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Un'goro 5 to legend 69% PW

  • Last updated Apr 10, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Pirate Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 6080
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/11/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • Timoxa
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Hurr durr.

Greetings from Russia. My name is Tim and i am second time legend with PW. 
Nothing to be proud of i know but i am here to help who is in need.


I know its yet another pirate deck. But still it prooves me well, so i would like to share it to those who tired of "die insect" missing another 1/1 creature. Or trying to build your rogue quest, while your face getting melted by that zoo disco lock.


First thing. It is a pirate architype. Yes its pritty much standart. Yes everybody tired of it but still you need your wheels to get to legend right. And then u can play your barnabus quest all day long ;)

The thing is that main counter to pirate warrior - shaman is gone. Basically blizzard step by step removed 1 rly good all around opponent to PW - shaman. Wierd thing that ungoro should bring relief from PW since they added so many tools to counter it but... even with new OOZe and Crayfishes PW is still OP as hell.

What i did with my pritty much standart deck is added double Bittertide Hydra

It gives insane value to allready overpowered deck and helps a lot with natural caunter like Taunt Warrior. Whenever he pull it with a rat on turn one - you wont believe it. Its a great tool to deal with all those huge GP low DMG taunts.

I also experimented with pterrodax hatchling but it ends up as a dead card in my hand so i added double Golakka Crawler Why? Well since PW is rediculously op still the reason for this is to deal with loads of mirrors on Ladder. I cant tell how many times it became a turnaround in mirror games or even in rogue or hunter matches. Why hunter? WEll sometimes you put in on table to it your own 1/1 denying his crawler plus adding a solid minion to fight streamline of those 1 cost minions and it helps fighting for the board beeing a solid 2 mana 2/3 or 3/4 which you have a fuel for.



PW mirror

mirror is favored since you added solid counters to his pirates.

crawlers make great turnaround on every turn. Either if its 7/3 pirate or 1/1 turn one, helps a lot.

Why no ooze? WEll, its a situational tool and most of the time ends up as a dead body 3/3 in your hand plus u cant afford sitting and w8ing for that 5/1 weapon while having a dead card in your hand. Same thing as hatchling


TW - quest warrior

Naturally this type of warrior which is fun to play supposed to counter your build. But most decks dont run armor boosts and generally its rly rly slow. Also most taunts have low DMG so PW dont care to trade with face with them. Basically if you pull good its a favored mutchup for you.

2 things to remember.

1) Brawl Dont overextend. Just dont. If you have 1 bittertide hydra and 1 berserk on board. While have few more pirates in hand to add as extra dmg, dont do it. Play around brawl.

2) Execute and fishes. Same thing. Pay attention to that thing do become to greedy with spamming the board with chip minions. Save some for constant pressure.


And also ultimate quest thing for TW is die insect which is not good, since they usually run 1 or 2 armor up and if they ulti They cannot heal. So its bad and works against them.

Quest rogue

1) rush face

2) keep an eye on his quest 1 mana mobs. Especially if he trying to achive it with charge 2/1 pirate or boar. Try to deni his quest creeps if possible. But its a race.

3) count dmg and if u can keep the rogue board clear do it. But at some point you ll have to rush face.

Rogues dont have taunts and heals usually so dont hesitate to go berserk on them ^)

But still if they have 3-5 minions on the board while you re about to finish them in 2 turns and they have quest ready. Count dmg its better to kill couple creeps with charge just in case so u wont get 25 dmg in face next turn.


Mages quest and tempo with freeze


It can counter you pritty well with the amount of freezes + 0/7 in hand. Even matchup but sometimes you end up watching a board for 3 turns doing nothing. At least some beat the s///t out of PW after all.

Beast hunter

Fight for the board! Thats it. Deny his beasts. You cannot just rush face b/c he can do the same thing to you. So allways keep an eye on potential hyena or taunt. Also hydra doesnt work here that well since hunter have a sheer amount of 1/1 minions. So if you use it protect it with Taunt at least. Or keep the board cleared.


Oh shamans. Ex natural counter to PW. They lost their whole toolset of 1-2-3-mr.4

So while shamans figuring it out either they want to go elemental or murloc we re in pritty much safe spot. For some reason not many of them run aoe or heals atm and that helps a lot. But slower start helps even more. So s36 aggroshaman wall gone for good.


No1 plays quest druid nowadays. Mostly. The only trouble druid can give you is to go token and swarm the board with cheap minions then buff them to hell. So try to kill those small bastards before they grow.

Priest quest or silence

Well. Quest priest is too slow.

While silence priest can get you by surprise. If the get lucky and get thouse plants and taunts early or even OTK you with buffed silenced minion. But usually they are heavily draw dependant so you kill them faster.

Dont hesitate to kill those minions if trade isnt that bad for u.



Cant say i seen many on ladder. Seems like people still figuring them out.

Warlock quest or disco

Quest is too slow so usually its plain discard lock with new 4/4 minion but no quest at all.

Basically the whole fight here is a fight for the board. If you win the board u won the game. Lock rely on lifetap to keep units rolling and it helps a bit too. At some point of board fighing they end up with 15 hp so keep an eye for 2 things. Taunt activators on lock side. And small 1/3 beasts which help them discard well.

even matchup

So good luck with laddering and hope you will end up in legend playing decks you rly love to play. Cheers.


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