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Commons and Basics Only (and Naxx) - Noth the P...

  • Last updated Aug 17, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 4 Minions
  • 24 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/30/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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This deck is made to defeat the Heroic boss Noth the Plaguebringer at the lowest (dust) cost possible. Feel free to make adjustments and add rares, epics, and legendaries that you see fit!



Mulligan for: early game removal, e.g. Backstab and Deadly Poison.

Unique AI cards:

Ability - Raise Dead - 0 mana (passive): Whenever an enemy dies, raise a 5/5 Skeleton. (This is countered by playing a spell heavy class and deck).

Weaknesses - he builds his board quite slowly, allowing you to draw cards and deal some light damage to his face in the first few turns. His ability Raise Dead is useless against this deck, since you will not play any minions (except Archmage) that he will be able to kill.

The idea behind this deck is to slowly kill Noth with your dagger in the early game, maintaining some control mid-game/late-game with spells and Archmage, and then finish him off with buffed charging creatures in the last few turns. 

The most in important part about this boss is to think about and maintain a higher damage-per-turn than Noth himself. It is easier if you think like this - if you deal 6 damage with, for example, a posioned dagger + Sinister Strike and he has a 4/3 on the board, that turn is to be considered a win for you. In one sentence - remove his damage from the board if it is getting higher (or to high) than your own.

Start by daggering up and hitting Noth. Use your cheap removal spells wisely (for example, wait for a good value use of Betrayal). Undertaker (this card is the only card Noth has that can be buffed!) and Mad Scientist are both good targets for Backstab in the early game. Spells that can be used on Noth himself (like Eviscerate) should not be used as removal preferably. The damage cards like these provide is to valuable. His only taunts are 2x Unstable Ghoul's and 2x Abomination. By killing these minions you will have an easier time clearing his whole board. If you can not kill his taunts, use Sap and/or Vanish if needed to push closer to lethal damage. The 2x Abomination and 1x Necroknight are the best targets for Assassinate

Assassin's Blade gives you 3 damage per turn (or 5 with deadly) and is therefore needed to win this game and should be played as soon as possible.

On turn 6 is your first chance to "clear" his board with Vanish. Be careful before using it though - check if he has enough damage to kill you. If not, think about how close you are to killing him. You might want to use a charging creature instead and return it to your hand with Shadowstep for the possibility of killing him the following turn. (Never leave one of your Wolfriders on the board!).

Noth has 1x Ice Block, a card that most likely will give Noth the win against this deck (every delayed turn is quite painful). Whether he plays this or not is the biggest luck factor of this boss.

One more thing to look out for is Counterspell. If you are planning on using several spells during one turn, use the cheapest (maybe non-important) spell first.

Replacements - you will almost be dead with this deck when you finally kill Noth. The more damage you can fit into this deck the better. Swapping out your charging cards, Wolfriders, for higher damage-dealing minions, like Arcane Golem or even Leeroy Jenkins will benefit you greatly and make this deck less reliable on Noth's plays (less luck-based). Headcrack (when comboed) works wonders as well. Remember - in this matchup every single point of damage counts.

*Update* - added 2x Archmage and took out 1x Fan of Knives and the Reckless Rocketeer. This has proved more reliable (and improved the win-rate). Here is why:

  • Archmage soaks some damage (7+) and (almost) always survives 1-2 turns (also, Plague is very rarely used against it).
  • The spell damage is important and useful in several ways; 3 damage Backstab kills the Skeletal Smith in one hit, 2 health minions dies to Shiv and Fan of KnivesSinister Strike and Eviscerate gets "charge" damage as well. 
  • Cold Blood can be used on Archmage and will sometimes be totally ignored for one turn, giving you the chance to deal an extra 8 damage.

Hope this change works for you as well!

Keep using your weapon every turn. Use Vanish before dealing the final blow. Cold BloodWolfrider and a weapon hit should do the trick!

No new soul for you, Plaguebringer!


I will keep posting my "Commons and Basics Only" - decks week by week for every part of the expansion. Check them out and good luck!

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