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Commons and Basics Only (and Naxx) - Loatheb - ...

  • Last updated Aug 17, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/30/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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This deck is made to defeat the Heroic boss Loatheb at the lowest (dust) cost possible. Feel free to make adjustments and add rares, epics, and legendaries that you see fit!



Mulligan for: Elven ArcherShieldbearerArgent Squire, and Frost Shock.

Unique AI Cards: 

Ability - Necrotic Aura - 0 mana: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero. (This ability is used at the end of every turn).

Weaknesses - his unique removals Sporeburst and Deathbloom spawns a Spore when used. This minion gives your opponent +8 attack to all minions when killed. He also uses Sporeburst recklessly and early. Loatheb is pretty bad at dealing with 2 health minions in an efficient way. Time to exploit all these defiencies!

As you probably can see this deck is based around windfury and to get as much damage out of the Spores as possible. The ability Necrotic Aura basically means that you are on a turn timer and to deal 99 damage in about 6-7 turns is no small feat. Windfury makes that possible.

Loatheb starts with a Spore and a Fen Creeper on the board. Getting rid of the Fen Creeper will be (and should be) done in 2 turns. First off (turn 1) you play either a Argent Squire (best) or a Shieldbearer (higher risk of getting killed). On your second turn the Elven Archer (best) or the Frost Shock (spell, not a minion) kills the Spore triggering its deathrattle giving all your 2-3 minions +8 attack. The turn 1 minion now kills the Fen Creeper.

Now is the time when you want Loatheb to use his Sporeburst for more Spores (and with that more buff effects). Bait this removal by having 2-3 minions on the board, preferably with 2 health or more. He will then most likely use it (sometimes even without killing any minions/totems) giving you one more chance to get an incredible buff!

Always use your buffed creatures to deal damage to Loatheb and ignore his minions if you can. The Unstable Ghoul with taunt can be quite annoying, but everything at 2 health or more (Totemic Might might come in handy) will survive its deathrattle. 

Poison Seeds will be used on your buffed minions in the later stages of the game, leaving you with a 2/2 for every minion you had on the board. This is not a problem most of the time as they can be buffed again (with another Spore). He can not use Deathbloom efficiently (but will not hestitate to play it), so consider it a win if he does (this equals more Spores).

You will hopefully (if he gives you Spores) find an opportunity to buff several minions giving them +8 attack (maybe even +16) and combine this with Windfury, pushing for massive (and lethal) chunks of damage.

I see YOU, Loatheb!


I will keep posting my "Commons and Basics Only" - decks week by week for every part of the expansion. Check them out and good luck!

The Arachnid Quarter

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