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theoddone23's In-Depth Elemental

  • Last updated May 4, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Elemental Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 5820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/17/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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Hello! My name is Ivona; I go by theoddone23. I am a multiple Legend Hearthstone player. I started playing Hearthstone in September 2015, and I first hit Legend in September 2016. Since then I have been entering Legend rank consistently, finishing in the top 1000 and reaching top 100 or top 200 throughout the month. My highest reached rank so far is #97, and I did it with Mid-Range Shaman. I am also a Hearthstone streamer; I stream multiple times per week with my colleague Zeronnix. You can find our stream on this link: https://www.twitch.tv/hswithtandz if you want to learn more about us and see what decks we play. Also, I invite you to like our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/HSwithTandZ where you can stay in touch with us and know all about when we will stream and what decks we will play.

Also, this is our YouTube channel, where you can see all our previous broadcasts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPwKrNaz6ZP_ro-8d5JezbQ

Now, about this deck! This is my theorycrafted version of Elemental Shaman that is proving to be quite good in ladder. So far I've reached rank 2 with it, and I will update this deck with detailed winrate and Legend proof when I hit legend. I am currently at 67% winrate starting from rank 5, when I began playing this deck.

This is the video of KiwiiNbacon playing this deck (thanks!):

This is the video of Danielvitor7 playing the deck (thanks!):

General playstyle is to plan your Elemental turns carefully and to always have a back-up plan in case you can't fulfill your elemental condition because of the current board state. The goal is to overwhelm your opponent early with bug taunts and valuable Elementals while making good trades on board. The reason why this version of the deck does not include Jades is because they reduce the chance for good Elemental synergy and sometimes you are not able to plan your turns well enough. Overall it is a strong deck that performs quite well on ladder so far.

Also, if you like the deck, please upvote so more people can see it!

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This is a broadcast video from a few hours ago where you can see me playing the deck on stream: 


General Mulligan and playstyle

I am writing mulligans for popular classes at the moment - I will add the others if they start being played a lot, but I haven't met any of them mostly.

Warlock: (Zoolock)

  • Fire FlyMaelstrom PortalLightning StormTar Creeper
  • The mulligan is pretty much the same as against any other Zoo in the past expansions. If you have enough early game, you may keep one of the AOE removals (but noth both; pick one depending on your curve. It is very important to try to play Elemental (any 1 or 2-cost) into Tar Creeper, into Tol'Vir; rather than overloading with Lightning storm for board clear. Let the Zoo trade and then finish him off with removals spells and Thanlos. Zoo can't deal with the late game Elementals, and Kalimos (3 damage to opponent's minions) is another board clear that the Zoo can't really come back from. Your minions are much larger and represent awkward trades, so try to make it as weird as possible. Use Hex for Doomguard or adapted/buffed minions. Hot Spring Guardian is also really good for healing up your minions!!

 Priest: (Elemental, Quest, One-Shot, Dragon, Control...)

  • Fire FlyFire Plume HarbingerHexTar Creeper
  • Priest (of any kind) can be an awkward matchup because of their ability to remove things efficiently, and this deck mostly revolves around strong board presence. Try to plan the Elemental turns well and get value out of Servant of Kalimos with the Elemental discovers. It is a must to play those cards for value (damage, discovers etc). Hex the buffed targets (especially if it's a one-shot) or value cards like Lyra or a deathrattle that you don't want to come back with N'Zoth or the Bishop.b It can be a difficult matchup but you will win if you manage to plan the Elementals correctly and maybe even bloodlust!

 Rogue: (Quest, Garden)

  • Fire FlyMaelstrom PortalGlacial ShardTar CreeperHexFire Plume Harbinger
  • If you are facing a quest Rogue, try to deny him the chance to do the quest as much as possible, With early Fire Plume, you are able to get a cheap hand, early Tar Creeper and the other big Elementals in order to RUSH as much as possible! Glacial Shard is really good for freezing their face on turn 2 when they dagger up, if you have some smaller minions on the board (also denies them to set up Fan of Knives). It is always a good idea to HEX the Igneous Elemental if you think that the 1/2 Elementals that come from deathrattle are the ones they are bouncing; also try to Hex the other bouncing minions that he doesn't put back into hand (if you deny them that time). Also, Rogue often discovers Shaman Overload cards so they often overload and give you a free turn. Take advantage of that! Tar Creeper, Tol'vir and other taunts are really valuable mid-game because Rogue has a hard time dealing with them. Also, before they play the quest, make sure you clear any of the remaining minions on board no matter what, so you deny them those 5/5's. When you feel like you're losing board control, freeze their minions with Glacial Shard, kill some 5/5's with Blazecaller and try to finish them off with Bloodlust or strong minions they need to deal with. They don't run Sap or taunts so it's good to have a large board and make life awkward for them! Against Miracle Rogue, it's the same - but the relief is that they don't run the quest. Hex/Blazecaller the Gadgetzan, Hex the sleepy plant and you'll be fine :)


 Warrior: (Pirate / Quest)

  • Against PIRATES: Fire FlyMaelstrom PortalGlacial ShardTar CreeperHot Spring GuardianLightning Storm
  • As you know, the main goal is to fight off early game and survive long enough (turn 7-8) where you overwhelm them with Stone Sentinel, Heal / Boardclear from Kalimos etc. Use Glacial Shard wisely when you can't clear something ASAP or when the opponent has a large weapon and you're quite low on health. Maelstrom and Lightning storm are super important because you need to be able to fend off early pirates. Hex Naga Corsair, Frothing Berserker or even Bloodsail Cultist if you have to (you can't kill those with the Storm without spell damage). They usually can't deal with Tol'Vir and Tar Creeper (the dream is to play Tol'vir after Tar Creeper on turn 3)! Don't hesitate to use your Hot Spring Guardian as a self-heal or healing the taunts that are awkward for him. Blazecallers kills any minion a pirate warrior has. If you are struggling, maybe tech one of the new Glutinous Oooze's :)
  • Against QUEST: Fire FlyFire Plume HarbingerHexTar CreeperTol'vir Stoneshaper
  • Versus Quest Warrior, you will have a LOT of time to set everything up. One of your main win conditions is Bloodlust but don't be afraid to use it to clear a lot of awkward taunts if it will give you an edge! Also, Hexing scary taunts is recommended. Be aware of Brawl since you have a lot of valuable stuff. Once he plays the quest, you don't play around Brawl anymore and go as wide as possible because of the Rag Hero power. Don't be afraid to send Blazecallers, Kalimos etc. to face after he Quests because he doesn't armor up anymore. Also, it's okay to use your Hot Spring Guardian to heal your minions to prevent Sleep with the Fishes, and Execute. Try to save one Hex for Deathwing if you suspect he plays it (he's played Curator and pulled cards while already having played Primodial Drakes etc). Your Mana Tide totem is really valuable - try to get as many cards out of it as you can!

 Mage: (Quest)

  • Fire FlyFire Plume HarbingerHexTar CreeperTol'vir Stoneshaper
  • Try to pressure Quest Mage enough to not do the quest fast enough. Your main win condition is to pop Ice Block as soon as possible. ALWAYS leave an empty space on the board if he freezes you and you need to proc ice block, so you can play Blazecaller, Kalimos, Fire Elemental etc! (Try to keep those minions for that!!). Save Hex for Doomsayer after he freezes you if you can't trade it otherwise. Apart from that it's mostly up to him (whether he manages to control your board or not). Watch out for Counterspell and test it with less important spells - also, make sure you track how many spells he has that he got from other sources so you can calculate the future quest progress! 

 Shaman: (Elemental)

  • Fire FlyFire Plume HarbingerHexTar Creeper
  • In mirror, it's mostly about whether or not you hop on the Elemental train properly and what your opponent does. If he gets his Elementals and you don't open properly, there's not much you can do, like in every mirror. But you have Bloodlust and lots of discover so that gives you quite an edge! Also, Thalnos is really important for the spell damage for AOE spells.

 Hunter: (Mid Range)

  • Fire FlyMaelstrom PortalGlacial ShardTar CreeperHot Spring GuardianLightning Storm
  • It is really important to stop early aggression and to prevent adapting the beasts on turn 2. Basically, you play like versus any other aggro deck and get value out of Tar Creeper, Tol'Vir and Hot Spring Guardian. Try NOT TO play minions/totems if you don't really need to before the 1st Unleash the Hounds, since you're giving him extra value. Hexing Savannah Highmane or buffed/adapted minions is a must. They don't really deal with Stone Sentinel either. Get either heal or clear out of Kalimos (or filling the board when you have bloodlust in hand and no minions!). Also, Glacial Shard is really valuable in early game since you are able to take over the board easily!

Druid: (Aggro)

  • Fire FlyMaelstrom PortalGlacial ShardTar CreeperHot Spring GuardianLightning Storm
  • Versus Aggro Druid, you basically need to deny them early board advantage. Tar Creeper into Tol'vir can do wonders - even though you may have lightning storm or some other AOE in hand, make sure you weaken his minions enough so they are clearable (if they are adapted to high stats). If you can clear them with lightning storm, though, do it - it will prevent them from pulling off Savage roar, Mark of the Lotus or something similar. Basically, don't let them have the board advantage and try to exhaust them. When they are out of cards (something that aggro Druid tends to do), you can go with Servant of Kalimos etc. and start the Elemental train. It's not a bad idea to Hex an awkward adapted/buffed minion. Also, make sure you count the Savage roar damage well. And be aware of the 5-cost minion he can get early in the game and play later! (Consider saving Hex!)

 Paladin: (Control, Elemental)

  • Fire FlyFire Plume HarbingerHexTar CreeperTol'vir StoneshaperMaelstrom Portal
  • This can be a rather challenging matchup, where you need to keep a few things in mind.
  • First of all, if you're playing vs Elemental Paladin, be aware of the existing synergies with Elementals (pretty much the same ones that you have). The way you fight thins is playing around the effect of a high cost Elemental (for example, don't give him good targets on turn 7 for the Blazecaller to hit for 5 damage). Try to stop them from developing an elemental if possible, by having an intimidating board that doesn't allow that luxury.
  • If you are playing vs Control Paladin, you need to be a lot more careful. Basically you play your game until turn 7 or 8, where you need to make important decisions that will affect the rest of the game. First of all, you need to be aware of the Sunkeeper Tarim at all times. Try to clear his board whenever you can (especially the tokens) because the tokens, combined with Tarim, can kill your strongest minion. Totem up often if you have nothing to do and keep his board clear so you deny him some sick Tarim value. Regarding the Hex, it's okay to spend it on usual targets like Tirion and Rag, the Lightlord; but don't hesitate to spend it on a minion that has Spikeridged Steed on it. You will save a lot of your own stats on board. They, too, can often run Elementals so be aware of the synergies. The most devastating combo is Equality + Primodial Drake on turn 10: make sure you don't go all in on turn 10 if you suspect he's going to boardclear soon, since this is one of the more effective combos (even better than Pyro + Equality because you also get an amazing taunt). They all run Equality and Consecrate so don't go all in, make value trades and make it overall awkward for him to clear; and it should win you the game. Bloodlust is also a big asset if you have the board!



A few explanations... Card specifics!

  • Kalimos, Primal Lord - the strongest card you could possibly have in the deck (or discover). This card doesn't really have a replacement. Its power is in its flexibility (previously described in the mulligan section). It is important to recognize what gives you the best value. Avoid playing it without battlecry at all costs. Requires planning ahead!
  • Stone Sentinel - a great anti-aggro card. 4/4 is a strong body, especially awkward for Priest, plus it gives you Feral Spirit without battlecry :) Make sure you have enough room on the board when you summon it!
  • Blazecaller - Amazing tempo swing and damage source. It is a highly pressuring card that requires answer even though it's not a taunt. The amount of damage it creates is just overpowering.
  • Bloodlust - one of your main weapons against slower decks, also decks that don't have the luxury to clear your totems and small minions with spot removals (especially rogue and mage).  Also it is quite unexpected damage and people don't want to play around it.
  • Tol'vir Stoneshaper - one of the best cards against aggressive decks. Takes multiple minions to clear; avoid playing it without battlecry! Also, make sure you play an elemental on turn 3!
  • Fire Plume Harbinger - an absolute must. A mini-Thaurissan for Shaman :) It's even good if you play it on turn 2 and have a few elementals in hand - I actually prefer playing it early because you need to take the board efficiently (later, you're able to play 1 Elemental per turn and that's it no matter what). It's quite nice to reduce the cost of 1-drops to 0, so you can play them without thinking about mana cost before an Elemental-requiring turn if you wanted to play something different the turn before. Definitely one of the best cards in the deck!
  • WHY NO AL'AKIR? He's an elemental! The reason is simple - even though he is really strong, it's quite an overkill. You can always discover it from Servant of Kalimos, and Al'Akir isn't good in all the matchups. Sometimes you need something.. well, not better, but more situational. That's why you need to rely on your discovers a lot more.


That's it from me - for now at least! Please upvote  if you like the deck, and also make sure you visit our stream and say hi :) https://www.twitch.tv/hswithtandz