. It can be coined out at turn 4 to drop the HIghmane at turn 5.


Deathstalker Rexxar: The star of the deck, nice win condition against Control decks and still useful against Aggro: the board clear can help just as the hero power to make taunt, charge, and lifesteal minions. You might think 2 mana for creating a Beast is utter shit, but in reality it is like „Pull an OP card for 2 mana”. You can customize the Beast for your curent situation. A versatile card for sure.


Savannah Highmane: Strong sticky minion which synergizes well with Corpse Widow and Crackling Razormaw among others. Staple in all Midrane Hunter decks.


Bonemare: A surprise card from the new expansion! Possibly the best card in the entire set for Midrange Hunter. It gives you a 9/9 body for 7 mana (in case you have another minion – which is not that hard with all the sticky basards in the deck), and 4/4 from this is charging so you can push that damage even to the Face!


The Lich King: The top dog in our deck, it can give game winning cards – although it’s always a toss off. Regardless, this is a must kill minion for the opponent since if it sticks to the board you can close out the game pretty easily.

 2. Possible Replacements

The deck is greatly customizable, we have a lot of 3 drops so in place of an Eaglehorn Bow, Stitched Tracker, or even one Unleash you can drop in something else like:

Acidic Swamp Ooze
Nesting Roc
Scavenging Hyena
The Black Knight or other good counters for the meta.

 3. Strategies against the different classes

I won’t list which classes are easy or hard matchups because frankly at this point the Hunter can struggle against everything, there is no class against which you win 100% of the time. It is sad, but true, still there are certain strategies to follow.


Shortly: Try to mulligan for your early game (especially against aggro): Alleycat, Crackling Razormaw, Animal Companion, Grandma, Rat Pack. I usually mulligan away the Stitched Tracker against Control classes, so I have card generator later on, otherwise it is a handy tool to correct your mana curve. Deathstalker Rexxar is a keep against greedy control classes (Priest for example). 

Against Aggro decks use Rexxar (coin out at turn 5 if possible) as board clear - but don't mulligan for him - which you set up with your early minions, then stitch together insane Taunt minions or Lifesteal ones. Against control try to do as much damage as possible to the Face while keeping control over the board, than once they start to get into their mid-game finish them with the value of Rexxar (charge minions, class specific anti beasts, etc.) It is not uncommon that I do enough face damage during the early-mid game to finish the game with a huge charge minion coupled with Kill Command.


Druid: OP classes, both the Token and the Jade variant are problematic with Spreading Plague, huge ramping, and various taunt/poisonous minions. I would stick with a good curve like:


turn 1: Alley Cat turn turn 2: Grandma/Crackling Razormaw turn 3: Animal Companion/Eaglehorn Bow turn 4: Houndmaster.

* If shit hits the fan then you should adapt to the current situation with our limited removals.
* In case it is a Jade Druid, you want to get DK Rexxar out if possible to outvalue their board with huge minions they can’t remove
* Never play more minions than 3 (max) because they will outvalue you with Spreading Plague


Hunter: Kepp a solid curve and try to make effective trades. Keep the board control and it should be one of the easier matches.


turn 1: Alley Cat turn turn 2: Grandma/Crackling Razormaw turn 3: Animal Companion/Eaglehorn Bow turn 4: Houndmaster.

* Use +health adapt or divine shild on your little minions to keep them on the board while you blow out the enemy Hunter. Poisonous on bigger guys.
* Hunters don’t have board clears so deathrattle minions mixed with heavy hitters can blow out the opponent easily.
* DK Rexxar is not necessary here, but in case you need a board clear and the set up is ideal, use it!


Mage: Once again, stick to curve minions. The strategy is to keep the board clear with sticky minions which the Mage cannot clear with one clear, and hit as much face damage as possible to break a suspected Ice Block. Mages can’t heal until their DK so try to finish them before they could stabilize.


turn 1: Alley Cat turn turn 2: Grandma/Crackling Razormaw turn 3: Animal Companion/Eaglehorn Bow turn 4: Houndmaster.

* Use deathrattle on your minions when you adapt (or of course +stats for trades).
* The Lich King can single handedly close out the game with the „can’t be targeted, +2/2” board buff, even if the Mage turns into DK, she cannot target anything.
* In case you see that cracking the secret or killing the mage is within reach, stop trading and do every damage to face.


Paladin: I haven’t run into many Paladins on the ladder so it is hard to tell what is the best strategy at this point, but doing strong curve while keeping in mind that he will most probably use taunt/divine shield minions is a good approach.

I would try to keep Alley Cat, Eaglehorn Bow, Crackling Razormaw, getting DK Rexxar during the game can also turn the table.

Turn 1: TBA


Priest: Historically the best matchup for Midrange Hunter,but I am not so sure about that. Sometimes I stomp them really easily, other times they just pull their 9 mana 4/8 lifesteal taunt from the deck with Barnes and you don’t have a Deadly Shot in your hand. I keep DK Rexxar many times to start dropping huge minions (kinda as a Jaraxxus strategy) which they can’t handle one after another.


Turn 1: Alley Cat is not awful play since even if they potion it, it is just a trade 1-on-1. Never drop Grandma on the board however as a follow-up. Turn 2: Crackling Razormaw is good since it’s out of potion range and can buff one of the alley cats (preferably +3 health or +3 attack to make the most of it, especially in case you can trade immediately into a Radiant Elemental for example. Turn 3 onwards: Depends on the opponent’s play, but try to keep the board.

* Keep in mind that Priests have problems with 4 attack minions, in case you can keep a minion at 4 attack/high health don’t buff it further, pick another target.
* The same applies to Zombeasts, but in case you can pick Bearshark as one of the two beasts, buff it as much as possible. The Priest will have a hard time removing it.
* Always drop (preferably low cost deathrattle) minions on the board before killing an Obsidian Statue to lower the chance of it hitting something useful. * [card]The Lich King can single handedly close out the game with the „can’t be targeted, +2/2” board buff, even if the Priest turns into DK, she cannot target anything.


Rogue: Possibly one of the easiest class to play against currently, I didn’t run into too many on ladder, but those I did were not that hard. Do a solid curve, push damage to the face while keeping the board clear and finish them off with Bonemare, The Lich King buffs or by just double Kill Command


turn 1: Alley Cat turn turn 2: Grandma/Crackling Razormaw turn 3: Animal Companion/Eaglehorn Bow turn 4: Houndmaster.


Shaman: TBA



Warlock: TBA



Warrior: TBA

 4. BEST Zombeasts



 The deck in action (Thanks Kristophesaurus):

Gameplay from Kiwii N bacon:

You are somewhat on a budget but still want to go beyond rank 10? Just want to play an EZ deck at the side of the pool? Try my Wild KoTFT Face Hunter deck which I used to climb in Wild (and to gain kind friend requests along the way):

Poolside Facehunter [Wild Rank 4+]
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