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[F2P] Aggro Druid

  • Last updated May 4, 2018 (Witchwood)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Token Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 960
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/25/2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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Witchwood NEWS!

[F2P] Eleburn Mage - works great even on highest ranks
[F2P] Secret Paladin

I just recently decided to make a Twitter account, guys, so feel free to be my first followers and make me happy ^^ @Kasai_HS. I will post decklists there over time. Mostly those I will use for tournaments, but you will find there some F2P or meme ones now and then. YouTube channel and hopefully Twitch stream will follow up so stay tuned!

Pull up a chair by the hearth!

Let me introduce myself. My gamer name is Kasai, I am from Slovakia and I gained the passion for card games with Magic:The Gathering, but let's talk about the Hearthstone. I play the Hearthstone since the open beta in January 14. I have multiple accounts on both EU and US servers. I reached Standard and Wild Legends several times, but I am not really fan of meta power-grinding as I rather think about cool and fun deck ideas.

Despite the Fact I am not the F2P player, but we, who are spending our money on the Hearthstone, we need you! Without F2P players would game as it is die since you are the wast majority of the Hearthstone community. My priority on the HearthPwn is to bring you guys playable F2P decks. I am making those time to time when I get new idea, sometimes just budgetized meta decks and sometimes the whole new archetype. All of them are well synergized and viable for casual play, quests or even climbing the rank 5 and higher if you are patient enough.

Feel free to follow, comment or add me in game. I have all of my recent F2P decks in my decklist so if you want to ask anything about playstyle, mulligan or general tactics, go for it. I will write all of those if the deck gain some popularity as it is really time consumpting and most of decks die in HearthPwn archive with +1 rating.

Yours Kasai

Updated KFT Version: 

[F2P] Aggro Druid
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This is a deck i formerly built for my new to game friend and he is doing better than i even expected, that's why i decided to share it with you. 

Some cards are mostly there only bcs he didn't have better alternatives, however i think, that they work great all together as it is.

I've decided to run this deck myself as I don't have enough time to climb 5 - Legend eitherway. I'll check it in higher ranks and bring you guys some hints and maybe replacements.

Edit: 50 games got me only one rank higher so it has something little more than 50% winrate up here. If you want to climb legend and you don't have patience for playing 250+ games with this deck i strongly recommend you to make some "High-end replacements" mentioned below.

However it is still a decent deck to climb 5 which is almost the same reward value as higher ranks. (505 dust value for rank 5 - 550 dust value for Legend if I remember right)

Cards explanation:

Innervate- Great card for any archetype deck. In this deck you want to play it as soon as possible, never throw it away from mulligan as you really don't want to topdeck it. Combo with Vicious Fledgling on turn one is extremely powerful


Arcane Anomaly - This card is not played in meta token druid decks at all, but its synergy with your cheap spells is great. Play it together with other spells, so it is not that easy to remove. Don't play it alone on turn one if you are first against Mage/Druid/Rogue as they can just coin HP and remove it. You can also consider throwing it away from mulligan if you have other 1-drop against these heroes and you don't have coin.


Enchanted Raven - 1-drop with very good 2/2 + beast synergy with Mark of Y'Shaarj. Always keep on mulligan, really good card to start with in any circumstances.


Fire Fly - Two 1-drops in one card with decent stats. Very good for this deck as it lacks a card draw mechanics. Always keep it on mulli if you didn't get Enchanted Raven. If you are on coin and you already have a decent 2-drop play just play both of them because it becames harder to spend mana effectively as game's going on so coin most possibly becomes useless later (If you are not against Mage, then just keep the coin as counter-Counterspell).


Mark of the Lotus - Core card but don't keep it on mulli at all costs. It is very important to have minions at least for turn one and turn two play. You can keep it if you will be able to cast it in turn 2 or 3 on 3 minions. Same for drawing it. The way i find the most effective for this card is to cast it when you have got at least 3 minions on board. If you are running Living Mana in your deck consider keeping it for buffing them just after play to avoid 2 dmg aoe clear (just make sure you will have 1 mana after casting Living Mana, coin or Innervate may help you) against aggro you can play Living Mana and Mark of the Lotus in separated turns as aggro decks usually lacks effective aoe. If you are facing aggro it is better to use it even on only one or two minions if it helps for a good trade.


Stonetusk Boar - Now this little guy is here to partialy replace Patches the Pirate. Play it only with any persistent buff. Also playing him from hand together with Savage Roar gives you 3 more damage. Dont keep him on mulligan, it is not good turn one play. When topdecked it can still have direct impact on game especially with buffs.


Dire Wolf Alpha - Most possibly the weakest card in decklist as it doesn't bring permanent buff and is really easy to remove, but it has synergy with Mark of Y'Shaarj which is nice. I highly recommend you to play it only if you can clear the opponents board. Feel free to replace it with anything from the High-End replacements.


Mark of Y'Shaarj - Only single target buff and only card draw mechanics in deck. Use it wisely, but dont be afraid of using it on non-beast if it helps minion to trade or to survive. You can keep it on mulligan if you have 1-drop beast, but i usually don't keep it as generaly drops are more important for tempo.


Power of the Wild - Very same rules of play as for Mark of the Lotus. Using it for summoning a 3/2 beast is actually a wasted potential of this card, but there are some few rare situations when you would desperatedly need 2-drop, or when you would have more than enough buffs already in hand. It is very situational and it can't be generalized when do summon and when don't. Practicing this deck will teach you how to play this card properly better than any guide will ever do.


Eggnapper - Solid 3/1 3-drop with good deathrattle for this deck archetype. Moreover, hatched raptors are beasts, so there is also a synergy with Mark of Y'Shaarj. Play it when you are expecting AoE from opponent as it can make them to reconsider using it, and even if they do, you will still most possibly have 2 1/1 minions to buff. Use Eggnapper to trade before using buff, so you buff the raptors it summons. Keep it only if you have 1-drop and a decent turn 2 play.


Ironbeak Owl - This little guy can save your day. Don't be afraid of using him on something like Tar Creeper as usually you want to be finished before anyone would be able to place bigger threat. There are only 3 silence minions available for druid and this one is the cheapest one and it even has a synergy with Mark of Y'Shaarj. Keeper of the Grove is also viable but you can't answer to turn 3 / turn 2 + coin Tar Creeper play which is the most used contra aggro playstyle. Any other minions is better to have on mulligan so don't keep it.


More to come...

 High-end replacements:

Pirate Minipackage:
-1 Stonetusk Boar
-1 Dire Wolf Alpha
-1 Shattered Sun Cleric
+1 Patches the Pirate
+2 Bloodsail Corsair
Really powerfull tempo with 2 minions for 1 mana (if you are not unlucky enough to draw Patches the Pirate before Bloodsail Corsair) with nice to have tech battlecry. Play the first Bloodsail Corsair right away on turn one or if you can buff it so you are not raising odds of topdecking Patches the Pirate.


Living Mana:
-1 Dire Wolf Alpha
-1 Eggnapper
+2 Living Mana
In my opinion this is the strongest card for token druid and it has won me horde of a games. BUT play it carefully. If you are against Mage, Priest and Paladin play it together with one of the +1/+1 buff as they run their 2 dmg AoE in almost every deck and trust me, they are keeping it for this card. Also consider it not playing against Shaman as Devolve will just make you cry. Be aware of Rogues Vanish even though not many decks run it, so it is worth a risk. If you are facing Control Warrior bait him to use his Brawl before you play this card. If you have Innervate and Savage Roar and your opponent didn't kill them you have most possibly won a game.


Leeroy Jenkins
-1 Reckless Rocketeer
+1 Leeroy Jenkins
Pretty obvious replacement. Unlike in pirate warrior, Leeroy Jenkins has way more opportunities for play here as you can just buff him so he is not easy to kill anymore. Don't be affraid of using Mark of Y'Shaarj on him. If you can't buff him right away just keep him for dealing with big taunts or as a finisher, you have guaranteed at least 8+2 dmg together with Savage Roar directly from a hand which is insane.


Murloc Minipackage:
-2 Dire Wolf Alpha
-2 Eggnapper
-1 Frostwolf Warlord
+2 Bluegill Warrior
+2 Murloc Warleader
+1 Finja, the Flying Star
Very powerfull package if you are not very unlucky. If you got Finja, the Flying Star on mulligan and you have decent turn 1 or turn 2 play keep him. Executing his effect will lead to filling your board and together with your buffs it is almost assured victory. If you have Finja, the Flying Star from mulligan or if you draw him in early turns just go for trade with  everything else you have to keep board under your control and don't bother to deal damage to face if you have other options. Don't keep other murlocs on mulligan in any circumstances. Bluegill Warrior is weak and is not worth 2-mana play and Murloc Warleader is too slow and you don't want to make Finja, the Flying Star worthless.


Crabs Package:
-2 Arcane Anomaly
-2 Dire Wolf Alpha
+2 Hungry Crab
+2 Golakka Crawler
Very good package. I highly recommend you to use it. You will have upper hand against Pirate Warriors and Murladins, but those are also decent drops even against non-murloc non-pirate decks as both of cards are beasts with decent stats. Keep them on mulligan especially if there is a chance you will face one of these tribes.


Bittertide Hydra:
-1 Shattered Sun Cleric
-1 Frostwolf Warlord
+2 Bittertide Hydra
I am not actually fan of playing Bittertide Hydra but it is more than viable option for this deck. Powerfull 5-drop, beast synergy but play it VERY carefully against  mages as they can easily freeze it and just slowly peel you, or if they can't, it's still not big deal for them to remove it. Also beware of shaman as lot of them are running Volcano, which is the best possible answer to Bittertide Hydra and it is almost certain loss for you. But on the other side I just tested it and played it on turn 2 (Coin - Innervate - Bittertide Hydra) and my opponent (priest) didn't only concede, he has literally ragequitted. One of the cheaper High-end replacements definitelly worth a shot!


High-end replacements combinations:

FAQ: Can I combine X with X?
Answer: Yes you can, moreover I highly recommend you to run more high-end replacements if you have them, but you need to follow this simple key bellow.

Group A: Leeroy Jenkins, Pirate Minipackage, Crabs Package - You can, and should if you can, combine these with anything
Group B: Living Mana, Murloc Minipackage, Bittertide Hydra - You can combine these with anything from Group A but you should NOT combine it with other  Group B replacements as it slows your deck and possibly brings some dead draws too.


General Play:
You have 2 possible ways to play this deck - All-in aggro style and Midrange-ish play with plan B. Now let me explain:

1. All-in aggro style
a) Face Aggro - Simple. Going face ignoring everyone and everything. Viable against very
late game decks without a strong control mechanics as Jade/Big Druid or against aggro
decks where opponent had obviously bad mulligan and/or early game.
b) Trading Aggro - Everything straight to board and making wise trades. Viable against
any aggro or midrange deck without a strong AoE (Hunter, Pirate Warrior).

2. Midrange-ish play with plan B
You play around AoE, by having only 3-4 minions on board at most. When opponent happens to clear them you simply use your "plan B" which is either minions with some buffs in your hand in original decklist or something from High-End replacements you have kept for this situation. (Playing Living Mana into Innervate into Mark of the Lotus into Power of the Wild on turn 8 is a great example of plan B after your mage foe Flamestriked your board) Use this strategy when you are obviously in unfavored match-up like Control/Freeze Mages, Control Priest etc. who can easily wipe your board without an excuse.



Mirror Matchup:
As in many other aggro mirror matchups also in this one, player who are on coin will most possibly lose the match. One turn advantage from coin is just not enough at all in comparsion to one turn advantage for the rest of the game. But it doesn't mean you have to instaconcede if you are the second to play.
Mulligan for 1 and 2 drops and go on board with everything you've got. Keep Mark of the Lotus if you already have 3 minions to play in first 2 turns and don't keep Power of the Wild (you can keep it if you are playing Pirate Minipackage and you have Bloodsail Corsair otherwise it is just a dead card untill turn 3) If you have Enchanted Raven you can keep Mark of Y'Shaarj. If you have 1 Innervate mulli keep it, if you have 2, throw one away, you don't want to topdeck it, but it is way too important to have a minion plays in first 2 turns in this matchup.
Don't go blindly to face, rather do some wise trades. It is easy to predict opponents play as you have almost the same deck. Living Mana could be your best friend in this matchup.
Difficulty: 5/10


More to come...


Ideal start

29 dmg right in the face


Very nice original decklist play highlight video by TheSynch, thank you very much!