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[Full Guide & Legend] Muzzy's Control-Burn-Gunt...

  • Last updated Jul 1, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Burn Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 7820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/8/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Hey guys, I didn't come up with the deck, but I wanted to make a guide. Several players including Muzzy (the deck originator) have reached legend with it.  If you have input or feedback I am more than happy if you msg me or post in the comments!! Cheers!

Deck Customization Depending upon current Meta

As the meta currently tends to shift by the hour you can think about the following tech substitutions. Be smart about what you substitute. If you face 20 Midrange Paladins in a row you might even consider going for a Polymorph tech.

Meeting a lot of AggroDruids & Token Shamans
Babbling Book
Kabal Courier
Volcanic Potion

Meeting a lot of Murladins & Mages
Babbling Book
Kabal Courier
Volcanic Potion
Gluttonous Ooze

The reasoning behind the different substitutions is that we need to take off one weapon from Murladin and Mages, for Shaman the second Flamestrike yields the higher Value.
You'll be able to survive long enough (Doppelgangster + Evolve = Turn 6) and in the lategame that is usually the one clear missing. Relying on the Glyph hasn't helped me enough.

Other possible tech-ins should be considered when you know that one spell might currently give you an out against most decks in your current bracket of the ladder. 

Hints (from Littlemanto):
- Do not tech out Bloodmage Thalnos when running AoE (double Volcanic Potion or Flamestrike)
- Consider teching in Spellbender instead of Counterspell depending on the adaption or your secrets and decks you run into

These other tech-cards include
Meteor - Especially against matchups with high single target HP
Polymorph - Especially against strong deathrattles (Tirion Fordring, Aya Blackpaw)
second Counterspell- Edge in mage matchups

Alternative Cards

I'll just plainly say it: Don't play the deck without Alexstrasza, Primordial Glyph and Ice Block, Medivh, the Guardian, Medivh's Valet. It makes no sense. (Although some guides and players suggest playing Babbling Book or Cabalist's Tome, I think you just lose too much controlled flexibility). Firelands Portal comes free with the Prologue of Karazhan so just grab it.

In an earlier version of the guide I suggested Elise the Trailblazer as a replacement for Medivh, the Guardian, but after playing this version a couple of times I feel I lose too much boardclear without the extra minions.

Bloodmage Thalnos - Loot Hoarder, Novice Engineer (although you should just craft it if possible)
Gluttonous Ooze (if played) - Acidic Swamp Ooze
Pyroblast - Archmage Antonidas (all other replacements do not provide enough burn to finish your matchup and meet your win condition)

Mulligan Guide

Depending on the matchup Look for the following cards:

Druid, Hunter

Mana WyrmArcanologistFrostboltPrimordial GlyphVolcanic Potion


Mana WyrmArcanologistFrostboltPrimordial GlyphEater of Secrets

Paladin, Priest, Warrior

Mana WyrmArcanologistFrostboltPrimordial Glyph


Mana WyrmArcanologist, Primordial GlyphMedivh's Valet


Mana WyrmArcanologist, Primordial GlyphVolcanic Potion


Mana WyrmBloodmage Thalnos, Primordial GlyphVolcanic Potion

Mulligan Disclaimer

Adjust the mulligans as you see fit in your matchups. If you see an increase in Pirate Warriors you might want to use the Druid/Shaman mulligan rather than sticking to the plan.

General playstyle...

  • In the early game use Ice Block rather than Counterspell to set up Medivh's Valet and only keep the valet if you have an Arcanologist to curve out with a secret
  • If you plan on discovering cards from Primordial Glyph or draw cards from Arcane Intellect always do that before doing anything else. This might change your order or way of playing. In tricky situations you should even consider leaving out the attack on the Mana Wyrm
  • Consider the plays of the current meta decks when playing your Counterspell. The details are explained in the separate class guides below

The Plays against...


These days you will be mostly facing two types of Mages: Burn Mages (or variations such as Discover, Günther and so forth) or Secret Mages (such as the one by Dan here). 

Secret Mage

This deck aims at getting damage on the board quickly (Mana Wyrm + cheap spells from a Babbling Book). 

As for most other aggressive opponents the chances are more depending on your draws rather than on your general abilities. If you just draw trash out of your discovers and don't draw enough removal from your deck you'll probably lose.

Burn/Discover/Gunther Mage

This is our mirror match-up. For me it's the most enjoyable one, because it matters more than in any other matchup to keep track of your opponents cards. It will often come down to who plays the Firelands Portal first, because the other one will most likely be able to remove it with his version of the spell.

  • Try to get damage on the board as early as possible while keeping your opponent's side clear (small pings will add up to the decision on whom he/you will have to use their Alex)
  • Try to play around Counterspell, especially to save your Ice Block, because most of the time these will be the two turns that matter
  • Save your Eater of Secrets, this is your key to finish in like 75% of the time (this percentage is completely made up, but it's important to note!!!)


Also for the warriors we will run into two archetypes: Pirates and Quest/Taunt Warriors.
We always mulligan for the aggro matchup, because it's more likely to win against a taunter with an anti-aggro hand than vice-versa.

Pirate Warrior

This deck aims at throwing everything in your face as fast as possible. If you make it until round 6 and have over 10 health left you can consider yourself safe.

Taunt Warrior

Most players will have figured it out by now, but the main goal of TW in this matchup is to armor up as much as possible throughout the game, since Alexstrasza reduces health to 15, but does not remove the armor.

  • Opposing pirate warrior the taunter is not going to blast your face away within one turn. Play smart so you have enough firepower left to reduce him from Alex to 0.
  • Having their side of the board full turn 10 with double Ice Block and Alex available, but them not having armor is just fine for us.
  • Remove all taunters with spells and/or smart trades and,
  • use your small minions to chip away on his armor early on.
  • Removing his armor without having played Alexstrasza will keep him from playing Sulfuras
  • Don't concede if he Dirty Rats your Alex or Medivh out early. Most of the times that move is suicidal for the warrior.


And again two archetypes: aggro/token druids and jade druids.
Same as for warriors: we always mulligan for the aggro matchup, because it's more likely to win against a jade druid with an anti-aggro hand than vice-versa.

Token Druid

Copypasta from the PW: This deck aims at throwing everything in your face as fast as possible. If you make it until round 6 and have over 10 health left you can consider yourself safe. However compared to pirates there are some main mechanics you need to consider:

  • Minions will be buffed, establishing board control early on is more important
  • At some point mana will come to life (usually turn 5, 6 or 7)

This leads to the following gameplan:

  • Get your minions on the board early on so you can trade since most of their minions will have1-3 health
  • Save your Frostbolt for a Vicious Fledgling
  • Save your Counterspell until turn 4, after that it's likely that he will play Living Mana or at least has to sacrifice a buff
  • Use your Primordial Glyphs to discover AoE removals rather than damage spells. Once your opponent runs out of steam you'll have enough firepower left.
  • If you run against too many Token Druids  check the section Deck Customization Depending upon current Meta. If you are not experienced in HS this is something you want to learn, because besides practicing one single deck-archetype to perfection it's the second most important thing allowing you to overcome struggles in certain ranks of the ladder.
Jade Druid

This is probably one of our worst matchups, because the druid is likely to have enough dmg on the board to trigger our Ice Blocks early on before we can set up for our Alexstrasza combo. Most of the druids also run Earthen Scales which gives them an extra armorbuff somewhere in the lategame (which is why I lose most of the times in this matchup). Our strategy is:

Don't be mad when you lose this one, it's kinda 40/60 for me, mostly due to the scales.


Because I am not facing any (like 1 in 50) elemental shamans I will just keep it with the evolve shaman for now.

Evolve Shaman

The evolve shammy has two win conditions you should be aware of:

  1. Fill the board with tons of minions and then OTK Bloodlust
  2. Play Doppelgangster + Evolve to create a solid board and just throw damage in your face

Our gameplan is to keep the board clean under all circumstances until we can get enough damage in his face:


Currently there are three major archetypes that you face in ladder: Control Paladin, Murladin and Midrange Paladin. Murladin and Midrange Paladin both run a murloc package. In case the number of murlocs increases just have a look at the tech section and tech against aggro.
I feel that Paladin is the class that has the highest variability within the decks, but there are some general tips that count across all of them:

I will continue with writeups depending on what the next season surfaces as strong metas.


Introduction of a similar style mage from Tempostorm with many valuable tips:

Showcase for this exact deck by Kadak (thx!!)

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