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Yin and Yang Shaman

  • Last updated Oct 5, 2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Elemental Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 9300
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/10/2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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  • Kovachut
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Welcome to the Yin and Yang Shaman deck page


Yin and Yang, two seemingly opposite forces and yet the core parts of a Oneness. This is how I like to describe the jade elemental deck-type, a mix of two different things, that complete one another.

This is my most favourite Un'goro deck I have played so far, which I main-ed back then. With this I faced the meta ones, we all know so much, and it withstand their attacks. It deservedly defended its name. Although the highest rank I've reached with it is rank 2 (in July), I've never experienced so much success with a self brewed deck like this before. I put so much time and effort to make it work and frankly it did turned out to be a great success. For those of you, who want to learn more about the history regarding my take on the development of this deck, can click the link here.

Anywho I'm looking forward to refine the deck more. So I would like to hear your opinion about it, I want to get some tips on what to change and I would be very grateful, if some of you tried this deck on their own and shared the experience. Don't be scared to express your thoughts. Even if you are skeptical about the deck, every feedback will be welcomed.

A small request to you

Look, I was and I’m still grateful for all of your support. It warmed my hearth, that some of you liked the deck. But I have one beg of you - please don’t include or even advice including Thrall, Deathseer into that deck. If some of you do this, I will seriously take it as an insult - to me as the deck-builder and to the deck itself. Regardless if you are a streamer or not, a pro player or a casual one.

In this link here you can see why am I so attached to this deck. Tl;dr: I have invested a lot of time, effort and thought on the card inclusions and the possible strategies, in order to make the deck a competitive and serious control one. And you dare ruin that nature with the addition of RNG just to gain more value out of your cards? THIS IS NOT ONE OF THE TYPICAL CLOWN FIESTA DECKS you see on ladder. In order to work, you have to practice with it a lot. Resource management, taking into consideration the overload drawback, deciding the right time to activate the elementals, if there is such. If you have any difficulties you should practice to become a better pilot, not to let RNG to fix your problems. And, trust me, the deck doesn't need more value, it needs more draw and reactive stuff (at best reactive elementals or just better elemental synergy).

Just a small video. Although BK's deck doesn't include elementals and his channel is mainly for entertainment purposes, I just want to show you how stupid some ranked match ups can turn out, if you include more and more RNG into the game.

So what's the plan here:

- because the deck is filled with cheap cards (taunts, AoEs, removals) you will most likely do well in the early game
- the win condition is:
a) against aggro - controlling the board and stabilizing;
b) against control - killing their threats and gaining card advantage over them. Get value from Aya Blackpaw, Servant of Kalimos, Elise the Trailblazer and use Spirit Echo on more things as much as possible.

Mulligan and some strategies:

Before I continue, I want to say sorry, if some of the below mentioned things are common knowledge to you. I wanted to make a guide for everyone (including inexperienced people).

Because this deck is diluted, you won't have an easy time activating the elementals. This is why sometimes you should hold on to them and not play them on curve, so that you synchronize the elemental synergy, when you need to. Of course, there's an exception to this "rule" and this is when you feel threatened and you are forced to play differently. 


Fatigue or Pirate. I would mulligan for pirates first. Look for cheap AoEs, weapons, taunts and Devolve is a good option too. All in all you have many tools to shut down the opponent's aggression. Strategy - kill the pirates.

Fatigue warrior. I haven't really seen this deck for now and I can't really tell how exactly will Jade ele perform in that MU. Probably a bit unfavourable for us, if the opponent manages to clear everything. I might advice you to respect your hand size, as you don't want to overdraw the jade summoning cards. Imho Aya Blackpaw and Spirit Echo would be the most important ones in there. The removals are useless, so feel free throw cards like Lightning Storm, Volcano, Hex. However I would use Devolve on the Armorsmiths.

What would I do in that case? I would throw away removals, I would build a board and try to gain value out of the Servants (I would try to find Jade Spirits). At the same time I won't get too much greedy, if there is a risk to overdraw my own jade summoning cards. Slowly I would make them use their resources by threatening to make yet another wave. Unlike the Taunt warr MU, we aren't on the clock. That's why I would consider not to draw at all in that game.


Mid-range. I would mulligan for cheap AoEs, weapon, taunts and especially Devolve. If you get the Hex as an option - keep it. Use it for the hungry hyena, or for highmane. Kill the beasts.

If the opponent switches to Deathstalker Rexxar, well, now they start to play the value game. I would say, build a board of your own, try to out-value them with the jades. Since they only have Kill Command, they can't really threaten you with a surprise burst. The Zombeasts are unpredictable, but very often expensive, so they can't play that many stuff on the same turn.


Control or Midrange Murlocs. Mulligan for cheap AoEs and most importantly Devolve. Use it on a buffed board with murlocs or when a minion has the Spikeridged Steed buff. If you have those two things, then it's advisable to search for either cheap taunts or Jade Lightning. Kill the Murlocs.

Slight note - don't let them have board dominance. Bonemare can be very scary, if you let your guard down. Hex for Tirion Fordring, The Lich King  or for something dangerously big.


Against control - the things mentioned above will also help. What should I also mention? - use your resources wisely. Don't throw everything on the board just for them to die to Equality. The more things you mark with Spirit Echo, the better. Again Aya Blackpaw is the most important target.


Against Keleseth: Devolve, Stonehill Defender, Jade Claws or Fire Fly. Simple strategy - don't lose board control. Try to build a board of your own, as you are in a much favoured position that way. If there's a need for something - devolve it.

Just stall with the taunts and diminish your opponent's resources. This is what I would do.


Against miracle - well, you have to understand, that they have a limited number of threats. 2x Arcane Giant, Edwin VanCleef, Sherazin, Corpse Flower and maybe Leeroy Jenkins. Gadgetzan Auctioneer is the most annoying minion you have to deal with. That's why you have to plan which removals go where. Regarding the mulligan I try to find ways to build a board, as this way I will have a better time dealing with their minions - card draw, cheap taunts and a Devolve just in case for a surprise 14/14 edwin.

The strategy - killing their threats and stabilizing or just making a threatening board, which they can't deal with.

Evergreen nerf version - aka Valeera the Hollow. Well, our deck can't deal with 4 giants, so your board is your victory.


Token shaman - I would go for cheap AoEs!, weapon (or Jade Lightning) and probably Bloodmage Thalnos. Kill their board and establish one of your own. Once you do that, the rest is easy. If you can somehow play Skulking Geist before they play the Doppelgangster combo, you will slow them really hard. Still, play around the Bloodlust win-condition! Just do the math and consider the right time for an AoE.


Expect jade Dudu first. Kinda obvious, but this is one of the bad match-ups. Reason for that is, that they have the ability to draw a lot of cards, whereas we are draw dependent. That's why the Mulligan is really important. I look for on curve minions. This means Mana Tide Totem, Fire Fly, weapon and Aya Blackpaw, if you are going second. Some strategies:

Make a big board ASAP. Don't hold onto the minions, so that you can set up a Spirit Echo turn. Normally their spells can clear weak single-target minions, but they have a hard time against a big and a sticky board. Still, play around Primordial Drake and other removals. The heals should go for your minions, not for your face. Your win-condition is the board, so keep it healthy. Hope you get the Skulking Geist on time.


Against Token you have better chances to win. Although you will probably mulligan for the possible jade encounter, if you end up getting Lightning Storm, Tar Creeper, but most importantly Devolve, then you are good to go. Because they have an exploding start - you have to destroy their board as fast as possible. Play around the possible burst from Savage Roar.

Same goes for the taunt dudu. Respect Spreading Plague!!!, sometimes consider if a totem is worth it.


Ramp dudu - well, hope you get your removals on time. Medivh, the Guardian  is annoying to deal with, because we don't run weapon removal. If you manage to make a sticky board, then everything will be much more easier (the Flametongue Totems will come in handy).


General mulligan - Hex, Tar Creeper (or Lightning Storm), Mana Tide Totem. Jade Lightning, when going second.


In most cases you will face handlock. I would advice you to play normally (minions on curve) and thus to pressure the opponent from there. Just don't throw that many bodies to Abyssal Enforcer/Hellfire, Defile or to Twisting Nether. Tip - try to Devolve their demons, when they put a bunch on the board. That way we make Bloodreaver Gul'dan weaker.


Zoo. This has the potential to survive, if the other aggro decks don't replace it fully. That's why I suggested a Lightning Storm instead of a Tar Creeper, so that you can be safe. If you happen to stumble upon a zoo player, then my advice is to clear the board and to establish a one of your own. Beware of the Skelemancer.


General mulligan - Fire Fly, Jade Claws, Tar Creeper (or Mana Tide Totem). Jade Lightning, when going second.


Quest mage - one of those MUs, which I consider an unfavourable one. That's because we don't have enough tools in this deck, which we can use to counter 'em. The only way in winning against them is simply to make a board ASAP and to pressure them. If you are somehow certain, that you are facing this type of deck, then go with Mana Tide Totem, because you need to draw your threats faster.


In comparison to the previous deck, Secret mage is a more favourable MU, because we can at least do something against them. Play around their secrets. When checking for Counterspell, throw away cheap spells or such, which you won't use anyway (Spirit Echo) and then go for the removal. For their Mirror Entity we have Jade Spirit and Fire Fly. The scariest thing against them, is when they start to SMorc, they go all-in, while their burn is ready. If the meta gets more aggressive, then we will tech in more tools to stabilize (taunts & heals). When they are out of steam, you can make a comeback.


General mulligan - Hex, Mana Tide Totem. Jade Lightning, when going second.


Machine gun priest (aka Razakus Priest). Just keep in mind, that their deck doesn't consist of duplicates, so keep track on which cards have passed. Build a board, deny their minions from getting bigger, transform the scariest ones. Be careful not to overcommit and to lose your stuff to Dragonfire Potion or to Shadowreaper Anduin's battlecry. My advice is use the strongest minions one by one, because they don't have infinite Shadow Word: Deaths and you will make them use a board clear early on. Once they played those two cards, you can safely spam the jades.

If they start to go face, you have some heal options, so unless you are full on health, safe the heals for yourself.


Big EZ priest. A hard MU, if they have Barnes by turn 4. Hex on their stuff, so that they can't ressurect them with Eternal Servitude, use Devolve only and I mean only, if you have a board or you are desperate, because a 1/1 Obsidian Statue can turn into a Tirion Fordring on turn 4. Once they played the DK and the Dragonfire Potion, you can safely spam the jades.

When killing Obsidian Statue with your board, make sure to summon a totem, so that you narrow down the chances to lose something big.

Resume for the different MUs:

If you want to get the full picture, stay tuned. I have to bring the deck to the ladder one more time (a day or two), then I can see how exactly good or bad it is in the presented environment.

I think it's needless to say, that this deck isn't the right choice for your ladder experience. I will give it a try again in this new meta, I will try to come up with an optimal build (still not good enough) to make the deck better in this environment. Skulking Geist, Blazecaller maybe something else too will have to go. But the lack of good card draw is telling its thing.

Deck Playthrough:

I want to say once again thanks to kiwiinbacon for taking his time in making the video.


I hope, that after watching the video you all got a clear idea of what my deck really is. A deck mixed with elementals, jades and removals. This brings us many advantages, but also disadvantages. It's true, that what the elementals lack, is compensated by the presence of the jades and vice versa. The first can stall us the game, in order for the beefy golems to take their place. And then there's the plus side with having stuff to play on curve. But trying to synchronize the elemental synergy or trying to find the needed answer isn't an easy task. You are kinda draw dependent. 

And there's the thing about the removals and the Overload. Figuring out what the best play is, trying to hold onto your removals as much as possible and considering your outs - all those things (also the mentioned ones above) make the deck hard to pilot. So the losses, this deck can cause, are going to be due to: having a bad MU, bad hand and not using the resources properly.

All those things are the risks you have to take, if you want to play it. This is kinda the case with Hybrid decks overall. But they were always fun for me, because they aren't one-dimensional, especially when you want to play control.

Note: A quick statement. Because I made many changes to the deck, the video is a bit out-dated. I cut some removals, some minions too and I completely changed the win-condition. But the video is still helpful, because it shows the "soul" of the deck, which I left unchanged. Right now the clip presents my original control version better than the one you see on this page.

If you are interested and what to see why the deck brought me so much success, then click here.

Explanation for some cards and advice for replacements:

 - Hallazeal the Ascended - Although Servant of Kalimos got better, I think, that if you run this legendary over a copy of Servant, then you will have better results. Reason for this - the discovery options from Servant are unreliable, you can't plan your future turns before you play him. But with Hallazeal you can always set up an AoE + heal turn [Hallazeal the Ascended + Bloodmage Thalnos + Lightning Storm].

- Elise the Trailblazer - Normally the deck is struggling on running out of steam, especially when you are stuck with removals. This and she can be played in the mid-game. Before I was skeptical about running her, but she turned out to be very helpful. Still, this is a pseudo draw effect and if I had a shaman Arcane Intellect, I would have used two copies of it instead.

- The Lich King - I tried him in this deck, but I wasn't impressed. The problem is not, that I got bad cards from him - the outcome was OK, really. Not only that, but also the fact, that he is a 2 for 1 minion. He dies, he absorbes an opponent's card and he leaves value, so it's a reasonable inclusion. However waiting 8 turns for that result isn't really worth it. I think we have enough late-game options - Kalimos, Primal Lord and the jades, so The Lich King isn't really needed.

- Skulking Geist - Well, obviously a Jade Dudu counter. Works well, if drawn on time. Also a nice fit to the 6 mana slot.

- Master of Evolution - this may surprise some of you, but this is actually a good card in this meta. I've tested it in one of my previous versions, where there were a bunch of minions like right now, and tempowise the Master did his work. No overload, a good stated body, only powerturns. Now you may not see it in the deck, as I replaced him with Jinyu Waterspeaker, because I wanted to make the deck more control look-alike, but know, that if you constantly face slow decks, then this card will do a better job.

Thank you very much for your time and for your support. I will update this, when I make some changes.