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[Wild] [Top 100 Legend][Season 41 & 42 Legend] ...

  • Last updated Nov 6, 2017 (Triggered)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: OTK Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 15300
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/11/2017 (Frozen Throne)
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Proof of Top 100 Legend:


Ever gotten tired of being the player at the back healing the party? Ever got tired of waiting 12,000 years to complete each Priest game? Then your dreams have been answered! Now you'll still have to sit at the back and heal, and games will probably only take 10,000 years... But eventually, yes eventually you get to blow them up, so it's all worth it. 

Tech options:

Against aggro add in....

The Curator, Golakka Crawler and Primordial Drake.

Against midrange add in...

N'Zoth the Corrupter, Azure Drake, Tortollan Shellraiser


The Combos:

If Raza and Shadowreaper Anduin have been played....

Combo: Hero Power, Prophet Velen, Hero Power, Mirage Caller, Hero Power = 14 damage + Any zero cost card will do 8 damage per.

If you have used Emperor on any 2 cards out of Prophet, Mirage Caller, or Mind Blast...

Combo: Hero Power, Prophet Velen, Hero Power, Mirage Caller, Hero Power, Mind Blast, Hero Power = 42 damage + Any zero cost card does 8 additional damage.

If you have used Emperor on any 3 cards out of Prophet, Mirage Caller, Holy Smite or Mind Blast...

Combo: Hero Power, Prophet Velen, Hero Power, Mirage Caller, Hero Power, Mind Blast, Hero Power, Holy Smite, Hero Power = 58 damage + Any zero cost card does 8 additional damage.


If Raza and Shadowreaper Anduin have not been played....

 If you have used Emperor on any 2 cards out of Prophet, Mirage Caller, or Mind Blast...

Combo: Prophet, Mirage Caller copying it, Mind Blast = 20 damage

If you have used Emperor on any 3 cards out of Prophet, Mirage Caller, Holy Smite or Mind Blast...

Combo: Prophet, Mirage Caller copying it, Mind Blast, Holy Smite = 28 damage


*Additional note to all combos, it is possible to Shadow Visions into another Mind Blast or Holy Smite for even more damage, just in case.


Card Choices:

Holy Smite: Not only does it provide useful early game against the vast Pirate hordes, but it really extends the damage potential of the combo. 

Mistress of Mixtures: A cheap spell to extend the combo, or a solid anti-aggro. Sometimes I throw it into my own AoE just to gain the 4 health.

Northshire Cleric: A lot of people try to go full Northshire, most of the time she's really a combo extender, or something you drop after Raza to net a card or two. Most people kill her quickly because they can't leave her unchecked, but if she ever is.... Geez.... The only person injured is going to be your opponent. What a monster.

Potion of Madness: No explanation required, if I could run 2 of any card in the deck... This is it. Sometimes at night I even dream of this card.

Power Word Shield: I mostly just wanted cheap draw, I'm as likely to drop this an an opponent's minion before killing it as not. Won a lot of thank yous out of opponents for that. And a lot of anger when I immediately kill it.

Bloodmage Thanos: Cycles, feed N'Zoth, and works with AoEs.

Dirty Rat: Solid against aggro, but mostly it's used to help against enemy OTKs. Just save it until later in the game to nail enemy Velens, Mirage Callers, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Antonidas, etc. In war of OTKs, it pays to fight dirty.

Doomsayer: Sometimes it lives... Mostly it gets pillaged by pirates and acts as a gain 7 plus health. Though hiding it behind taunts in the late game against midrange is often a solid plan.

Loot Horder: Saves having to heal my opponent on turn 2 out of boredom, cycles, feeds N'Zoth.

Mind Blast: I have no idea what life is like in Standard, but in Wild... a great deal of my opponents go above 30 health. Especially Jade Druids, which comprised over half of my matches from rank 3 to Legend. You need this card, 30 damage is rarely enough.

Novice Engineer: Yes, yes I have stooped this low for card draw. I'm sorry, I go to meetings... I'll crawl my way up from rock bottom one day. 

Shadow Visions: I keep this card in my opener every single time, it's everything you ever wanted with a bow on top. Sometimes it even speeds up the combo by getting Mind Blast... And sometimes I end up with 2 Mind Blasts and a very confused opponent who dies before Shadowreaper Anduin ever hits the table. The Shadow knows... how to wreck your opponents.

Shadow Word Pain: Would run 2 if Raza wasn't an improvement on sliced bread.

Coldlight Oracle: This card is a hold over from when I was running the Curator package. It's a solid draw as card draw is way better for you than your opponent. But mostly it gives you an out against enemy OTKs. Use it to burn as many cards as you can and hope for the best, I've actually won a surprising number of games I wouldn't have because of this card.

Deathlord: Nobody plays Tirion anymore? I mean he always gets Tirion out of their deck. But if nobody runs Tirion he mostly gets trash, and saves you from the scurvy dogs plundering the seas.

Mirage Caller: There are these things called Jade Druids (which clearly nobody has heard of)... You will need to do at least 40 to them most of the time in one turn. Good ones will armor up like crazy, especially using their hero card. 

Shadow Word Death: MDK your opponent's oversized thing (it's probably just another Jade anyway). Works miracles against Big Priest. 

Tar Creeper: This little guy really takes his pound of flesh when people try to bring him down. Amazing.

Kazakus: Excuse me. Do you have time to discuss our lord and savior Kazakus? Don't be afraid to take 1 or 5 cost potions, I very rarely take 10 cost potions. Just slamming him on 4, and playing a 5 cost potion on 5 is incredible. Always keep this card in your starting hand.

Tortollan Shellraiser: A concession to make N'Zoth better, probably the weakest taunt in the deck.

Azure Drake: Yay card draw, that doesn't die to Dragonfire Potion. Could probably be any other card draw minion if you wanted. An easy flex slot.

Raza the Chained: More like Unchained! Am I right? Am I right? Guys? Ahhhhh.... It's part of the main combo, I actually mulligan for him against control as he's a very solid card overall, and getting him online quickly will win some games all by itself.

Sludge Belcher: He's so cute, the way he murders my opponents minions and then leaves a little steaming pile behind for them to deal with.

Dragonfire Potion: In a world of no Dragon Priests, this card is pretty much amazing. Show your opponents what it's like to invade Westeros. 

Emperor Thuraissan: By the power of Ragnaros my combo is over 9,000? Required to beat any deck that goes above 30 health... And that is surprisingly a very large amount of them.

Lightbomb: Someone set us up the Lightbomb, the Jades sure do sparkle in the light,  turns out it burns them though.

Reno Jackson: He made me a promise, if I followed him we're are going to be rich. He hasn't lied to me yet. Sometimes he is a bit drunk and doesn't make it to the party though.

Prophet Velen: Pretty certain all who have wandered into the cross hairs of Prophet Velen have lost. 

Shadowreaper Anduin: Being betrayed by the light really did well for Anduin, and it really did well for the combo potential of Priest as well. I have lost count of the number of times he has killed Raza though. Turns out there isn't always the time to get full value out of old Raza before he dies. Sacrifices must be made for Anduin's greater good. Don't be afraid to throw Raza under the bus.

N'Zoth: For awhile I actually cut him. But what I found was he ends up drawing 1-2 cards, and providing 1-3 taunts. This not only provides an extra turn, but often gets you the last little bit of the way to the combo. Also seals the deal against aggro if you live that long, and provides a hard to answer board for Jade Druid, or at least hard enough to win shortly after.


General Play Instructions:

In general, always mulligan assuming your opponent is aggro deck of their class. So you're looking for Potion of Madness, early taunts, early removal, and keep Kazakus because he's good in all matchups. Speaking of which, unless your opponent is heavy aggro, most of the time you'll want a 5 cost potion. And it will almost always be used to establish midgame board presence, so you're looking for board wipes and resurrect or make a 5/5 demon.

You will almost always want to push for the late game, as if it goes long enough you'll just instant kill them anyway. Also keep an eye out for alternate versions of the combo and a way to push for lethal before Raza + Anduin. 

Matchup Guide and mulligans:

Raza Priest (all variations):

Hard mulligan for Raza, and if you have him then Anduin. Your plan is to control the board and pressure as necessary, keep an eye out for the alternate combos that don't involve Shadowreaper or Raza, it's very possible to kill them very early with a 20 damage Velen combo. Otherwise try to maximize draw as there is no life total that they can achieve that will keep them safe from your OTK, and if you have the opportunity to burn 1-2 cards using Coldlight Oracle, especially near the end of the game, do it. Due to our excessive push towards the full OTK, we're extremely favored in this matchup. 

Big Priest:

As you won't know they're that in advance still hard mull for Raza and Anduin. Be on the lookout for Potion of Madness, be it a regular draw, or discovered through Shadow Visions. You'll want it to answer the Barnes 1/1 since then they can't rezz it. Otherwise use minions to trade for the 5/5s, and save your hard removal for when they come back with full stats. All in all, unless they're running Y'sera, you will win, and even if they are... They still have to get her.

Circle Priest:

If you have gods, pray to them... You are a Priest after all. Nobody will hear you scream in this matchup. Try to burn as many cards of their possible using their own Northshire Clerics. Also try to keep the health down on their minions just so they can't double it up to such insane numbers. I'll level with you, unless their hand is really, really bad... This is not a good matchup for you. Try to get Shadow Word: Pain and a copy of it.

Giant Hunter:

Mulligan for early removal and plays, keep Lightbomb if you have it. The trick to this matchup is to not, and I repeat NOT damage them in the early game. If you see them lowering their life total with a weapon or something, heal them. Seriously. They need to be missing 5 health to play Molten, make it a dead card till late. Keep your hand lower in cards so Clockwork Giant costs 1-2 Mana. And keep the board free of as many minions as possible to make Sea Giant have a cost too. This deck is really easy to beat if you see what it is, I always just assume a Hunter is this deck as the mulligan outside of Lightbomb is the same. Just watch for low tempo minions, and if you see Naga Sea Witch, let her live. Turns out they just play all their Giants anyway, so making the rest of their deck cost 5 is pretty good, and slows them down immensely.

Jade Druid:

Way easier if you're playing N'Zoth, in fact I highly recommend teching to the anti-midrange version if you're seeing this a lot. As for mulligans, if you know it's them sure go ahead and mulligan for Raza. Otherwise always mulligan for Aggro Druid because you have forever to draw what you need against this deck.

Make a point of keeping the board clear if possible. Try to get extra board wipes off Kazakus, and a duplicate Lightbomb if you can. Just maximize your draw otherwise, and setup for a heavy damage combo. They usually have 40-50 health, so the full combo is here for them. Also you could care less about infinite Jades. You're a combo deck, if the game goes late, you win. They should be terrified to let it get that far.

Pirate Warrior:

Mulligan for Potion of Madness, Shadow Word: Pain, Doomsayer, Golakka Crawler, Reno Jackson, or really any of your early interactive stuff. You'll need a fair amount of it. Control the board all you can, save Mistress of Mixtures for when you're already hurt. Never play Coldlight Oracle unless it's to BM, and don't bother with the combo here, if you can weather the early onslaught they lose anyway. Oh and just slam Velen if you can play him and heal, they have to answer him else the heals will out do their damage. All in all, this is the least skillful or interactive match you'll play on either side of the field, flip a coin for this match if you're playing the N'Zoth version, or you should be favored if you're playing the anti aggro version.


To be continued...