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Oppression priest [rank 9-legend in 3 days] can...

  • Last updated Apr 27, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 7500
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/22/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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UPDATE 27/04/2017: I am now much more used to the deck, got like 5-6 different varieties of it for ladder, with just small tech, I will update the whole written part and have one video vs murloc paladin featuring some changes to the original list

My maximum legend rank with this deck was around 4000 but i started playing a OTK Stormwind knight priest deck just for fun and got almost to 20k... xDDDD

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!READ THIS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I added the first video on the paladin section.

I will keep adding videos if you guys like them. if you don't i will stop. i'm not good at editing, i've never done videos like this so it can seem weird, i also try explaining EVERYTHING so newer or inexperienced players learn something, but you don't have to copy me.

A little bonus trick: if you are against classes that use quests sometimes, AT THE VERY START OF THE GAME REMEMBER to pay attention at their hand, if the leftmost card highlights it's more probable it isn't a quest deck.

 Extra: having only one dragonfire potion, you can get owned by rogue if u are forced to use it too early, bluff with emote greetings and hover one card to force them to think and maybe misplay

If you're having trouble against one deck in the meta, and cannot seem to win, you can check a little strategy guide i've offered on the section below (on the spoilers) just search for the troublemaker and read it.

This deck has some free spots, i built it initially with 1 copy of pint sized potion and it worked much better than expected to counter aggro/midrange midgame boards and to keep some other cards relevant on quest rogue matchup you can read about this below, just search for my explanations.

If you are facing an overwhelming number of board and face decks consider Tortollan Shellraiser for a Dragonfire Potion and you will win a huge majority of those

And you shouldn't play this deck without lyra nor elise. if you dont have these try it with arcane giants but at your own risk.



Let's make priest a tier 1 class.

The story:

Ok I was trying some priest netdecks but aggro was overwhelming me. I tried pyro decks with circle but I think it was underwhelming so I decided to make a deck with very good board control early on and consistent too with strong but limited in quantity options for late game. I was already using Medivh the guardian Free From Amber combo but some decks go too overboard with this and rely a bit on getting Free From Amber from Shadow Visions so I just added Elise the Trailblazer and made these 3 cards my late game and trust me... It's enough. And amazingly strong. The deck plays much like a midrange deck. You try to get curve minions especially Radiant Elemental for very strong power plays early on to then overwhelm them with your heals and strong early removal. The deck works. I got from rank 9 to rank 3 with 2 losses. Fast games due to dominating aggro and them conceding. The deck is very oppressive versus decks that use low curve minions for board control.


Matchups, mulligans and tech cards:

Just a small tip: Thoughtsteal and Shadow Visions work excellently well vs control, if you face mostly late game decks (not taunt warrior) get a Thoughtsteal or 2 for Crystalline Oracle and a Kabal Talonpriest

This section is for you to understand how to play some decks, READ IT before crying in comments if you'rehaving trouble against some matchups.

Quest rogue/Miracle rogue(mulligans the same):


Always try to draw Potion of Madness, if it is quest rogue, you can expect their Igneous Elemental and steal the deathrattle, in this matchup you play a very weird game, if they drop their Igneous Elemental and you have a 2 attack minion on board just keep healing the Igneous Elemental even if it costs you a minion, in my experience this is the best bet to stall until you draw (or discover from Shadow Visions) Potion of Madness to then steal the tokens Igneous Elemental produces, making them use Shadowstep that would otherwise be used to deal 5 damage to you or draw a card in the late game. Dirty Rat is also a very good pickup in this matchup, just wait for them to get a card they would rather not be in play. Shadow Visions is a very good card, in this matchup even better, as it can net you an early Potion of Madness or also a 3rd or 4th Dragonfire Potion making it an outstanding valuable asset.


Shadow word death is very important mid/late game, consider picking them from Shadow Visions and don't use the on sherazim if they have him, always try to have removal for Gadgetzan Auctioneer

Keep: Northshire Cleric, Potion of Madness, Shadow Visions, shadow word pain Extra: if you have to get rid of all cards consider keeping Shadow Word: Death, might not be useful but if they try turn 2-3 huge Edwin van cleef you win

Techs: 2x Dragonfire Potion -1/-2Holy Nova Tortollan Shellraiser (to protect early game against the Igneous Elemental while being able to not kill it effectively stalling at least 3 turns (if you heal the Igneous Elemental) for Potion of Madness) +1 pint sized potion -1 Tar Creeper


Video:(mass dispel at the beginning wasn't a wise choice by me, but i got pretty lucky nonetheless)


Ok these guys are annoying as HELL, WORST MATCHUP infuriating deck.

Tech with Mind Control and Mass Dispel

Always keep: Potion of Madness and Shadow Word: Pain Careful as they will try to bait the latter for a safe Murloc Warleader, don't fall for it! Crystalline Oracle, Northshire Cleric (dont play it against 2 attack murlocs unless you want them to be buffed to 3 attack by the 2/3 and lose the game) and Radiant Elemental.

consider keeping: Tar Creeper, Power Word: Shield


Always, (i really mean it) mulligan aggressively for: Priest of the Feast. No matter what dont play this card, make sure you have low cost spells, alongside them, as soon as they drop alexstraza on you drop this douchebag, death alexstraza spam whatever you can and they will concede.

Don't throw away cards: Shadow Word: Pain, Northshire Cleric, Potion of Madness

Techs: Greater Healing Potion+Priest of the Feast=denied alextraza, so if you can't seem to win the matchup put the potion in (but only if you face only aggro decks and mages), Eater of Secrets

Exodia mages: they are rare, but they exist, if you face them, get 2 dirty rats and always pray for one more from the discover a taunt card wait until they complete their quest and just play them all. just be prepared to remove Archmage Antonidas and they concede


Pirate warrior:

Mulligan: standard anti aggro search, try to get Shadow Word: Pain, Potion of Madness, Radiant Elemental+Power Word: Shield combo and Tar Creeper. If you play hearthstone well, you will win unless major bad luck.

Techs: Tortollan Shellraiser, opop Healing Potion, Binding Heal (remove one or two late game cards like Dragonfire Potion #2 and Holy Nova #2

Matchup: always save pain for Southsea Captain and Frothing Berserker having 2 Shadow Word: Pain in starting hand is good as they will often slam Frothing Berserker or Southsea Captain if they have it after you use pain.

 Taunt warrior

Always keep Shadow Visions and Elise the Trailblazer against them, elise won me most of my victories against this deck, they just run out of cards and their hero power is very weak against some ungoro cards.

Tech cards: Mind Control alongside Medivh, the Guardian will make them weep as you have a chance to get a 6/9 taunt alongside a possible Deathwing or y'sharj rage unboud while at this time having 2-3 cards on hand or possibly 1-0 this will make them concede.

Dirty Rat #2 is very good here

consider: saving Shadow Word: Pain for acolyte of pain, some decks only have this draw card and they can run out of taunts sometimes especially if you couple this to your Dirty Rat


Same as pirate warrior: if you're good at hearthstone you will win most of these games.

Potion of Madness has huge value on this matchup, just keep an arena hand like 1-2-3-4 if you get one and always spend your mana as efficiently as possible, this deck always beats them.

Mulligan: standard anti aggro search, try to get Shadow Word: Pain, Potion of Madness, Radiant Elemental+Power Word: Shield combo and Tar Creeper.

Be very careful about playing Dirty Rat in this matchup after they drop Jeweled Macaw track that card as if it were the 30/30 ancient one until they play it.

Consider keeping Priest of the Feast if you have to throw 2-3 cards away

this matchup is where pint sized potion shines the most, as you both fight for board, none can kill minions from the other effectively and this will feel like a 1 mana Flamestrike at times


i don't find this matchup hard, but it's a bit harder than aggro decks, just don't let them build a board and you're fine, Dirty Rat is very good against them as they have a lot of elemental battlecries.

Holy Nova is very valuable against them, as they always trade for board/value to then go face to cash it in after some turns, Potion of Madness is not so great as most elementals have higher health and most of them have more than 2 attack,

this matchup is where pint sized potion shines the most, as you both fight for board, none can kill minions from the other effectively and they hide their other minions under low hp taunts or the Tol'vir Stoneshaper, it will feel like a 1 mana flamestrike... xD while also allowing you to snipe 4 attack elementals with pain on the same turn.

Northshire Cleric is very good vs them since they don't run early removal and none of their turn one or 2 cards have 3 attack. Strong against firefly. Especially if they don't have 2 drops since they can get heal totem and heal it.


These guys mostly run a swarm, Mass Dispel can be a game winner if you are above 23 hp and they play living mana just use it and next turn they will have 1 mana forever anyway, 2 Holy Nova is the way to go vs them, like hunter, try to have an arena draw at the beginning like 1-2-3-4 curve and you should be good to go, classic zoo matchup, they fill up the board you remove everything, you heal everything, you win.

pint sized potion can be pretty strong, effectively nullifying all aoe buff cards if they decide to go face. Shadow Visions gives you a potential extra 2 clears for super value.

Northshire Cleric should always be played turn 1 if you're second and they have played a 1 attack minion alone.

Mulligan: standard anti aggro search, try to get Shadow Word: Pain, Potion of Madness, Radiant Elemental+Power Word: Shield combo and Tar Creeper.


Try to get a good curve (like the aforementioned 1-2-3-4), always keep Shadow Word: Pain, Potion of Madness. dirty rat is good, be careful to not let them have tokens up, because some of them run the 4/4 adapt twice and on curve this is a disaster.

Mulligan: standard anti aggro search, try to get Shadow Word: Pain, Potion of Madness, Radiant Elemental+Power Word: Shield combo and Tar Creeper.


Dragon beats you, unless they draw very poorly, very hard matchup.

some cards really shine in this matchup, Thoughtsteal is at it's strongest here, especially against a mirror control matchup.

NEVER: drop 2 Northshire Cleric at the same time. if they have Circle of Healing+Wild Pyromancer you just draw 2 cards for every minion on board and, although not being very probable it is a possibility and a game losing one, never do this, you will regret it.

Techs: sadly if this deck (dragon priest) is heavily present i suggest you queue with something else or just go circle auchenai and full control mode for late game pwnage, and still you have to be pretty lucky. Thoughtsteal and The Black Knight for those pesky primordials.

Mulligan: Greedy mulligans, always, if they fill the board with shit it will be easy to remove with dragonfire potion (on control, obviously), and it's very unlikely (and really predictable) they kill you with a Inner Fire combo, always keep: Shadow Word: Pain, Elise the Trailblazer, Shadow Visions. try to get Free From Amber, or elise's pack from Shadow Visions.

if you get Elise the Trailblazer mulligan everything else for strong early game and wait for Shadow Visions for a chance of winning the game. Elise the Trailblazer is strong.




Card choice explanations:

Why I have pint size potion: I know it looks weird, no cabal priest, no shadow word horror... But, if you try this deck you will see that you will have good early boards early game (turn 1-4 curve is strong) and the card offers a lot of utility when you want to clear with your minions with also having the added plus of making your potion of madness relevant throughout the game especially against quest rogue because once they get their quest down the card is pretty much dead. Also having the ability of clearing annoying 4 attack minions like the stupidity Drake of consecration from quest warrior's alongside shadow pain. Don't use it coupled with pain often as it's just a 2 card shadow word death. Replacements: if you want to replace this go for either another Crystalline Oracle or the 1/5 3 Mana taunt but I like this card. PS you can also cycle with Lyra the Sunshard and possibly get one more spell off of the attack reduction due to priest having limited tools vs 4 attack. Very strong vs sherazim with potion or gadgetzan.

Crystalline Oracle: this card is just good, not great but good it can save you from a bad curve vs aggro while also being able to give you a chance of getting tirions

Dirty Rat: this card won me many games coupled with potion and reduced cost removal from the Radiant Elemental or vs combo decks. It won me the only game I won (out of 4) vs exodia mage don't have it? Craft it

Holy Nova: well I have 2 it seems Overkill but this deck curves out pretty well early on and priest has the Radiant Elemental. Turn 4 Holy Nova when you used coin for tortollan or Priest of the Feast is very unexpected and game breaking. If you have 2 of them which will happen you can use it on 3 and... Vs any midrange or aggro is devastating. I used to hate Holy Nova but I think it's good in the meta also Northshire Cleric brutality.

Radiant Elemental: turn 2 2/7 draw 2 cards potion of madness patches into 2/1... This actually happened to me. Twice! Amazing card, amazing tempo. Don't refrain from using it early as people often go the length to remove them. 

Tortollan taunt: (GOT CUT STILL STRONG IF U FACE LOTS OF AGGRO)average card, it works, I like it better than the 3 Mana elemental because it's just brutal vs aggro. Give the card a chance. Underwhelming at times. 

Shadow Visions: this card... If you don't have it go play other deck. Amazing card.

Lyra the Sunshard. I use Lyra the Sunshard to get 2-౩ spells rather than an all in sometimes even one with pwshield when I don't expect some removal. Sometimes you can get so much from her. So much... 

Free From Amber. Turn 5 ysera happened to me. After Medivh the guardian this card is insane value. You will get tirions. A lot of concedes after you drop it xD

Medivh the guardian. When things are going bad vs quest warrior and they have used both or one brawl you can and should spam stuff if you can't afford more damage to face. Just remember to not use 0 cost spells or they use whirlwind effects to remove wisps. Use with Free From Amber if you get malygod with Holy Nova on hand and it stays on board there is no chance for your opponents. Getting tirion feels great man. If you play wild you can get double rag. Sometimes hard to play but so worth it if you can sacrifice the tempo.

Kabal Talonpriest: I know many are using the glimmeroot I have them and considered them but they suck vs some decks like quest rogue and taunt warrior. Because let's be honest you don't need shield slam. You don't need the 2/1 pirate. Granted it's good I considered it but I never tried it and I'm happy with Kabal Talonpriest.

Priest of the Feast: won me many games, if you top deck this guy when you are on the ropes it's like the return of Jesus. I swear I've heard weird heavenly noises at times hehe good body.

Northshire Cleric: best card. Always drop turn one vs aggro and you are

in for a good ride. Especially Hunter. Consider playing on curve before prioritizing drawing vs aggro if you can but both can be good plays if you need key cards

Elise the Trailblazer: this card and Shadow Visions... You don't see the packs every game but when you do it's great. It's more than great. One of the 3 late game cards. And very needed.