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LEGEND 63,6% Winrate Midrange Hunter.

  • Last updated Jun 1, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 2740
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/1/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Hello HearthPwn!


For those who dont know me: Im Alexander from Austria and I got legend for the  first time in March.  Yesterday i got legend for the second time , this time with Midrange Hunter. To keep my mind fresh and be mentally active in playing Hearthstone I didnt use a decktracker. So i wrote down  every game i won/lost  and against what  deck.  Also I tried to remember what cards already got played.

Heres the list i wrote: http://imgur.com/a/0arqM


I played 179 games from rank 15 away. I won 114 games and lost 65  thats a 63,6% winrate


Legend Proof: Before Concede: http://imgur.com/a/XsArM   After Concede:  http://imgur.com/a/Ce76W





Druid:  Token Druid 5-8 (38,4%)    Jade Druid 4-1 (80%)

Against Token Druid you NEED early game! Keep Every 1-cost card but look for a 2-mana followup. if you have the coin keep an Eaglehorn Bow. Even keeping Golakka Crawler is a good keep because they play Bloodsail Corsair.  Because of him you should consider  twice using your Bow.  Go for Value Trades but mostly FACE! Against  Jade Druid Jost look for a good curve , and keep Crackling Razormaw for good Taunt trades!


Hunter:   Midrange Hunter 16-4 (80%)   Face Hunter 2-2 (50%)

Against Midrange and Face Hunter its the same playstyle. Dont let the enemy get good Houndmaster Value so trading is never wrong. If you go second and the enemy plays Alleycat DONT Play Alleycat yourself. He will snowball with his Scavenging Hyena! If you go second , keeping Eaglehorn Bow isnt wrong! Try to snowball yourself with Scavenging Hyena.


Mage:  Control Secret Mage  11-10 (52,3%)   Freeze Mage 3-1 (75%)

NORMALLY its an easy matchup , I realized to late that you should play WAY MORE agressive against both Versions. Go for a  good curve and FACE! Pop Ice Block as fast as you can! Seriously nothing more to say about this matchup. And no  Flare isnt that good since you can  Pop Ice Block pretty fast.


Paladin:  Midrange Paladin 12-5 (70,5%)   Murloc Aggro Paladin 6-2 (75%)

Paladin is the main reason why  we play 2 Hungry Crab. Even  against  Midrange Paladin for his Hydrologist it is good! Against Midrange try to get  board control and play around board clears with +Health or Deathrattle minions. Against Aggro Murloc Paladin Hungry Crab is even better! Killing a  Turn one Vilefin Inquisitor or Murloc Tidecaller gives you very much Tempo! Hard mulligan for Eaglehorn Bow and Hungry Crab to get rid of his Murloc Warleader!


Priest:   Silence Priest 2-1 (66%)   Control /Dragon / Deathrattle Priest 10-3 (76,9%)

Against both Decks its the same playstyle: Play around Potion of Madness , do Value trades with your Crackling Razormaw: Keep Eaglehorn Bow to get rid of Radiant Elemental and Northshire Cleric. Play around AOE with your Deathrattle Minions.


Rogue:   Miracle Rogue  3-2 (60%)    Quest Rogue 15-4  (78,9%)

Easiest matchup  for you even though its harder against Miracle Rogue because they play way more removal. Keep Golakka Crawler for sure! Face face FACE! ... did i mention FACE?  Thats how you win against Rogue. Quest rogue only wins if the freeze your whole board with Glacial Shard or  they Vanish your board  two times -.- Ez game ez life


Shaman:  Danielschwartz' Evolve  Bloodlust Shaman 7-4 (63,6%)  Elemental Shaman 2-8 (20%)

Yes Danielschwartz'  Evolve Bloodlust Shaman gets a own mention.  Since they were so much people using his Deck , mulligan against it was pretty easy. I kept Golakka Crawler and Hungry Crab everytime I played against Shaman because i trusted the netdeck-community :D (This Deck plays Bloodsail Corsair and Primalfin Totem) With a good curve you win easy against this Shaman. Against Elemental Shaman its very hard because they play a BUNCH of AOE and Heal (FeelsBadMan). You really need to have a good curve to win this! Worst matchup!


Warlock:  Discard Zoolock 1-0 (100%)

Our Final Boss was  Discard Zoolock (look at Legend proof).  Contest his early game  with your 1 and 2 drops.  Keep 1 Razormaw to get rid off his Lakkari Felhound. Going pretty aggressive is the Winoption here.  Beware , they play Soulfire! Thats it , I didnt learn more from this match LUL


Warrior:  Taunt Warrior 3-7 (30%)    Pirate Warrior 12-3 (80%

Against Taunt Warrior we  need to be VERY aggressive but its our 2nd worst matchup.  Go for Minion Damage first , then for Spellburst with Kill Command.  Mulligan for  a good curve and keep Crackling Razormaw for Taunt Trades.  Pirate Warrior is a good matchup because we play 2 Golakka Crawler. Hard mulligan for him and good 1 drops. You want to hit bigger Pirates with Golakka Crawler  but if you have  2 in Hand you can kill a 1/1 Pirate with him too.  Keep the board clear , Go for value trades and keep up your Taunt minions , even though you could get better trades with them! Dont concede too early!



Some little advice:

- Dont concede too early

-Always count for lethal before doing anything

-Prevent saltiness

- Take your time

- And PLEASE just because I did Legend with this Deck doesnt mean you can copy this Deck and instantly expect the same winrate. Even though its Hunter , it still takes some time to learn this Deck. Thank you!


Thank you for reading my  Midrange Hunter Guide! If you have any Questions or Suggestions feel free to ask/Suggest!

Have a nice day!